How to Open mms Message on Android?

How to Open MMS on Android in 2022? [easy guide]

Have you ever received an MMS file and can’t open it? Or have you saved it but your device can’t save it? Your MMS is not downloaded for various reasons.
Many users have trouble downloading, opening, or running MMS, which is very painful.

The file may be missing, or the network may be inadequate.

So now we are going to talk about How to Open MMS messages on Android.

Turn on Mobile Data:

If your Android phone is restricted from using mobile data, then even with this issue you will not be able to open MMS message on android?.

This will cause many kinds of MMS problems on your phone.

  • To do this, you need to make sure that the mobile data option is enabled on your Android phone.
  • Your mobile data connection is used to send and receive MMS. Enable this option on your Android device.
  • Now you need to go to Settings> Wireless & Network Settings> on your Android phone.

Then you have to turn on the option called mobile data.

Turn on Mobile Data:

Reset Mobile Network:

Your phone needs a saved access point to connect to the MMS server.

If these settings are not correct, you can reset them to the following factory defaults.

  • You should first tap Settings> General management> Reset.
  • Then select Reset Network Settings from the options provided. You will need PIN or password to unlock the screen to continue.
  • Now you have to tap Reset Settings to confirm the action.
  • Doing so will open your MMS.

Make Sure Auto-download MMS Is Turned on:

If your MMS messages don’t download automatically, turn on the automatic download MMS feature on your phone.

  • To do this, first launch the Messages app on your phone.
  • Then you have to select the settings by tapping on the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Under the MMS section, the Auto Recovery option has to be enabled.
  • Your MMS messages will now automatically start downloading to your phone.

Make Sure Auto-download MMS Is Turned on:

Clear Cache or Factory Reset:

Uses cache files through all apps to save data.

If you are unable to download MMS, the rest of the cache files may be corrupted.

So you clear the cache and data of the app so that these problems are solved and download and unlock your phone MMS.

hard reset is a great solution for opening MMS.
To do this, make a backup of your phone’s data before you perform a hard reset.

Now tap “Privacy” in your phone’s settings.

Then to complete the hard reset, follow the instructions by tapping “Factory Data Reset”.

Clear Old messages:

  • If you can’t download MMS or your MMS doesn’t open, go back to your default messenger settings.

Now you have to decide how many options you have to resolve the old messages.
If your messages are not clear and you have a very good alternative, you need to clear your messages that are not downloaded to correct multimedia messages.

This will problem.

Clear Old messages:

Uninstall Problematic Apps:

If your MMS not opening on Android?, third-party apps may be involved.

To do this, first of all, boot your phone in safe mode to eliminate this reason.
All third-party apps are now disabled.

Now we have to test the capability of MMS.

If the messages are open, the third-party app is guilty.

Some cleaner apps or antivirus programs will interfere with the normal functioning of your phone. So it would be better for you to uninstall them.

What is MMS?

What exactly is MMS? This is a feature that allows you to transfer multimedia files to your network.

This is a great way to Open MMS Message on Android?.

Still, things do not ever go as schemed.

Extremely if you rely on your mobile signal for data.
Even though the majority of users have switched to messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and others, there are still people who choose MMS.


What is MMS?

Why can’t I open MMS messages?

  • If you are unable to send or receive MMS messages, you must check your Android phone’s network connection.
  • Then open the phone’s settings and tap “Wireless & Network Settings”. Tap “Mobile Networks” to confirm its activation. If not, try activating it to send an MMS message.

Why aren’t MMS messages being downloaded?

  • Most cache files are corrupt, which prevents Android MMS from being downloaded.
  • To solve this problem, you need to clear the cache and data for the messaging app.
  • Now by tapping on storage you will see two options – you have to clear the data and clear the cache.
  • Click on them to check if MMS messages will be downloaded.

How do I open an MMS message?

  • First, you have to open the settings.
  • Now tap on Messages.
  • Scroll down to the column titled “SMS / MMS” and tap on “MMS messaging” to green the toggle if necessary.

How do I open an MMS message?

Can I get my MMS messages to download on my phone?

  • To do this you can open messages through Google.
  • Also, tap 3 dots in the upper right corner.
  • Now you have to tap on Settings.
  • Then tap Advanced.
  • Now make sure that the automatic download MMS is toggled to the right.
  • Make sure to download MMS automatically when roaming is toggled to the right, it will turn blue.

Can I fix my MMS on my Android device?

  • First, you need to reboot your phone.
  • Then check your phone’s network connection.
  • Then you have to disable “Auto Retrieve” in your messenger settings.
  • Now automatic download MMS must be enabled.
  • You can clear the cache or do a factory reset.
  • With it, old messages have to be cleared.
  • Lastly, the application issues need to be tracked.

Why can’t I open MMS messages?

  • If you do not receive MMS messages, you need to check the network connection of the Android phone.
  • Now you need to open the phone’s settings and tap “Wireless & Network Settings”. You need to tap “Mobile Networks” to confirm it is active. If not, try sending an MMS message with it enabled.

Why can't I open MMS messages?

Why aren’t my MMS messages being downloaded?

If you do not download MMS, the rest of the cache files may be corrupted.

You should try to clear the cache and data of the app to fix these issues.

Why can’t I open MMS on my Samsung Galaxy S8?

If you’re having trouble opening image messages (MMS) on the Galaxy S8, this may be because your phone’s APN settings aren’t configured properly.

You need to go to Settings> Connections> Data usage to make sure mobile data is on.

Why can’t I download MMS on my Samsung Galaxy?

If the cache/data of the service is corrupt then you cannot download MMS messages. Therefore, by clearing the service cache and data
This problem will be solved.
You can open your phone’s settings and tap on apps.
When restarting, try downloading the message and check if the issue is resolved.

Why can't I download MMS on my Samsung Galaxy?


As you may know, there are reasons why you can’t Open MMS Message on Android?.

This is because the included media is bad or incompatible with your current app.

We’ve explained in detail in this article that if your MMS doesn’t open even after trying the steps outlined, there may be a problem with your device network.

Pay attention to all the above issues, your MMS will open.


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