How to Open TXT File in Android in 2022? [easy ways]

How to Open TXT Files in Android in 2022? [easy ways]

TXT files are used for many purposes, but reading them on other phones and tablets can cause you many problems.

The good news is that on Android phones such problems are solved very easily:

You need a separate application to open these types of files.

It may take a while to find the app on Google Play, it will take just a few seconds to install on the device.

Now let’s talk about how to open TXT files in Android phone.

How to open TXT files in android?

  • Once you’ve created your TXT files and you still don’t know much about file formats, you can easily find a TXT file or a text file. Because its file name mostly ends in txt. Now you can create a text file using the Notepad app.
  • You will then need to download the “Text Edit” app from the Google Play Store. Then install the app on your Android tablet or smartphone.
  • Once Text Edit is installed, you need to open it from your device app drawer.
  • On the main screen of the app, you will see a blank text field with a dark background.
  • You can type any text in this text field and then save it as a text file.
  • Finally, to open the TXT files in android, find and tap the menu icon. Its icon is with three vertical dots.



How to view TXT files in Android?

  • When you press the menu icon, you will get a list of options like “New File, Save, Save As, Open, Recent and More”.
  • TXT file must be viewed in Android.
  • Then from the list of options, select “Open” and type the location of the file name on the given field. If you do not provide the correct file name, you will need to tap “Browser” to manually browse your device’s storage.
  • Now look at the text file you want to open.
  • Now select this file and press “Open”.
  • Finally you will be able to open and read the contents of your text file. You can also edit the text file to your liking.

How to view TXT file in Android?

Additional options for reading TXT files on Android:

In FullReader you can set the page size according to your preferences – there is a separate setting menu for you.

  • To do this, first click on the icon in the upper right corner of the book reading window and see the options.
  • You’ll find many more options for reading TXT files on Android with ease using FullReader, and you’ll find them in the app’s Advanced Settings menu.
  • To protect your eyes when you read the text, if you have to read the contents of the file in the dark of the day, you also have the facility of black theme.

Additional options for reading TXT files on Android:

What is a TXT file?

txt file extensions contain files that are capable of storing unformatted plain text content.

These files are created with any text editing or word processing application.

However, tables, bodings, graphics, or italics are not allowed in file formats such as TXT functions and features.

Popular applications that can view unformatted text documents saved with the txt extension include applications such as Notepad and text edit.

Which app opens txt?

TXT if you want to read the file through applications. Some such text editors and viewers include Microsoft Word, TextPad, Notepad2, Geany, and Microsoft WordPad.

Linux users also use Leafpad, gedit, and KWrite text openers / editors.

Which app opens txt?

Can Android Read TXT?

A text file is a type of file that saves the order of letters or text.

These characters can be anything that makes a person readable.

In Android, a text file is used to access or read the information or text contained in it.

How do I open a TXT file online in android?

The question is how to view the text file.

  • So the answer is that to upload a text file you have to click inside the file drop area or drag and drop the text file.
  • This will automatically make your text file viewable for you immediately.
  • Now the text file has to be downloaded in original, image or text format.
  • Then you have to navigate between the pages.
  • Lastly, be sure to set the page view to zoom in or zoom out.

What is TXT File in Android?

A TXT file is a simple text document that contains plain text.

It can be “opened” as well as “edited” by any text editing or word processing program.

Microsoft Notepad documents as default TXT files.

But there is safety.


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