How To Open APK File In Android

Open XML File On Android (Quickest Way in 2023)

A local text editor runs on the Android operating system to view and read XML files.

So if you want to open the XML file on Android phone, you don’t need to download any third-party apps, even without it.

The local text editor comes in handy no matter where the file is on your device


How To Open XML File on Android?

If you have never tried to open an XML file. You should not worry at all as it is very easy and here are some methods of how to open XML file on android phone.

  • First, you need to go to the XML file on your phone.
  • You may find it in your files, or it may be that someone has emailed you or that it is on the Internet.
  • Then tap on the file. It will open in the text editor of Android.
  • Now you scroll up and down to read the file.

How To Open XML File in android

How to open the XML file on chrome android?

The XML file can also be opened using a web browser and of course, this is a great way.

This is because the browsers provide a tree structure by default so that you can spread out and delete different parts of the file as per your requirement.

To open a file in XML format, the following steps must be followed:

  • All you have to do is open File Explorer and browse to the XML file you want to open.
  • Then you have to right-click on the file then select Open With to select the web browser to open the XML file. The web browser may or may not appear in the list of options.
  • From the list that appears, click More Apps.
  • There are some more options on the list. Now scroll down and select the browser in which you want to open the file. You can choose from any browser like Chrome or Internet Explorer. Select Internet Explorer and click OK.

How to open the XML file in chrome android


How to open an XML file online on Android?

Opening an XML file online is very easy, and the best online XML viewers also work as editors and formatters.

Here are some popular online XML viewers/editors

  1. Code Beautify
  2. JSON Formatter
  3. Tutorialspoint

This is how it all works, you can upload an XML file from your computer or copy and paste it into the editor on the left:

Once you have loaded your XML, you can click on “TreeView” to see how your data rankings are nested across different fields:

All you need to do is edit the editor on the left.

Then when you’re done, you’ll need to click “Download” to download a copy of your edited file.

You should note that the name of your downloaded copy may also be different, such as codebeautify XML.

All you have to do is attach the file to the email, upload it, or whatever before you just rename it.

How to open an XML file online in android

How to extract XML files on android?

You should click Developer> Import.

If you don’t see the Developer tab, show the View Developer tab.

In the Import XML dialog box, locate and select the XML data file (xml) that you wish to import, and click Import.

If the XML data file does not refer to the schema, Excel estimates the schema from the XML data file.

Now in the Import Data dialog box, do one of the following:

To import the contents of an XML data file into an XML table at a specific cell location in your worksheet, you must select the XML table in the existing worksheet.

Now you need to select the XML table in the new worksheet to import the contents of the file into the XML table in the new worksheet starting from cell A1.

The schema of the XML data file will appear in the XML source task pane.

If the XML data file does not refer to the schema, then Excel estimates the schema from the XML data file.

To control the behavior of XML data (such as data binding, format, and layout), click on Properties, which will bring up the XML Map Properties dialog box.

For example, when you import data by default, the data in the mapped range is overwritten, but you also have the option to change it.

how to extract XML files in android 

How to Edit or View XML Document Online on Android?

You must load your XML file into the online XML editor.

You choose one of the methods listed in the menu:

the data must be pasted directly into the input box, the file must be opened from your local file system or retrieved from the Internet via URL.

After the XML data is loaded, it will appear in a classified XML grid that you can easily navigate to the tree structure.

It is possible to add, modify or delete any node or branch of the tree structure.

If you need to save the edited XML file, choose the Save function from the menu, the XML data will appear in agreeably matted text.

How to Edit or View XML Document Online in Android?


What is an XML file on Android?

XML is an extensible markup language.

This language is very similar to HTML.

But what does markup language mean? A markup language is a computer language that uses text to describe the text.

Tags are used to format text.

Displaying text is not a default.

This means that the tags used to write the XML file are described by the author of the file.

For example, an XML file is a text-based document.

Which is called XML extension so whenever you see a file with a xml file extension, you should know that it is an XML file.

What is an XML file in Android?


The 5 Best Free XML Editors:

  1. Notepad++
  2. Code Browser
  3. Microsoft XML Notepad
  4. XmlPad
  5. TextEdit




How do I convert XML to PDF?

Convert XML files to PDF.

You need to open your XML file with your standard application on your computer.

  1. Then you go to the file there -> Print or just press Ctrl + P
  2. Choose “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” as your printer.
  3. Click OK or Print.
  4. Select a destination for your XPS file and click Save.

How do I convert XML to CSV?

You open an XML,  Right-click on the XML file to open it with the application you want to use to open it.
Now print the XML. To open the Print dialog box, either press the CTRL + P keys or go to the “Print” button.
Convert XML to CSV Excel.

How is XML used on Android?

XML tags are used to define data as well as to store and organize data.

It’s easily scalable and easy to develop.

In Android, XML is used to apply UI-related data, and it is a lightweight markup language that does not make the layout heavy.

XML contains only tags when they need to be implemented.


What are the use of XML files and Java files in Android?

XML to declare the Android layout and Java to provide logic.

Note that both Activity Main and Main Activity follow common names, they don’t need to be called that way.


How do I convert XML to DOCX?

Below is how to convert XML to DOCX.

  1. First, open the Free Group Docs app website and select Group Docs.
  2. Conversion application.
  3. Now press the Convert button.
  4. Your XML files are uploaded and will be converted to DOCX result format.
  5. A link to the DOCX file can also be sent to the email address


Although XML files are much denser than modern data transmission solutions such as JSON, it is not at all a hassle to know how to open XML on android and edit them.

Fortunately, you have a lot of options on your local machine and online.

Most likely you will not have any problem when you need to open or edit the XML file next time.


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