how to free ram in android

How to Free Ram in Android?

In this article, you will learn about how to free ram in android in 5 easy ways.

Disable Animations & Transitions:

Due to the various animations and transitions of Android, the OS looks more modern but it uses a lot of RAM of the device. A good way to do this is to simply disable these animations and transitions.
You must first unlock “Developer Options” to deal with migration options. To do this, enable developer options by going to Settings-> About Phone and tapping “Bild Number”.

Then, go to Settings-> Developer Options and scroll down to find options like “Window Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale” and “Animator Diversion Scale”. You can tap one of these options and set it to “Animation Off”.

Disable Animations & Transitions:

Don’t Use Live Wallpapers:

There is no setting for disabling live wallpapers, but it is recommended that users should not install live wallpapers as they put a lot of RAM pressure. It also drains the battery very quickly, therefore affecting the performance of the device.

This is also an effective way to improve the performance of Android phones.

Close Recently Used Apps:

If you already know a little bit about RAM, you’ll know that it stores data about your most recently used apps. It is also possible to close an app using the back button to free up some RAM.

If we talk, the back button doesn’t do exactly what you think it does.

Now the question is how can you close all these apps properly? So the answer is, that it depends on the Android phone you are using.

If you’re using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, or any other Android phone that has a navigation button at the bottom of the screen, it has Home, Back, and Recent App buttons.

Close Recently Used Apps:

Kill Background Apps:

Properly closing your current app is effective, as is the case with other apps that consume too much RAM. Probably few Android users know about it.
Two words: Background apps.

These apps run in the background until you close them properly.

There are two ways to remove the background app: and they are temporary and permanent.

You will need to go to Settings and go to Apps / Applications / Applications Manager to temporarily remove the background app. There, you will find a list of all downloads and default applications on your phone.

Use Third-Party Booster apps:

There are some apps that you can rely on to clean your device’s RAM for better performance. CleanMaster stands out among them, apps like this play a vital role in improving the performance of your device but if you just need to clean your device’s RAM, it has a great “memory boost” feature.

Includes allowing you to free up RAM from your home screen. In addition, it allows you to manage apps that start automatically, so you can disable apps that are already holding up memory. In addition to CleanMaster, there are other RAM cleaning apps, including CCleaner, DU Speed ​​Booster, and more.


Use Third-Party Booster apps:

What is RAM?

RAM, also called random access memory, is the short-term memory of any device or gadget. This is one of the storage of your phone which contains data of all the apps you have used recently.

Except for the data your phone stores in RAM, there’s no need to reload an app whenever you close it.


How can I improve the RAM of my mobile phone?

If you want to manually increase the RAM on Android phone devices, you need to select the “Boost Now” or “Boost” button on your notification bar.

This automatically removes unused programs and increases the performance of your device. Touch Cash Cleaner and Sharp SD Card Clean are other features of the app.

How do I use my SD card as RAM?

To do this you need to connect your external SD card reader to your computer and insert your SD card.

Then launch the MiniTool Partition Wizard and format the SD card. Then create a partition with your SD card. It has to be made as a primary partition of FAT32, but about 1GB of space has to be left unallocated.

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