How to Open EPUB Files on Android?

How to Open EPUB Files on Android?

Digital files are of many formats but EPUB is the most common file format.

Some digital booksellers just like Amazon don’t possess any EPUB files, but you can find them at ample of the other sellers.

Moreover, EPUBs are helpful if you need to turn them into audiobooks with the assistance of text-to-speech apps.

Here, we are going to teach you how to open EPUB files on android devices so that you can read your favorite digital books without any hassle.

Open EPUB Files Using Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the most common and helpful eBook apps available on the Google Play Store, moreover, this app is most Android users’ primary option for reading EPUB files before the Google Play Books app began financing EPUB files.

Furthermore, if you have books in different formats, then this may be the perfect option.

Aside from that, Aldiko Book Reader also has various extra features and it is also fully customizable.

You can download it via the Google Play button, in case if you don’t already have it on your device:

Open EPUB Files Using Aldiko Book Reader

Google Play
1. Transfer Your EPUB Files

If there are EPUB files on your Android device, copy those files to the eBooks/Import folder.

After installing the app, this folder should automatically be generated but if it is not created, then you can create it manually.

If you saved EPUB files on your computer, copy these files to a relevant directory on your phone by taking a micro USB cable.

2. Import Your eBooks

Open the Aldiko Book Reader application on your Android phone, click on the Menu key and tap on Import.

All you have to do is to click on the Import button on the Import Books popup window.

Click on OK in the Confirm Import popup.

Upload all the files saved in the eBooks / Import directory and an Import Final popup will appear.

3. Open the Library

After that go to the Library tab.

Imported books of yours will be accessible on the Book Shelf.


4. Open Your epub File and Customize Your Experience

Choose the eBook that you like to read by clicking on it and Aldiko will open the built-in reader automatically.

You can use the control bar present at the bottom to edit stuff like margins, orientation, and brightness.

Open Your epub File and Customize Your Experience

Open Files – Turn Your Android device into Your Favorite Book!

EPUB files are getting famous in the eBooks world, as they furnish an additional advantage over traditional PDF files.

Although there are not numerous apps present on the Google Play store for opening these EPUB files, the methods cited above should work great on most Android devices.

Google Play Books is probably an excellent option as it is valid and reliable and you can directly upload the eBook files from various other devices.

Nonetheless, if you prefer more customization and advanced characteristics, then Aldiko Book Reader is a reasonable option.

Some authors or business people may be eager to scan hardcopy documents and later convert them into EPUB files.

What are Epub Files?

The file with the epub file extension is a very advanced file format used for storing ebooks.

EPUB is too short for electronic publication.

Allows EPUB files to store words, images, style sheets, fonts, metadata details, and content.

What are Epub Files?

How to upload an EPUB file from an Android?

As such, the EPUB file through the desktop is much easier than the Android device.

Play Books does not have an app feature that allows you to upload ebook files.

To be able to upload an EPUB file to Play Books via your Android device, you need to enable the option to upload the Ptheortheorthanks app.

To do this, open Play Books and select Settings by tapping the three-line icon in the upper left corner.
On the Settings screen, check the option to enable PDF uploading.

Take it out of the Play Books app.

To upload an EPUB file, go to the location of the EPUB file that you want to upload yourself.

All you have to do is tap the EPUB file and it will be uploaded to Play Books automatically.

What is a good epub reader for Android?

Top ebook reader apps for Android device

What is a good epub reader for Android?

How do I open an epub file?

You need to open Adobe Digital Edition (ADE) on your Windows or Mac computer.

Then go to File> Add to Library.

You will need to find the EPUB or PDF file saved on your computer.

Double-click on an e-book to read.

Does an Android device have an EPUB reader?

Moon Reader is an extremely excellent eBook reader app for Android phones that supports a genuine range of file formats, especially EPUB, PDF, DJVU, MD, AZW3, MOBI, HTML.

Does an Android device have an EPUB reader?

Can I open an EPUB file in Chrome?

Mainly, you install EPUBReader from the Chrome Web Store, It opens EPUB files in your browser on Android phones like PDFs when you hit them on the web.

It is very easy to open EPUB files from your computer in your browser, This is exactly what can be done.


In this article, we will explain the most popular file formats for ebooks.

And now you can also read EPUB books on your device from your browsers.

Now you can easily read what you want to read easily on your Android.


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