How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On Android?

How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On Android?

Sometimes we block any problematic phone numbers or maybe by mistake, we can do this. Then we must want to retrieve blocked messages and call for the solution to this problem. We have some ideas to how to retrieve blocked messages on android.

How to retrieve Blocked Messages with EaseUS MobiSaver?

If you require to remove a phone number from your blacklist.
For this, you have to select the number and select “Delete”.

But deleting a blacklist doesn’t help restore old items.

You need to apply the best Android data recovery tool to view the blocked content.
EaseUS MobiSaver for Android is a free Android data recovery application.

designed for instant retrieval of contacts, photos, calls, SMS, WhatsApp messages, music, etc.

It can help you find anything on your device (like Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Google).

Nexus, Huawei, Motorola, etc.) including the data you have deleted.

To do this you need to follow three steps, which will get you back to blocked calls
and messages.

How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On Android?

Connect your Android phone to the computer.

You need to install EaseUS MobiSaver for Android and connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable.
The software then needs to click the “Start” button to recognize and connect your device.

You need to keep in mind that since the software will only access the rooted Android device, Make sure that your phone is rooted before recovery.

Scan Android phone to find blocked items.

When connected to an Android phone, the software has to quickly scan the device to find all existing and lost data.

This will make it easier for you to find blocked messages.
Then you have to scan the blocked messages and calls on the Android phone.

Preview and retrieve data from Android phone.

You can select all retrievable files one by one by previewing them.

All you have to do here is turn on the “Display only deleted items” option for the list of deleted files.

Now you have to click on the “Recover” button so that you get the previously blocked messages together.

Is there any strategy to retrieve blocked messages on Android?

You will be able to easily read blocked messages on Android phones after you have added a block list.

Whenever you open a messaging application on Android, you have to select the spam message by selecting the menu button.

This causes you to lose all blocked messages.

How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On Android?


If you do not find the function seen in the previous section, or you see that there is nothing in the list when you are sure that you are not getting the blocked texts on your Android smartphone, then you should Don’t worry, it’s a very useful solution to find them, and they work through computers.

  • Early, you are required to enable USB debugging mode on your Android phone.
  • Also connect your Android to your PC.
  • Now it would be better to use root software to root your smartphone.
  • You have to use any file recovery software.
  • Then click on “Messages”, if you ever have to retrieve them it is also possible to check the “attachments”, such software will send all your SMS, blocked SMS. And you will continue to receive deleted SMS on your Android smartphone.

How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On Android?

How To Recover Blocked Text Messages On Android?

If you have accidentally deleted a blocked message in the block list, you rely entirely on data recovery for Android. When you haven’t even backed up your Android phone before deleting the data.

How To Recover Blocked Text Messages on Huawei?

On Huawei
These phones are very popular today because of their outstanding performance and affordable prices.

If you have the same phone, here’s how to restore blocked text messages on a Huawei smartphone.

  • First, you need to open the Messages app on your Huawei phone.
  • Then press the three vertical buttons at the bottom of your screen to open a popup menu with more options.
  • Then from the popup menu, select “Harassment Filter”. You are blocked from this
    Check messages.
  • This will take you to the block list. Where you have selected the message that you want to restore in your inbox. Now click on the message you want to restore to see the popup menu.
  • Now from the popup menu, select “Restore to Messages” to move the selected message to your inbox.
  • Finally, you see this message in your inbox. The number can also be added to the whitelist so that you can receive all future text messages.

Restoring a Blocked Text Message to Inbox

  • To do this, on the main screen, tap Call and Text Blocking> History (tab)> Text Blocked History.
  • Tap and hold the blocked message that you want to restore.
  • Then tap the menu icon above and tap Restore in Inbox.

How To Retrieve Blocked Messages On Android?

How do I Recover Blocked Text Messages On my Samsung device?

  • First, you have to tap the messages from the home screen.
  • Then you have to tap on more
  • Now you have to tap Settings.
  • Then block the messages and select the checkbox next to them then you have to tap on the block list.
  • Now you have to enter the phone number and tap the plus sign.
  • Finally, tap the back arrow.

How to Recover Blocked Messages?

Whenever you stop someone from texting your phone, you don’t have a special way to view the messages sent when the number is blocked.

Then if you have changed your mind and want to see this person’s messages on your iPhone, you can retrieve their messages by unlocking their number.

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