How to Send Money From Samsung to iPhone?

How to Send Money From Samsung to iPhone?

Have you ever needed an easy way to transfer money? You can use the listed Zeal apps to transfer money.

With these apps you can transfer money from Samsung and any Android phone to iPhone.

These apps for Android and iPhone can be used to transfer money quickly.

Now let us discuss how to transfer money from Samsung to iPhone.


Remitly allows you to transfer money abroad safely and quickly. Payments can be tracked to ensure your loved ones receive your funds securely.

Transfers can be funded from your card or bank account. Your recipients then have the option of receiving the money directly into their bank account or at any cash pick-up location.

When you send money, the recipient has the option to withdraw it in their country in USD or local currency.

It can send money to more than 45 countries for low transfer fees. It has a Family Sharing feature to send to up to 6 family members.



PayPal is one of the nicest cash transfer apps. It takes a little longer than some services to receive and send funds, but you can also use PayPal to pay for purchases at different institutions, and it’s a great option for international transfers.

It allows sending and receiving free money to friends and family. Sellers can now get tips from buyers on QR code purchases.

For US users, the app has the facility to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. PayPal now also offers short-term installment plans at checkout available to US customers.

Google Pay

Online payment method is the easiest in this app. It has many facilities for you. It can be linked to your PayPal account by adding your bank debit or credit card.

It keeps your payments secure as your card details are encrypted before being shared with stores.

You can pay quickly through the app. You can send money as well as request through Android and Gmail messages.

Moreover, you can request cash from up to five friends at the same time. Also, the bill can be split easily by tapping on the recent purchase.

With Google Pay you can manage your payment information in the app or online.

It can send money for free. Free withdrawal facility is available with bank or debit card. Apart from this, there is support for international transactions Google Pay is for both iPhone and Android.

Google Pay


Venmo app is very popular among people. With this app you can easily send and receive money to family and friends.

There is no processing fee for most debit cards, or any payment made from a bank account,

and Venmo charges a 3% fee for credit cards. It boasts a robust security system, so you don’t have to worry about unsuspecting hackers getting hold of your financial information.

The company also offers a Venmo debit card facility so Venmo balances can be used anywhere.


Cash AP

With the best money transfer app, you can easily buy bitcoins as well as send cash. It keeps your payments completely safe as they are protected by passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID.

Once you install the app, your first payment can be made within minutes.

It also includes interactive elements such as user interaction and information sharing. Money can be sent here for free and it is for both Android and iPhone.

Cash App

Walmart MoneyCard

Easily access your money anytime on the Walmart MoneyCard app. It has the facility of paying bills as well as storing cash in the wallet for later use.

Check deposit and cash back rewards balances can be viewed using the phone with the Walmart Money Card.

It has a family sharing feature for up to six family members. It is possible to find nearby ATM locations and Walmart stores from the app.

Apple Pay Cash

If you are a citizen of a country that supports Apple Pay and have an iPhone, you don’t need to install a third-party app. All you need to do is tap the A symbol next to the camera icon, then tap Pay.

You just have to select the amount and tap on payment. Money can be requested from any of your contacts.

You simply send the message as you would anyone else, and it asks you to authenticate using Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode. Apple Pay Cash is compatible with iMessage on your Apple Watch.

While the money is instantly available in your Apple Pay balance, it takes a few days to transfer to a bank account.

Can an Android send money to Apple pay?

Apple Pay is Apple’s mobile payment app, meaning it doesn’t work on Android devices. You may need an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s (or Plus) or Apple Watch to use Apple Pay.

Both Apple Pay and Google Pay use NFC technology to process transactions.

Can an Android send money to Apple pay?

Can money be transferred from Samsung Pay to the Cash app?

Yes, a Cash App card can definitely be added to a Samsung Pay account and manage to use both services at the same time..

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