Which is the easiest smartphone for the elderly?

How To Use An Android Phone For Seniors?

This article will be especially useful for older people who are new to using smartphones. It can also be quite challenging.

It has a lot of settings and a lot of features that are not used and it can get quite confusing. Senior citizens have the most ‘primary’ usage pattern on smartphones.

Here we will tell you some settings of how to use an Android Phone for seniors that can be very important for senior citizens using Android phones.

Make Home Screen Icons Bigger

Here we will first talk about the Android phone’s home screen, because it is the first thing anyone looks at, and it should be easy to see. For other people, small icons and text fonts may be difficult to understand, so you may want to enlarge them.

The steps to create home screen icons and fonts will be different for Android phones. We are now going to tell you how to make Android home screen icons bigger for seniors on Pixel and Samsung phones.

Make Home Screen Icons Bigger


On Pixel devices:

For this, you have to long-press the home screen and select wallpaper and style.

Then choose a comfortable app grid size by selecting App Grid.

On Samsung devices:

First, you need to long press on the home screen and select home screen settings.

Then choose the grid size by selecting Home Screen Grid.

Generally, a 3×3 home screen layout will work best for senior citizens. But have the option to choose from 4×4 or even 2×2.

Use Android Launchers for Seniors:

The default launchers on most phones are perfect for normal people, but if you want to make Android easier for seniors, you need to replace it with an Android launcher for seniors.

Many launchers are just for senior citizens, so you won’t have to mess around with the settings much.

Listed below are some of the top Android launchers for senior citizens:

  • Simple Launcher
  • Big Launcher
  • Simple Mode

Use Android Launchers for Seniors:

Delete or uninstall the unwanted, ‘useless’ apps

Android phones already have many apps that are not needed and this is especially true for senior citizens.

Additional apps that are redundant can create unnecessary confusion and will also take up additional storage.

Many of these apps are bloatware and may require a few extra steps to delete – and this may depend on the smartphone you have.

Make Text Fonts Bigger & Easy to Read

One thing that senior citizens prefer is to have large fonts as they are easy to see.

On Android, you can not only increase the font size but also increase the display size which increases the size of UI elements like status and navigation bar, icons, etc.

Below are the steps to increase text font size on Android to create text.

Follow the listed shell instructions to increase the Android font and display size.

  • First, open the settings.
  • Then scroll down and select Accessibly.
  • After that, if you want bold text then the toggle for bold text has to be turned on.
  • Now you can use the slider to increase the size as per your requirement by selecting the font size or display size.
  • Increasing the font size automatically enlarges some UI elements, usually text. But if you increase the display size, it is better not to increase the font size.

make keyboard bigger

It won’t make the best Android phone for senior citizens if the keyboard is too small for them to use.

Most Android devices ship with Gboard as the default Android keyboard. It is the most popular keyboard on the Play Store.

So here we will explain how to use Gboard

  • You tap on any input field to open Gboard.
  • Then tap on the three-dot menu button and select Settings.
  • Extra height has to be selected by selecting the height of the keyboard.

make keyboard bigger

Add Shortcuts for Useful Tasks or Apps

One of the best things you should do is to put a shortcut on the home screen so that you can call or message your close contacts or do anything else with a single tap.

For this, you select widgets by tapping and holding on to the home screen.

Then scroll down to Contacts, select Direct Dial, and select a contact. Shortcuts can be placed anywhere on the home screen, and they will call the person by simply tapping them. Similarly, other work apps can easily add shortcuts.

Ringtones and Notifications:

If you have trouble hearing incoming calls or messages, you should make sure the volume is high enough, and select appropriate ringtones and alerts.

For this you need to go to Settings, then Sound & Vibration to set alert sounds, ringtones, and volume level.

Ring vibration and notification vibration levels can also be set by tapping on vibration and haptics.

Think About Security:

Fraud and pitfalls abound online, so it’s worth talking to loved ones about how to avoid fraud scams.

Depending on what they want to do on their phone, you should also consider two-factor authentication and look at security apps.

It’s best to install an app to protect against scams and malware, so we recommend Malwarebytes Security for Android and Malwarebytes Mobile Security for iPhone.


Can I make my Android phone simpler for seniors?

You can activate Easy Mode by going to Settings > Display > Easy Mode, now the feature on the activation page has to be turned on.

If you feel that Easy Mode isn’t easy enough, it’s better to use Android launchers optimized for seniors like Simple Launcher and BIG Launcher.

What is the difference between an Android device & a smartphone?

How can I make my phone more senior-friendly?

For this, you should choose launchers that have a very easy-to-use interface where the icons are large and the text size should be large enough.

Some of the launchers that are ideal for senior citizens include a simple launcher, big launchers, and help launchers.

How to use a smartphone for seniors?

First, launch the Settings app, then tap Security to lock the screen. Also, don’t set a long passcode or use a pattern, which may be difficult for some seniors to remember.

Which is the easiest smartphone for the elderly?

The Jitterbug Smart3 is probably the easiest to use for seniors. While it has all the features of an Android device or iPhone, its list-based menu & voice command details bring it extremely simple to navigate.

Which is the easiest smartphone for the elderly?

Is Apple or Android better for seniors?

For middle-of-the-road users, Android is the best choice. You will still have a large choice of apps to select from.

But, Easy Mode makes it easier for seniors to use the phone than iPhone.

What is the difference between an Android device & a smartphone?

Well, smartphones are a category of phones that have advanced capabilities beyond the calling and messaging features that we expect. Android, on the other hand, is not a specific type of phone but an operating system that is primarily found in smartphones.

What is the difference between an Android device & a smartphone?

What is the easiest Android phone?

The Doro 8050 uses the Android operating system, meaning apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store if you want. The phone includes a straightforward setup process, and Doro’s action-oriented interface is big, bold, and easy to navigate.

What is the most user-friendly smartphone for seniors?

  • Jitterbug Smart3 from Lively – Overall the best smartphone for seniors.
  • REVVL V from T-Mobile – the most affordable smartphone for seniors.
  • Moto G Power – A smartphone for seniors is also a great option.
  • iPhone 13 Pro from Verizon – Perfect for Seniors
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Great Android Smartphone for Seniors.


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