What is Finder App on Samsung Phone

What is Finder App on Samsung Phone?

If you want to know about the Finder app, then you have come to the right place.

We will tell you what is finder app on Samsung phone and how to use it.

Android has all the best useful applications, Finder app is one of them.

What is a Finder App?

Find anything you want with the Finder app. Whether you’re looking for anything or just looking at different files, the Finder app will help you find them.

It will help you to search for anything on your smartphone.

It can be used to find files on phone memory or external storage memory, even if it is lost somewhere in Folders Mobile.

With the Finder app, you can search for a place through contacts and emails.

So you don’t have to install multiple applications to find someone’s contact information or an important email message.

What is a Finder App?

How do I use the finder app on Samsung?

Samsung makes this app for user convenience. You have to follow the below-mentioned procedure to use this app.

  • For this, you slide down the notification bar.
  • After that, tap on the ‘S Finder‘ button, and this app will open.
  • The next step is to type what you want to find.
  • As you type, the app will show you the results instantly.
  • Then go to the app you want.

The Finder app is very easy to use as this app aims to make users’ lives easier.

Can I remove Finder from my Android phone?

If you want to remove the finder from your android then to do so, follow the below steps.

  • First, you need to go to your Settings app from the home screen.
  • In the second step, click on the Apps and Notifications option.
  • After that go to App Information.
  • Now scroll down the list until you find the Finder app.
  • After downloading the app, click on it.
  • Finally, uninstall must be selected.

This will remove the Finder app from your phone. Note that the app comes by default with Samsung to make users’ lives easier.

Can I remove Finder from my Android phone?

Does Samsung have a tracking app?

Now we will tell if Samsung has a tracking application. Yes, you can use an Android app to track your Samsung Galaxy phone remotely.

This app will work even when the device is in stealth mode or hidden mode.

It requires Android version 4.0 or higher, and you must enable “Find My Mobile” on your Samsung phone.


However, if you are looking for an easy way to track a Samsung phone, there is a solution for you.

KidsGuard Pro for Android phone is one such application.

This allows you to track Samsung phones by their GPS location. This app is free and you have to install it once.


What does Finder do on a Samsung phone?

S Finder is a powerful search application that lets you quickly find what you want by searching content on your Galaxy smartphone and also on the web.

What does Finder do on a Samsung phone?

Is the Finder app secure?

You don’t have to worry about security in the Finder app.

All of your information, including everything from your name and address to your financial information, is protected using best-practice security standards and procedures.

What is Finder and do I need it?

Finder comes pre-installed on Samsung phones and allows users to search for anything on their phone, including data, apps, and other local items.

This is the most useful app that lets you find anything in seconds without struggling to open every folder.

How do I add Samsung Finder to the home screen?

For this, you need to add a Finder shortcut to your home screen, open the quick settings panel from the top of the screen with 2 fingers, then tap the search box below the time and date to open the search screen.

Now on the search screen, tap the Menu button > Add Shortcut to Home Screen. Finally, you add the S Finder shortcut to your home screen.

How do I find hidden apps on Android?

You tap on the three dots on the top right side of the device screen. After that click on Home Screen Settings.

This will take you to the Hide Apps menu. Then tap on it. This will show you hidden apps that are not visible in the app list.


Finder apps are very useful apps. You can use this app to save time searching for a file or setting it back and forth.

We hope you have found this guide very helpful.




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