How To Lock Text Messages On Android?

How To Lock Text Messages On Android?

No doubt that text messages can have some secret and confidential information that we can’t share with others. So here we will review some ways about how to lock text messages on Android? 


Quick Trick To Lock Text Messages On Android:

To lock text messages you firstly have to install a third-party App message locker. You can also download some other lock App of your choice which offers this service.

  • After Installing, open the “message locker” App.
  • Select the text message App that you want to lock. 
  • Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left side of the application to see some other possibilities.
  • To lock App draw a pattern or write a password that only you know.
  • You also can lock other Apps like gallery social media Apps etc
  • You can clean junk by the help of this App, it also acts as cleaner. 


Quick Trick To Lock Text Messages On Android:

How to lock text messages on Android devices?

In Android devices, there is the option of Turn Off Notifications. In reality, activating the “turn off notification” is not enough for security because still, one can easily access through your messages and stuff so it is necessary to lock the text messages App so no one can have access to your confidential stuff.

Unfortunately, there is no certain in-build system in Android devices to lock the Apps. For this purpose , there are two options for you: either you have to take help from third-party apps or you have to download secret messaging Apps. In this article we will discuss both of the options.

There are a lot of Apps on Google Play Store you can download and install any one of them because they are quite easy to handle and effective to give you enough privacy. But here are some suggestions: you can also choose one of them. It’s totally up to you. So take a look at some Apps for your comfort


How to lock text messages on Android devices?

Some Third-Party apps:

Message Lock (SMS Lock)

This App is easy and convenient, it’s proven to be a satisfactory App from a little while. To lock your texting App by this Application you have to follow below instructions.


Set Up Message Lock App:

To set up message lock app, all you have to do, 

  • Download and install Message Lock App from the Google Play Store. It is totally free but there are in-app purchases that are accessible.
  • After downloading App  Now Open the App. 
  • Generate a strong PIN or code of four to eight digits that you only know. It is such an important step for locking your messages. Moreover, you can also go for patterns if you don’t like PINS or codes. 
  • Now add the recovery email. This is also necessary because you can forget your pattern or PIN at some level. It will help you in that case.


Method to lock text messages on Android:

  • Open message locker App in your Android phone.
  • Select the messaging apps you need to lock.
  • Click the three horizontal lines in the upper-left side of the application to see other choices.
  • Moreover, you can also lock other Apps rather than text messaging Apps.


  • This App is very and it’s easy to use.
  • A powerful message lock which not only locks chat apps but also locks the other installed and system Apps.
  • Great for high security and privacy seekers.


  • The Code works fine but not the patterns.
  • It may not work sometimes if your network is not good.


 Method to lock text messages on Android:Method to lock text messages on Android:


This amazing App can lock entire Apps including messaging Apps so no one can have access to your apps (they will require a code which you only know).

It can also lock specific messages and pictures.

It is also totally free and easy to set up. Its other great feature is when this App’s lock screen shows over an App, it doesn’t market itself as ‘AppLock’ in large letters or anything else.

It just shows a screen where you have to put a password and that’s all, it is comfortable for the user. This app also offers you many other feature like junk clean, but it is recommended that just give the App essential permission to lock your Apps


  • Open the App and click and hold the home screen to open Manage Home.
  • Write your password or pattern to the App’s feature.
  • Now select the specific app that you want to lock.
  • Click Done.
  • You have locked the App.


  • You can easily lock/unlock all your Apps.
  • It offers Search option
  • It locks your specific Apps.
  • This App supports profiles.


  • Some of the instructions of this App are unclear.
  • App’s premium upgrade is quite tricky.


Privacy Master:

It is also one of the App from all the available apps at Google Play Store.

This is a very popular and secure App to lock your text messages. Once you install this App it will ask you to set a password or pattern on the app you want to lock.

If an unauthorised person tries to unlock your messages then this app will show a fake

Privacy Master:

crash report.

So the person will not know that the app is locked; they will consider that the app crashed due to some other reasons.

Hence, no one even can try to see your confidential information.

It has quite a good rating on Google play store and has over 500,000 downloads. It’s worth a try.

Method to hide text messages on Android by Privacy Master:

  • Click and hold on your home screen.
  • In the bottom right side, click the option of home screen “settings“.
  • Scroll down the menu until the option ” Hide Apps“.
  • On the next shown screen, choose the messaging app that you want to lock. You can also choose any other App.
  • Click “Apply“. Your required app is locked.


  • Smart privacy app
  • Easy to understand and operate.
  • It Hides not only just message app, also can locks other system apps 
  • Doesn’t utilize much memory
  • It free


  • No backup facility
  • Sometimes it takes time to load.

How to lock text messages by Privacy Messenger?

It is a text message replacement App but it also has some privacy features. These features are formulated to prevent an unauthorized person from accessing your messages. Normally, all messages are sent and received as standard texts.

But you can surely hide the specific conversation by turning on private messages. Then no notification will be shown about receiving messages.

You can also lock that specific person’s contact number.

If you want more privacy then you can lock the entire app and its notification with a strong PIN or password.

  • Go to the App.
  • Click on the four squares icon present at the top.
  • Go to settings
  • Click privacy and then enable password.
  • You can also enable the feature which prevents you from taking screenshots so that your messages will not be recorded anywhere.



  • This app is tremendously useful and convenient
  • Great for Pixel Google phones 


  • The new update is not pretty good.
  • It Can slow down sometimes.

How to lock text messages by Privacy Messenger?

Secret Messaging Apps:

There are so many secret messaging Apps available on Google play store which are quite private, confidential and easy to use.

The major benefit of these Apps is that when you have any of these Apps in your Android phone then you don’t need to download any third-party App to secure your messages because these Apps have their own privacy system.

You can select any of them which suits you better, but here is my suggestion.


Signal Private Messenger App:

Signal private messenger is a privacy ensured messaging app. When you are using the signal App then it is very lenient for you to lock your text messages.

This App works the same as Telegram.

You can set a password on this App directly , there is no need to download any third-party app to do this.


Methods to lock your messages on Android.

Follow the given points if you want to protect your App:

  • In the Signal App Click on your profile. There will be a person’s icon on the screen.
  • Open the Privacy option.
  • After the Privacy option, you can enable or disable the screen lock according to your need.
  • If you want to enable it then click on the Screen Lock, slide to the right side and it will turn blue. 
  • But If you need to disable the option then click on the same and the slider will turn white.
  • If you want to automatically set your screen lock then Open Signal App.
  • Go to settings then open privacy. 
  • Now alter the screen lock activity timeout, to the specific time you want.


  • It offers End-to-end (E2E) encryption.
  • It has reports of transparency. 
  • Freely available on Google play store.
  • It uses minimum data.
  • Encryption algorithms, Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) for the voice messages, videos calls and text messages,
  • Self-destructing text messages. (Disappearing messages)
  • It never ever logs IP Addresses.


  • This app Requires a mobile number to sign up.
  • Rare issues with sending and receiving messages.

Methods to lock your messages on Android.


What does it really mean to lock a text message on an android device?


Locking of a text message means that no other person can see or access your messages because you are the only one who knows the PIN.

It actually adds an extra layer on your privacy and confidentiality.


How can I block text messages on an Android phone?

To Text Messages on an android device follow given points.

  • Go to the “Messages
  • Click the “Menu” icon present at the upper-right side of the screen.
  • Tap option “Blocked contacts“.
  • Click on “Add a number” for adding the phone number you want to block.
  • You can unblock the number from this blocked contact list in case you want to unblock a phone number from the list
  • Tap “X” present next to the phone number and it will be unblocked.


What are the best apps to hide text messages?

Here are some top rated apps to hide text messages.

  • GO SMS Pro.

It is one of the vastly used messaging apps free accessible at Google Play Store.

  • Private SMS and Call.

This all creates a safe space for you. Due to its strict privacy policy it is named such.

  • MessagLockerer

This app is easy to operate. There is no mess of settings.


  • Vault-Hide SMS

It not only hides Apps but it also hides conversation separately. This is the one valid and reliable app.

  • Privacy master.

This app is freely available and it doesn’t use most of the memory. It is Light on phone storage.

What are the best apps to hide text messages?

How can you lock messages on Samsung?

You can follow the instructions.

  • Click apps from homescreen
  • Tap messages
  • Click on the specific conversation on the messaging screen
  • Click and hold to the specific message you want to lock
  • On the given menu click on ‘Lock’.


How do you lock messages on s8?

You can lock messages on s8 easily in just a few steps.

  • Swipe up and open apps from the homescreen
  • Click on Messages.
  • Click on the conversation that you want to lock. 
  • Click and hold the specific message that you like to lock.
  • From the next menu given click on ‘Lock’. It will be an icon present on the right side of the screen.  


How can I lock text messages on samsung s10?

This is an easy chore to do. Take a look below.

  • Download an Install AppLock from the Google Play Store and then open the App.
  • This app will ask you to set a pattern or PIN to secure your messages or messaging app. 
  • Create a strong PIN. 
  • Now from the General section of the application, click on “Messages” to lock it with a password or a pattern lock.


How to lock text messages on Samsung s20?

To lock text messages on Samsung s20 you have to follow these points.

  • Go to messages from the home screen.
  • Click on the three dot icon in the top right side of the app.
  • From the next menu select Settings
  • Go to notification and then open the Advanced option.
  • There will be an option of lock screen.
  • Enable it.

How to lock text messages on Samsung s20?

What is a Lock symbol on text message Android?

Generally when messages are encrypted then the send button will possess a ‘lock’ icon on it. Keep an eye on it. The symbol looks just like the physical Lock.


How to unlock text messages on Android?

When locked text messages are received then unlocking the text messages is necessary. For this purpose you have to do.

  • Click on the App’s Menu icon [3 dots]
  • Tap on “Options“.
  • Click on “Behavior“.
  • Turn on the option Show the incoming message.
  • Turn on the screen

How can I stop text messages from showing on screen?

To stop showing text messages on the screen can be easy to handle. You don’t need to download any app for this.  You can simply turn off notifications from your mobile setting. For more details follow the given steps.

  • Go to your mobile’s settings. You can also open setting from your text messages 
  • Click on App and notifications
  • Click on notification and turn it off, or select don’t show notification according to the option available on your device.
  • Now no notification will be shown on screen.


Wrapping Up:

So shortly there are two methods about how to lock text messages on Android. That is a third-party app and secret messaging App.

You can make any choice from both of them. They are safe to use and give you enough privacy. Which App are you using or used for this purpose? 


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