How to Know if your Phone is Hacked Android?

How to Know if your Phone is Hacked Android?

With the increase in malware and adware pre-installed on Android users’ devices, Android phones are more vulnerable to hacking that may aim to steal your data or steal your attention.

If you are worried about how to know if your Android phone has been hacked, then in this article we will tell you the methods that will help you to easily find out if your phone is hacked or not.

How can it be avoided?

how to know if your phone is hacked?


Inappropriate pop-ups:

If you see inappropriate or X-rated ads pop up on your mobile phone, it may mean that your phone has been compromised. Calls or messages you didn’t initiate:

If you receive unknown calls and messages from your phone, it also indicates that your device has been hacked.


Increasing data usage:

If your online activities are using more of your data, it could also be a reason that your phone has been hacked.

how to know if your phone is hacked?


Battery drain:

It’s normal for your phone’s battery life to decrease over time, but if the battery is draining at an alarming rate, it’s also possible that your phone has been hacked.


Poor Performance:

If your phone performs much slower than normal like apps crashing, screen freezing, and restarting unexpectedly, it is also a sign that your phone has been hacked.


Unrecognized apps:

If you see an unrecognized application on your device, it could also be a reason that the device is hacked.


Unusual activity on social accounts:

If you see unrecognized activity on your social media or email account that is connected to your phone, this also indicates that a hacker has gained access to the device.


No calls or messages:

 If you don’t receive calls or messages, it means that the hacker has cloned your SIM card from the service provider.

Importantly, it is possible to protect your phone from hacking by keeping in mind the various applications and activities on your device.

If you notice any of the above processes that indicate that your phone has been compromised, then you should do the following to avoid hackers.

What To Do if an Android phone Has Been Hacked?

Antivirus software is implied to prevent hacking, but even if you did not have it downloaded earlier, you can utilize it to extract the malware that’s causing your android phone hacking.

Here we will tell you how to remove hackers from your phone.

What To Do if Your Android Device Has Been Hacked?


Use of antivirus software.

You need to use antivirus software for this because it quarantines the malware in a sandbox so it can’t infect the rest of your phone.

It will then delete it for you. You need to keep your antivirus software turned on so that it runs in the background.


Contact businesses.

Contact any financial services or e-commerce business that has your credit card or bank account information, which is sensitive information.

You need to find out which transactions you need to dispute with your bank and report fraud.


Delete apps.

If you see apps on your phone that you haven’t downloaded, it’s best to delete them.


Factory reset your phone.

You should also reset your phone to restore it to the settings it was in when you got it. After you have backed up your data, you need to follow the steps below:

Samsung Android version 5.0 or higher:

  • First click on “Apps“.
  • Then click on “Settings“.
  • Now click on “Backup and Reset“.
  • Then select “Factory data reset“.
  • Then choose “Reset Device”.
  • Then click on “Erase Everything“.


Change your passwords.

It is also a best practice to change the passwords of any compromised accounts.


Never leave your phone unattended 

You have to make sure that you keep your phone with you at all times in public as this is the best rule that you should follow.


Lock your phone

It is also important that you set a security lock on your Android. And also make sure not to share these lock details with third parties so that no one else can access your device.

Lock your phone


Use two-factor authentication and biometrics.

You must use biometrics, such as fingerprint scanning or Face ID, along with a password.

Many individual apps on your Android phone, such as WhatsApp, have this security element built-in.

You can also enable biometric authentication to protect the privacy of individual apps through the settings on your phone.


Download apps from official app stores

Rogue apps can infect your Android with malware. Mostly if you download it from a third-party source.

For this, you should always stick to the Google Play Store. It has countless apps, so you don’t need to download Android apps from any other place.


Update your operating system.

Your OS should be constantly updated. Because these updates have recent changes hackers can’t steal your information.

That’s why you should constantly keep your android phone up to date.


Log out of sites when you’re done.

Logging out can prevent someone from accessing your account with an active login.

This becomes very important for you when you visit financial and retail websites and use public computers at the library.


Be careful on public Wi-Fi 

Public Wi-Fi can also put your data at risk. Some of the “neighbors” on the network you’re connected to can mess up your online experience. Yes, many risks are always present on public Wi-Fi.

So you should be careful not to share any confidential information using public networks.

Be careful on public Wi-Fi 


Encrypt your data.

If you want to ensure your privacy online and protect your data, your best bet is to encrypt it using a VPN.

This way no one will know what you do online and your identity will not be revealed. Even if hackers intercept your encrypted traffic, they will only see unintelligible content.


Can you tell if your Android phone has been hacked?

You can tell from the following signs that your android phone has been hacked.

Your phone is running slower than usual. Also, you notice strange activity on your online accounts, such as unfamiliar logins, new account signups, or password reset emails.

It also shows you unfamiliar calls or texts. More pop-ups than usual. These are signs of adware.


How do I check if my phone is hacked or not?

This is a sign that your phone will perform poorly, crashing, freezing, expected restarts, etc.

then you should understand that this is a sign of a hacked device. Also, if you see any unrecognized application downloads on your device, this could be a reason.

How do I check if my phone is hacked or not?


What can a hacker see on your phone?

Hackers use keyloggers and other tracking software to capture your phone’s keystrokes and record what you type, such as search entries, login credentials, passwords, credit card keys, etc. Details and sensitive information etc.

What are three signs which show your phone has been hacked?

  • A telltale sign of such a phone is non-stop pop-ups.
  • Second texts or calls that you didn’t make
  • Third, more than normal data usage.
  • Apps you don’t recognize
  • Finally, your phone’s battery drains faster.

Can you get rid of the hacker in your phone?

You need to update your phone’s operating system.

Updating the operating system eliminates some hacks, including spyware, because most of this malware is built to work with a specific version, so installing a new version of your hack will stop working.

Ending words:

If you have a smartphone, you may be worried about hacking, but with the help of the above-listed settings and best practices, you can protect your mobile phone from hacking attacks.

In this article, we have told you the best ways to know if your Android phone has been hacked. And if it has happened, then also tell the best solutions for it. We hope you liked this article.


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