How to open PNG on Android?
02 Jan


Generally, the PNG is referred to as Portable Network Graphic.

That is one of the most famous image formats and initially, it was used by Apple iPhone and after that other platforms also started using it.

You will get a great balance of quality and size from PNG files because they use a form of lossless data compression. It has been said that they can also be confusing for some people.

Still, PNG is considered a newer file format than others because JPG is one of the most popular formats among people.

Sometimes, it can also be disappointing when you are going to open a file and find that it’s in PNG format.

Each time you take a screenshot the image is stored in your camera roll automatically in PNG format.

Then you can open it and you don’t need to install any kind of software.

The PNG format is also supported by the iPhone.

How to OPEN PNG Files on Android?

  • The PNG files are supported by android devices. You can use the androids app Gallery app to open and edit the PNG files.
  • First, you have to tap on the app’s icon on your android. Then just tap on the Gallery icon and open it.
  • Your images will be arranged in the form of albums. For the newly downloaded images, the album is usually named “Downloads”. From this album, you can see all of the images by tapping on the thumbnails.
  • To open the PNG file in the full-size image you have to tap on the thumbnail. You have to click on the pencil icon if you want to edit the picture to make changes such as crop, resize or add color effects to the image.

How to OPEN PNG Files on Android?

How to Open a PNG File on an Android Phone?

Same as the iPhones the latest models of android also support the PNG file format.

This means you also don’t need to download or install any third-party software to open PNG files.

You just need to open the image from your gallery.

You have to tap on the app’s icon from the home screen if you want to access your Gallery.

It will display the list of all android applications.

You have to search the gallery and tap on it.
When you open your gallery your images will be saved in the form of albums.

These albums are completely based on the location where you have saved your images.

That’s quite tough to know actually where your files have been saved due to the diverse nature of the android distributors and applications.
It has been said that you will find these files in the downloaded folder.

If you have edited and saved the file on your own then you may have to poke around to find this file.

It will display the thumbnail preview of the inside pictures when you open an album.

These albums will help you to find your desired PNG image file.

If you want to open the file then just tap on the image thumbnail to view it.

Then you can send it to your friends or also set it as your background image.
You have to click on the pencil icon if you want to edit an image.

It will allow you to perform some basic edits such as resize or crop your images but not more than that.

You can directly print from your android as well if you have a small mobile primer available.

How to Open a PNG File on an Android Phone?

More Information About PNG Format

PNG is one of the most used formats to save web images.

It is supported by the indexed 32-bit RGBA or 24-bit RGB color images.

Moreover, the PNG format supports the RGB, non-indexed RGB, Grayscale, and full-color images.

Most PC users have to encounter the PNG files while taking a screenshot on PC, downloading a web image, or getting a digital image attached to the email.
Usually, the photographers or graphics professionals save images as PNG files to use on the website.

Except that PNG files are also used to save icon mockups with transparent backgrounds and logos.

More Information About PNG Format


What is the PNG file?

The image saved in a portable Network graphic is called a PNG file. It features a bitmap compressed along with the lossless compression that is the same as the GIF file.

Usually, the PNG files are used to store website images, transparent background images, and digital images.

How do we open a PNG file?

There are a number of free and premium software programs available in the market to open PNG files and most of them are web browsers, image editors, and video editors.

macOS and Windows also feature some programs that support the PNG images like Apple Preview and Microsoft Photos.

How do we open a PNG file?

How do you convert a PNG file?

There are a great number of image editors which not only can be used to open the PNG files but also convert the file formats.

You can use Paint or Paint 3D if you want to use the program bundled with windows.

You can use the Apple Preview if you are a macOS user.

All of these programs can convert the PNG images to different other formats that also include TIFF and JPEG.

Why is the PNG file not opening?

The PNG file will not be opened due to the reason if your operating system or app gets outdated.

The latest versions of the software can’t open the old file formats.

Why is the PNG file not opening?

How do you convert PNG to JPG mobile?

Under the screenshot format entry, you will see the current file format used by your android device.

If you want to change this format then click on the file.

When you click on the file type from the drop-down menu you have to choose your desired file type.

Ending Lines

If you have some PNG files located in your android and want to view or open then you must read the above methods.

These are some of the best and tested methods that we have explained in the above lines.

Hope after reading this guide you will be able to open the PNG files on your android.

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