How to Open a PUB File on Android?

If you’re having trouble opening a pub file, the easiest ways to Open a PUB File on Android?

There are other ways, too, if you do not have MS Publisher.

How to open a PUB file?

To open a PUB file, you need the appropriate software, such as Publisher.

Without it, you get the Windows message “How do you open this file?” Or “Windows can’t open file” or any extreme alert.

If you are unable to open your PUB file correctly, right-click or long-press the file.

Then you have to select an application by clicking on “Open with”.

Now you will also find the PUB file directly in the browser:

How to open a PUB file?

How to open a PUB file on android?

  • First, go to Convert Publisher to PDF
    in a web browser. It is an online conversion tool that makes your PUB file a readable PDF.
  • Then you have to click on upload or you can select the file from the cloud storage. This opens your file browser.
  • Now drag and drop your PUB file into the box.
  • Then you have to navigate and double click on your PUB file. Double-clicking on the file starts the change and will take some time depending on the size of the file.
  • Then you have to click on free download. This will reopen your file browser. Now change the name and location of the PDF file before you continue.
  • Your PDF file will now be launched in your PDF Viewer.

What is a PUB file?

PUB files are mostly Microsoft Corporation files.

With Microsoft Office Publisher you can create a wide range of posts and marketing content as well as help with sharing.

What is a PUB file

Open a pub file without the publisher?

Print or read the file.

Converting a PUB file to PDF format enables you to view it on any computer or device.

Many websites can convert PUB files to PDF files for free, including Online2PDF, Zamzar, and PDF Convert Online.

This is how all these sites work.
The following instructions must be followed by opening the site.

By selecting your PUB file, depending on the site, you will need to set the output format to PDF and enter your email address.

Then press the Convert button.

When the conversion is complete, the site either allows the file to be downloaded automatically, emails you a download link, or launches a web page containing the download link.

Edit files

These sites work great if you only want to view or print a PUB file.

Even if you have an application that can edit PDF files.

LibreOffice is an open-source suite of applications related to Microsoft’s Office.

LibreOffice’s Draw, version 4.0 and above, for both Macintosh and Windows, Microsoft Publisher can open and edit files as well.

  • Open LibreOffice Draw, on the File menu, and choose Open.
  • To edit, you need to browse the PUB file and then select and press the Open button.

Edit files

Save the File in Alternate Formats

It is possible to import the PUB file into LibreOffice Draw as an editable document.

But the file is not compatible with other word processing, presentation, or drawing programs.

Imported files can only be saved in ODF drawing format file types (ODG, FODG, or OTG).

To save the document in a format other than ODF Draw, follow these instructions:

  • First, you need to open the PUB file using LibreOffice Draw.
  • Now create a document in another LibreOffice application that supports the format in which you want to save. E.g.,
  • To save in Microsoft Word format, a new document must be created in LibreOffice Writer.
  • Each element of the drawing must be copied and pasted from the LibreOffice Draw window to the new document window.
  • After you copy, it is possible to edit each separately in the new document, and then save the document in any format supported by the LibreOffice application.

How can I export a PUB file as a DOCX file?

If you have a large number of PUB documents, and you wish to use this text elsewhere, you can easily open the text in the PUB file in a Microsoft Word document (DOCX file).

The font and formatting of your text are saved.

To save a PUB file as a DOCX file, select File → Save from the publisher’s menu bar, select the DOCX file format, and then click Save.

How can I export a PUB file as a DOCX file?

Does Google Drive open PUB files?

Select your file from your computer by clicking the upload button.

Drag and drop. You need to upload your file from the cloud storage service of your choice.

Which program can open a pub file?

Microsoft Publisher
A pub file is a Microsoft Publisher file format that can be easily opened with Microsoft Publisher.

If you do not have Publisher installed, you have the option of LibreOffice Draw, CorelDraw, or another program.

How do I open a PUB file online?

How to view PUB format.
To upload and drop it, click anywhere in the blue area or on the Browse for File button.

You can also add a document by entering the URL in the URL cell.
Then click on the View button.
This will automatically make your PUB file viewable for you immediately.
Finally, save your PUB pages as an image file.

How do I open a PUB file online?

How do I view a PUB file?

Your PUB file can be opened in Microsoft Publisher.
Open Publisher, choose File → Open from the program’s menu bar, and also go to the PUB file and open it.

Documents containing your PUB file will be lost in Publisher.

PUB files can also be opened in other desktop publishing applications.

Can I convert a Pub file to PowerPoint?

Convert a publisher document into a PowerPoint slideshow in Office by borrowing the Publisher’s Save for Pictures Printing selection.

This option converts every page of the publisher document to a JPG file, which can be inserted into PowerPoint.

Open Publisher file without a publisher?

The pub file is a Microsoft Publisher file format that can be opened with Microsoft Publisher.

If your device does not have Publisher, you may want to consider LibreOffice Draw, CorelDraw, or any other program. Pub format
Zamzar is to be used for conversion.

How do I download a . PUB file?

How to open PUB files with CorelDRAW.

You need to launch CorelDRAW.
Then select File> Open.
Then find the PUB file you want to open
Finally, select the file (s)
Edit your file and save it for free.

Microsoft Website Publisher offers a 60-day free trial.

You can install and borrow all elements of Microsoft Publisher during the trial.

When you need a permanent version of the program after the trial period is over, you purchase the full version.

How do I download a . PUB file?

Is there a Microsoft Publisher app for Android?

You can easily access Microsoft Publisher documents on your Android device.

Publisher Expert.

It lets you read, edit, create, save, print, convert or insert new items, such as text boxes, tables, images, formats, etc., into PUB file formats.

Is Microsoft Office Free for Android?

The Office app can be easily downloaded on Android phones.

This app is without signing in.

Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscriptions also can unlock various premium features, which are compatible with existing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps.



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