How Can I Make Money With My Smartphone?

How to Make Money With My Android Phone?

Nowadays, a large number of people extensively utilize smartphones with Android or iOS operating systems. Earning money from your smartphone has become very easy. In this guide, we will tell you how to make money with my Android phone.

As technology advances, people are becoming more curious about making money from their phones, from South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya to other African countries.


Surfing the web and watching videos online

Most websites and apps pay you to view advertisements, short video clips, etc., on their site. Here are some of these apps listed:


This is a popular app where you can earn money by shopping, watching videos, and answering paid surveys. You can then withdraw your money through PayPal or by using gift cards.


This is another app where you can read news articles, product deals, and reviews as well as watch ads to earn points. Bonus points are also available for downloading free apps.

Surfing the web and watching videos online



Sell Items you don’t need anymore

We all have things we don’t need. They can be sold online on various sites for cash.

Take clear pictures of what you want to sell and post them online with a price tag and your phone number. Below are some sites where you can earn money by selling your items through your phone:



It helps you connect sellers with potential buyers. You will take your product or whatever you have to sell and place them in different pre-arranged categories on the app and add your price and phone number so that buyers can easily contact you. Many people earn money on this app from their phones.



Like the Jiji app, this app lets you take photos of the clothes you want to sell and instantly post them for sale. Poshmark is similarly a marketplace where you can purchase and sell other items.

eBay: On eBay, you sign up for an account, then post items for sale, and wait for customers to bid. It is very easy as well as very effortless to use.



Sell Photos and Art

If you are a photographer or graphic designer who wants to sell your work, the following two apps are essential for you. These apps are ideal for earning passive income.

Shutterstock is a great app for people who take great photos. To get commenced, all you require to do is download the app and build your account.

Another thing you can do is upload your best work. And whenever someone downloads one of your uploaded images, you can earn money from it.

You can also see how many people have downloaded your photos from your portfolio. Moreover, you also get notifications whenever someone views your photos.



People are moving towards freelancing very fast as many people now want to work from home. It is possible to do the same with these two top apps for freelancers.



With Fiverr it is possible to Make Money With My Android Phone doing any job that you can do well.

To get begun, download the application & sign up. Then you set up a profile and show off your skills by creating an ad called a Gig.

When creating a Gig, you must fill in information about the service you are offering. This information should include basic details such as delivery time, reviews you wish to submit, and your rate.

Fiverr deals in graphic designing, website development, translation, copywriting, social media marketing, content writing, and many more categories. So, you can find many things of interest.


Upwork for freelancers

You cannot join Upwork for free by creating a profile. On this app, freelancers get good RAM for programming, web development, mobile development, graphic design, writing, accounting, sales, marketing, and many more services.

If you have any of these good skills, you can earn well. Freelancers are paid on time with direct deposit, PayPal, or wire transfer.

It is possible to get paid by completing milestones or by setting an hourly rate and paying weekly. Be sure to complete your profile before starting to bid on projects.

Upwork for freelancers

Cashback and Rewards 

Cashback and rewards are very easy ways to earn money online. Here are some popular apps in this category.


Receipt Hog

Payment for any online or in-store purchase can be made with ReceiptHog. You must enter your purchase receipt to start earning money through this app.

Receipt Hog rewards you every time you buy something online from any brand or from within the app’s store. You are also given bonuses for completing surveys about the store and products.


Play Games

Game lovers can also earn money with their help as there are apps that pay you to review their games and give them feedback. Pay to Play Games App:

Qriket: In this app, you can win money just by spinning the wheel. You spin the wheel by choosing colors. Although, it is not a great money-making app that you can believe can fetch a lot of money.

Blockchain technology is paving the way for metaverse and NFT games. Users pay for tokens that they can sell for money.

Play Games

Virtual Assistant

Can act as an assistant to anyone who has a lot of. Virtual assistants are individuals and organizations looking for support and are willing to pay for your service.

You don’t need a physical office to do this, you can easily work from the comfort of your home. Many young Africans are making money as virtual assistants using their smartphones.


Online tutor

If you have the knowledge and want to inspire others with your knowledge, you should start an online tutoring class that people can access and pay for.

It can be at the discretion of an individual or a large group. You can choose a particular subject or course that you are very good at and you can influence other people with that knowledge and earn a decent income.

Make YouTube videos

YouTube is a famous platform for content creators to publish videos, grow an audience, and make money on your android phone.

You can either create short skits in it for fun, online tutorial classes on cake making, necklace making, simple dressmaking, etc.

Anything you can upload in it. All you have to do is create a YouTube channel where you can post your videos, attract people to subscribe to your channel, and keep them engaged.

It is a reliable way to earn money from just your smartphone and can also be a source of entertainment for you.

Make YouTube videos


Can I make money with my cell phone?

You can earn money from your phone. Some of the easiest ways to earn extra cash from your phone for cash or gift cards include taking online surveys or playing games.

Which app is real for making money?

You can choose the best alternative for you and earn some extra money by informing about different earning apps.

Some types of money-making apps

do it.

Task boxes.

Swag boxes.

Daily lyrics


Current awards.

pocket money

Panel Station.


How do I earn 1000 rs per day without investment online on mobile phone?

List of online jobs without investment

You can become a subject matter expert.

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Fill out the online survey.
  • Enter the domain game.
  • Start a YouTube channel.
  • Sell ​​online courses.
  • Freelancing Services.
  • rent your car.


How to get free money?

Here are the best ways to earn free money with little or no effort:

  • Bursaries, scholarships, and grants.
  • Sign-up offer.
  • Money to switch banks or utility suppliers.
  • Free money for referring friends.
  • Get student loan repayment.
  • Check if you are owed tax credits.
  • Earn interest from savings and current accounts.


How to make quick money?

  • By freelancing.
  • By testing websites and apps
  • By working on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.
  • Take surveys for money.
  • You can earn money from your blog as an affiliate.
  • You can also earn money by selling your stuff on Etsy
  • Ad revenue can be generated from your blog or YouTube channel.
  • Being an Instagram influencer is also possible to earn.


How to earn 500 rupees quickly?

Below are the best ways to earn ₹500 in just 10 minutes

  • Instamojo’s Refer and Earn Program:
  • Click on ads to earn money:
  • This is also possible by starting trading in the share market:
  • Affiliate Marketing:
  • Rent your household goods:
  • Blogging:
  • Start your YouTube channel:
  • Freelancing:



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