How To Increase The Battery Life Of Android Phone?

How To Increase The Battery Life Of Android Phone?

If you are looking for tips that how to increase the battery life of your Android smartphone? Do you know why your Android phone battery drains so quickly?
For this, you will read the below tips that can help you save battery on Android devices and extend the battery life of your Android phone.

Use Black Wallpaper To Save Battery:

If you have a phone with an AMOLED screen, you should consider using dark wallpaper as a dark background saves battery.

Since the AMOLED screen only lights up colored pixels and if you have black wallpaper it won’t light up and hence black pixels reduce battery consumption and hence you don’t get a low battery.

Use Black Wallpaper To Save Battery:

Apps to save battery:

You can find many apps from the Play Store that will help to Increase the battery life of android phone.

Since there are so many apps available, you may be confused as to which app is the best.

Well, you can think of these apps like Greenify, Go Battery Saver & Power Widget, Avast Battery Saver, DU Battery Saver, Green Battery, and Saver & Manager.

Airplane Mode Is Your Friend

Sending and receiving wireless signals can also drain your phone’s battery, so turn on airplane mode whenever you don’t want to use your network data.

This requires opening the pull-down shade and tapping the airplane mode button to immediately disconnect your phone from Wi-Fi, disable Bluetooth and turn off mobile data. Tap it again to restore access.


Uninstall your Facebook app:

Your Facebook application consumes a lot of battery on your device. Don’t worry, a great solution is to access Facebook from your Android phone browser, this won’t drain your battery quickly.

Uninstall your Facebook app:

Switch off location tracking for unwanted apps:

Some apps (like Google Maps) need access to your location to work. However, some apps don’t require it.

You can extend the battery life of your Android phone by turning off location services for applications you don’t need.

For this, on your Android phone, simply go to Settings > Security & Location > Location.


Home screen widgets & live wallpapers are dangerous.

Many people use home screen widgets on their smartphones, they feel that it makes their work easier.

But it also hurts battery life. Because widgets function takes up more RAM and background processes drain your battery faster.

If you’re serious about saving your battery life, don’t add widgets to the home screen.

Live wallpapers surely make your smartphone home screen look beautiful.

But it consumes a lot of battery life because the screen is always active with live wallpapers and it also consumes a lot of battery.

So you can save battery life by using black wallpaper.

Home screen widgets & live wallpapers are dangerous.


Only use original batteries:

Use only genuine batteries in your mobile. It might be a bad choice to save a few bucks on a battery that damages your smartphone, and that battery damages your device as well.


Smart charging:

When charging your Android device, you need to take precautions to prevent your battery from getting worse than it already is.
For this, you need to make sure that you only use the fast charging feature when you are in a hurry.

This feature drains the battery very fast and also affects the performance of the device.


Switch off Bluetooth & Wifi when not in use:

If Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on and your device isn’t connected to anything, it’s draining your phone’s battery as your device keeps detecting new connections.

So, whenever you are out of home or not connected to headphones or wireless speakers, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to save battery life on your Android phone.

Switch off Bluetooth & Wifi when not in use:

Use Wi-Fi when available:

Use Wi-Fi whenever you have access to it. This can save battery life, as it takes less battery life than a normal cellular connection.


Turn On Power Saving Mode:

What if your phone battery lasts longer than usual? So you have to switch your phone to power saver mode, which will automatically reduce the functions that drain the battery life.

All background activities are restricted when power saving mode is turned on. For older versions of Android, you get several power-saving modes preset, each with a different balance between performance and battery life.

Avoid Using Non-Original Batteries:

You must avoid using non-original batteries If you think that saving a few bucks by spending more on the original batteries can be beneficial for you then you are wrong.

A non-genuine battery damages your smartphone and gives poor battery performance. That’s why you should always think of a genuine battery.

Avoid Using Non-Original Batteries:


How can I increase the battery life of my phone?

For this, you need to find out which apps use the most battery.
Do not fully charge your phone. Most of us leave our phones on charge all night, but this causes damage to the batteries.
Also, buy a portable charger. Do not turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Better to use battery-saving mode.


Why is the phone battery draining so fast?

Many things drain your battery faster. For example, if your screen brightness is too high, or if you exceed Wi-Fi or cellular limits, your battery drains faster.
If it continues to deteriorate, your battery may be dead.


Can you increase your phone’s battery health?

Android smartphone users should turn on ‘Power Saving’ mode to extend battery life. iOS has an ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ feature to extend iPhone battery life.


Does dark mode save battery?

Dark mode affects smartphone battery life significantly.

Although this uses less battery than the usual light color theme, the difference is unlikely to be noticeable “in the way most people use their phones daily.”


Can battery life be restored?

To restore battery capacity in a device you need to remove the old damaged battery and replace it with a new one.


We have given you some useful tips to save Android battery power and extend battery life in this article.

However, it depends on you how regularly and how you use your Android phone also affects the battery performance.

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