How To Make a Photo Transparent On Android?
18 Sep

In this article, we will tell you about how to make a photo transparent on android. For this, here we will tell you about some of the methods as well as some of the best apps.

How to make a picture’s background transparent?

Here we will talk about Snagit, so Snagit is the best photoshop alternative to make images transparent.

  • First, you insert the image into the editor.
  • The next step is to select Transparent by clicking the Fill button on the toolbar.
  • The third point is to adjust your tolerance.
  • Then click on the background areas you want to remove.
  • Next, save your image as a PNG.
  • This will transfer your image.

How to make a picture’s background transparent?

How to Create a Transparent Background Via PicsArt?

Below is how to get a transparent background on the PicsArt image editing app.

  • First, you need to open your photo in the PicsArt app and find the draw tool at the bottom.
  • Then select the icon that looks like a stack of squares at the bottom right.
  • Then in the pop-up window tap on the first layer and tap on the recycling bin icon to delete it and tap to close the window.
  • Remove the PicsArt first layer.
  • Open the eraser tool by choosing the eraser icon at the bottom. Then hit it again to open the brush settings.
  • The settings have to be customized to your liking. You should note that the larger brush size with sharp edges gets rid of large areas quickly, while the smaller size with softer edges is good for erasing around crevices.
  • When you’re happy with your settings, drag your finger over the image to start erasing.
  • Once you are satisfied with the result, press Apply at the top right. Back on the home screen, select the arrow at the top to save the image.

How to Create a Transparent Background Via PicsArt?

How to Make a Background Transparent Vis Eraser?

Eraser is a very simple editing app that has some basic photo editing features as well as methods for erasing the background of a photo.

Here’s how to manually erase the picture background Via Eraser:

  • First, you upload your photo and select Delete from the bottom menu.
  • Then in the erase window, you need to make sure you have selected erase from the tools below.
  • The size of the eraser has to be customized along with the width. Offset You can change the distance between your finger and the eraser for a clearer view.
  • Drag your finger over the areas you want to remove. Now zoom in or out by pinching with two fingers.
  • After you are satisfied with the result, you have to press Done at the top right. You will also be returned to the home screen.
  • Now to export the image, tap on the share icon at the top right, select the image resolution and format and tap on save to save it to your photo library.

How to Make a Background Transparent Vis Eraser?

Best 5 Apps to Make Image Transparent on Android:

Here we will show you 5 apps to make pictures transparent on your android phone.


  1. Background Eraser
  2. Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer
  3. Transparent Photo Frames
  4. Snapseed
  5. Adobe Photoshop Mix


Background Eraser

Background Eraser is a great app that lets you cut out images and make images transparent with your background eraser tool.

By superimposing images, you can use them to create collages and merge different images and logos.

The app also has an auto extractor mode which can automatically erase similar pixels, as well as a manual extract eraser mode, which allows selecting objects or areas of the image that you can make transparent using blue and red markers.

Zooming in and zooming out can also be done to accurately determine areas around the image to remove the image background.


Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer

With the Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer app you can overlay two or more photos on each other by removing the photo background. Blend your daily photos either from the gallery or capture live images and combine them with stunning frames and collage builder.

The app gives you a professional photo effect tool that allows you to do a double exposure, blending, multiple exposures, apply dozens of cool effects, and much more.

Features include a mixer, editor, image enhancer, photo effects borders, stickers, etc. to give your photos a unique touch.

Ultimate Photo Blender/Mixer

Transparent Photo Frames

Transparent Photo Frame is a very good background remover app that lets you select both the background and the image you want to place on the transparent background.

This app can superimpose a new image on a previous image and merge them.

In it, you get different types of frames, HD backgrounds, and much more. You also get to edit the image with many tools like zoom, orientation, text editing on the image, size, color, and font change.



Snapseed is one of the most popular and free photo editing apps available on the internet.

It is loaded with many image editing and manipulation tools that are very easy to use.

Use this app to have a transparent background for your photo.

The app comes with many image fine-tuning features like saturation, brightness, tune image, white balance, brushes, shadows, contrast, and more.

The app comes with professional-grade tools and presets for both professionals and amateurs alike.

Snapseed is available for both Android and iOS and you can download it from the respective app store.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix is ​​top-of-the-line for photo editors who want to use a smartphone for editing on the go.

The cutout feature of the app gives auto and smart transparency control to make the image transparent by selecting specific areas with smart cutout.

It has both essential and more sophisticated capabilities such as cutouts and combining images for transparency, merging multiple images, adjusting colors, contrasts, FX filters, and more.

This app works with the Adobe Creative Cloud service and is used to edit the foreground or background, and merge single or composite images with effective transparency controls.

What is transparency in an image?

Transparent areas in the image mean that other graphical elements can be seen, which are behind the transparent part of the background.

For example, if an image with a transparent background is set as the icon of your favorite program, and its shortcut is placed on the desktop, the desktop wallpaper can be seen in the transparent area.


How can I make transparent pictures on Android?

For all Android users, Apowersoft Background Eraser is an app that makes white backgrounds transparent.

This app gets rid of the background automatically with zero taps. No doubt you get a real all-in-one photo background editor.

You download & install the application on your android phone.

How to make a PNG picture background transparent?

Here we will explain how to make the background of an image transparent.

  • For this, you need to insert the image into the editor
  • Then select Transparent by clicking the Fill button on the toolbar.
  • Then you have to adjust your tolerance
  • Now click on the background areas that you want to remove. …
  • The last step is to save your image as a PNG.

How to make a PNG picture background transparent?

What app can I use to change the background of a photo?

The photo director for Android With Photo director you can change the background of your photo with just a few taps.

With 900,000+ star ratings on the Play Store with an average score of 4.5, this app is one of the best photo background changers.

What app can I use to change the background of a picture?

JPG does not support transparency because it is used in place of RGB color. If you want transparency, you need to use a format that supports alpha values.

What is Transparent PNG?

A transparent PNG is a transparent PNG file. You usually save transparent logos as PNG files when using them on the web


We have told you about several top transparent background creation methods for how to make a photo transparent on android.

You can make the image transparent by choosing the app of your choice.


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