How Do I Stop My Android From Freezing?

How Do I Stop My Android From Freezing?

This article teaches you how do I stop my android from freezing.

Many things can cause your phone to freeze, usually restarting it can fix the problem.

If restarting your phone doesn’t solve the problem, then you have to force restart your phone, also in this article, we have given you some best ways to how to stop my android from freezing۔

Best Way to how do I stop my android from freezing.


Restart Your Phone:

The most important way is to restart your device once.

Because restarting the phone due to any kind of error will fix the frozen android phone and you will be able to access it safely.

You just need to press and hold the sleep/power button for a few seconds to get the power off button on the screen.

Then tap on Power Off and wait for a while to turn off your device. When the phone turns off completely, turn on your device again by pressing the Power button.

Best Way to how do I stop my android from freezing.

Force Restart Your Phone:

If your Android phone freezes completely, simply restarting it without allowing access will not solve your problem.

So, you have to force restart your mobile phone.

You need to press the sleep/power button along with the volume up/down button.

You have to hold these buttons until your phone turns black and hold them until the phone starts up.

So you should recheck the restart process of your device once.

You won’t need any other command to force restart, so you can check if the problem is solved by following the below method.

Charge Your Phone:

Whenever your phone gives this error, first charge your device using the original charger to unfreeze the Android phone.

Because maybe your phone battery is low and that’s why it’s not turning on.

So plugging your device once will give you a better understanding of the actual problem.

If your phone still won’t show a charging signal after you plug it in, try another charger.

If the problem is yet not resolved, you can try the following solution.


Reinsert the Battery on the Device:

If you are facing this problem and can’t find any solution then you need to remove the battery from your phone if the battery is removable.

This is a great process to unfreeze your Android phone.

You can remove the battery for a few seconds and reinsert it properly in your phone and then turn on your phone by pressing the power button.

Now removing the battery will disable every application and your phone will be back to normal.

Force Stop the Frozen App:

There will be many apps on your phone that you use. But some apps don’t work properly and get stuck in the background.

You might think that pressing the home button stops it, but actually, it still happens in the background.

So it is better to close the app which is causing problems on your phone.

It would be better to force stop the app and to do that you have to go to the settings menu.

Then go to apps and select the app that is causing the problem.

Now select one and click on “Force Stop” to close the app completely.

Finally, go to Settings > Apps > select the app > click on Force Stop > then confirm it.

Uninstall the Problematic Apps:

If you have downloaded an app on your phone and your Android phone freezes every time you open the app, then it is better to delete the app.

This is because such tiny apps not only ruin your experience but will also affect the entire device system and cause serious problems.

So, to uninstall this app from your Android device, follow the steps below:

  • First, you open the phone settings app.
  • Now go to Apps.
  • Then tap on the problematic app to open the app information page.
  • Finally, click on the uninstall button.

Update Your Android Phone:

It is important to keep your phone updated to avoid any problems, including the Android phone freezing problem.

With running an older OS, you miss out on important patches, and it also brings app compatibility issues.

So, updating the Android OS will also solve your problem by fixing such an Android device.

For this, you should attend to the points below.

  • First, go to Settings > About Phone.
  • The second step is to tap on System Update.
  • Now let it check for new updates.
  • If an update is available for your phone, tap on the Download Update button.
  • Finally, wait for the update process to complete and restart your phone.

Factory Reset Your Device:

When every method fails to fix the Android phone screen freeze problem, a factory reset will solve your problem.

But you have to remember that the factory reset process will delete the entire data from the device.

So backup all your data to a safe place before proceeding.

Quickly fulfills the below-mentioned points to perform a factory reset.

  • For this, you need to turn off your device.
  • Now to go into recovery mode for Samsung you need to hold down the power and volume down button, and press and hold the power + power up + home button.
  • Then use the Volume Down button to navigate to Recovery Mode and press the Power button to select it.
  • There you select wipe data/factory reset and press power then select yes to confirm.

Why Does My Android device Get Frozen?

Behind the frozen screen on Android phones, many things cause your phone to freeze. Some of them are listed below:

Why Does My Android device Get Frozen?

Low memory space:

 Many times these types of errors are seen when your device is out of storage space.


Low RAM:

Installing different types of apps will drain your device’s RAM.

If you run multiple processes at the same time or have multiple apps running in the background, you can experience this.

Software Updates:

You may receive notifications from time to time to update pre-installed apps, but not all apps are used by us.

The apps that you are using should be up to date and other apps that you are not using should be left.

Malware Infection:

When your phone is infected with a harmful virus, it will hurt you. A virus can cause you to lose valuable data on your phone and it can silently kill every piece of data that remains on the device.

Antivirus software:

Many Android users install an antivirus program on their phones so that no harmful virus can infect them.

And it runs in the background to scan websites to prevent the device from getting infected.

This will slow down the device as well as freeze it completely.

So, here we have written some common reasons for Android phone freezing.

Now you will see what are the solutions that can help you unfreeze Android phones for this problem.


What can you do to stop your mobile phone from freezing?

  • The cache partition has to be wiped to clear the system memory
  • Clear all app caches.
  • Then uninstall launchers or home screen apps.
  • Now the device has to be restarted to get out of safe mode.
  • Finally, manage memory for your Android device.

What can you do to stop your mobile phone from freezing?

Why does my mobile screen freeze?

Your computer freezes for many reasons.

Overheating, faulty software, faulty hardware, and problems with your memory are some of the causes of chronic freezing.


Why is my mobile phone freezing up and lagging?

If your phone regularly slows down or freezes, it might be because an installed app is misbehaving or consuming too much of the phone’s resources.

If problems started after installing or using an app, uninstall the app to see if that fixes the problem.

How do I unfreeze my mobile phone without the power button?

For this, you should use recovery mode.

This method will work only on Android devices, for this you need to turn off your Android phone

take Then plug in your USB cable, and press and hold the Volume Down/Volume Up button to enter recovery mode.

Here when the menus appear, tap on Exit to reboot the device.

How do I unfreeze my mobile phone without the power button?

Why does my Samsung phone keep freezing?

This can be caused by Samsung phones’ slow system operation, faulty phone hardware, harmful or inappropriate third-party applications, insufficient phone memory space, and poor performance.

How to unfreeze a frozen Android app?

To close a frozen Android app, your device must be rebooted. If that doesn’t work, force closes the Google Play Store.

Why does YouTube keep freezing on my mobile phone?

If YouTube is not working then you need to close the app and restart the app, reboot your device and check your network connection. High-resolution videos require faster internet speed.



I hope following the below methods can help you and other Android users to get rid of freezing problems on Android.

This problem is often encountered by users and by trying the possible solutions, you can surely succeed in unfreezing the Android phone without any problem.

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