How to open Json file in android?

Open Json File in Android in 2023 (Quickest Method)

Jason is a file that contains plain text in a text editor.

You can easily edit and save the file without using any type of software program.

There are also some changes that you may break the file formatting and due to any formatting error, the JSON file will fail to load.

Hence, we will suggest you use an app to open and edit the JSON file to prevent any type of formatting mess.

How to open Json file in android?

Using File Viewer For Android
First, you have to download the file viewer app for android.

You can get this app for free of cost.

It will help you to display contents of more than 150 file formats and you can even view the hidden files and metadata from the information panel of the File Viewer.

How to open Json file in android?

Using File opener for Android

You can also use the File opener for Android to open the JSON file. That is one of the best android apps to open JSON files.

Generally, this app is specially developed to use on smartphones to open files in different formats.

Moreover, it can also be installed on your system from the app store.

This app is completely free to use.

Not just that, a File opener for android can also display more than 150 file formats.

What Is A JSON File Format?

In JSON file format some dimple data structures are stored in JavaScript Object Notation.

It consists of lightweight text that can be easily read by humans.

That is a standard data interchange format.

This file has a .json extension and that is quite similar to the XML file format.

Initially, it was based on a Javascript subset.

That is a language-independent format and is supported by most of the programming APIs.

It is also used in the Ajax web application programming and currently it is considered as one of the most popular alternatives of XML.
As there are a great number of applications that use JSON for data interchange but most of them do not save it.

The reason is that interchange takes place between systems that are connected to the internet.

Still, some of the applications such as Google+ make you able to save the JSON files.

Google+ also uses JSON files to save data on users’ profiles.

You can also choose the data liberation page to download your profile data.

For this, you have to choose the option of downloading the profile data. Not just that, Firefox also uses the JSON file extension to contain the bookmarks backup copy created by the users.
So, you can use the information from the JSON file to recreate it if you lose your bookmark information due to any reason.

What Is A JSON File Format?


Benefits Of JSON Format

Here are some of the JSON format advantages listed below:

That is a compact file format.
Each and every programming language features libraries

and functions that can only be read or written with the help of

JSON structures.

JSON files can be easily read by human and computer systems.
It can be mapped on the data structures used by most of the languages.

Uses Of JSON Files

The basic object of the JSON files was data transmission among an application and a server.

But now it is used for different purposes:

The database engines such as NoSQL and MongoDB use the JSON format to store the structured data in the database.

JSON sends the notifications to the server through web applications.

Moreover, web applications also use it and download the state of the web application.

JavaScript applications such as node.js, reactJS, and other applications based on the server use the JSON file to store information about configuration.

Benefits Of JSON Format

The process to open JSON files for all OS

To open the JSON file you can use the JSON file opener tool or your system app from the installed location.
Go to the File menu bar and just click on the Open from the dropdown list.

It will pop up a window and then you have to go to the location where the JSON file is stored.

You must remember to change the type of file from the Text document of all files.

Then you need to select the JSON file and open it to update, read or write or any operation.

Finally, the JSON file will be opened in reading mode.

The process to open JSON files for all OS


How do we open JSON files in PDF?

  • Here is the process to open the JSON files in PDF:
    First, you have to download and install the PDF24 Creator.
  • Then you have to open the JSON file with a reader that can open this file.
  • After this, you have to print the file on the virtual PDF24 PDF printer.
  • Now the PDF24 assistant will be opened up and there you can save it as a PDF, fax, or edit the file.

Why is the JSON file not opening?

There could be a number of reasons due to which the JSON file is not opening.

In such cases mostly there is one common issue faced by the people is that not using the compatible program to open the JSON file.

It will be almost impossible to open the file if you don’t have an application on your PC.

How to open JSON files in Excel?

First, you have to open Microsoft Excel on the Power Query tab and click from the other sources, and then Blank Query.

After that, you have to click on the advanced editor from the query editor.

Then you have to enter the query string by replacing the “C:\Users\Name\Desktop\example.JSON” with the path of the JSON file.

How to open JSON files in Excel?

How to open a JSON file in a readable format?

You use the below-mentioned software programs to open the JSON file in a readable format:
Online JSON Viewer
Microsoft WordPad
A7 JsonViewer

Final words:

If you have to open the JSON file on your android due to the unavailability of the system then you must read this guide.

Here we have explained the most reliable methods to open JSON files on android.


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