How to fix an invalid Sim card on Android?

Fix An invalid Sim Card on Android in Simple Steps (2023 Guide)

How annoying it is to receive the error message “Invalid SIM card” on your phone even when you are aware that your SIM card is in your device. However, here are some thoughtful solutions about how to fix invalid sim card on Android.


Summary of the method to fix invalid sim card on Android:

When a mobile shows an “invalid Sim” error then this is the quick way you can resolve this issue if other problems are not there.

  • Restart the device.
  • Replacing the SIM Card
  • Change to a supported network operator.
  • network settings reset.
  • On/Off the Airplane Mode switch.
  • Switch on Safe Mode.
  • Do Software upgrades.
  • Do the factory resetting.

How to fix an invalid Sim card on Android?

What are some strategies to fix invalid sim cards on Android?

  • Android Device Restart


Restarting your Android phone is the simplest way to resolve a SIM card issue. Your device will be bug-free and will be fixed after a restart. Therefore, you should restart your device to reconnect to the network once more before determining whether the error has been fixed.


  • SIM Card Tray Checking

The “Invalid SIM card” issue on an Android phone might also be brought on by a broken SIM card tray. Therefore, you should also determine whether or not your SIM card tray is broken. You can modify it with a piece of foam if it is damaged. To accomplish this, take off the device’s back cover and lay the foam in the tray before placing the SIM and back cover in their proper positions.


  • Re-insert SIM Card 

You should turn down your device and remove the battery if your SIM card is missing from the SIM card tray of your phone or has a bad connection. Take out your SIM card now, then re-insert it to see if the “Invalid SIM card” error has been resolved.


  • Place A Valid SIM Card In The Android Phone

If your SIM card is invalid, it will cause a problem and your device won’t be able to identify SIM cards. As a result, you should turn off your phone before checking for SIM card issues. But before checking to verify if everything is well, it is wise to insert a working SIM card. This allows you to determine whether the SIM card’s tray or other component is the issue.


  • Switch to Airplane mode.

You should put your phone on Airplane Mode if your SIM card is functioning properly. You only need to briefly keep your phone in Airplane mode before turning it off to check whether the “Invalid SIM card” error has been resolved.

What are some strategies to fix invalid sim cards on Android?


  • Select Right Network Operator

You may have “Invalid SIM card” errors on Android phones if the network provider you’ve chosen differs from the settings on your phone.


So, take the actions listed below to resolve this issue.


  • After selecting “Settings,” tap “More Networks.”
  • Next, click “Mobile Network” before selecting “Network Operator.”
  • Eventually, click “Search Networks.”
  • Following the earlier steps, your phone will start looking for networks, and once it has finished, a carrier list will appear on the screen. To make sure your phone is correctly linked, you must tap on your carrier.


  • Set Auto Network Mode 

An invalid SIM card on the Android device is another issue that might arise if your device has chosen the incorrect network mode. And in this case, your smartphone makes the incorrect network selection. Therefore, you need to set your network mode to auto to resolve this invalid SIM card error on an Android phone.


To put the network mode to auto, follow the procedures listed below.


  • Go to Settings, then tap on More Networks under Connections.
  • After that, select “Mobile Networks” and then “Network Mode.”
  • A popup screen with various options will now appear.
  • However, you must choose “LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect)” which is the first choice there.


  • Clear Cache

Your Android phone’s cache needs to be cleared to fix the error message you are receiving.


  • Simply go to Settings 
  • Then open Storage 
  • Go to Internal Storage
  • Now, clear Cached Data to accomplish this.


After clicking on the cached data link, a pop-up window stating “cleaning cache for all apps on your devices” will appear. After that, clickDelete” to continue.


  • Factory reset

You should factory reset your phone if none of the aforementioned fixes are successful in resolving the “Invalid SIM card” issue on Android. As a factory reset will erase all of the data on your Android phone, be sure you have a backup of all the data on your device. Reset your Android phone from the Settings.


  • Contact Your Phone Carrier

After rebooting your Android device, if the SIM card issue persists, you can interpret that hardware issues are the reason. Therefore, you should get in touch with your device’s carrier, who will fix your smartphone.

If your phone is still under warranty, you can replace it with a new one without experiencing this issue.


  • Buy a new SIM card

Even after reconnecting the SIM card in your Android smartphone, you can still get the same error message. Check to determine if your SIM card is disrupted if this is the case. Get a new SIM card, insert it into your account, then check to see whether your phone can detect it. If a new SIM card is detected and working, the old one is no longer functional and needs to be changed. However, your phone has a problem if a fresh SIM card is not working. In this situation, you require restoring support.




Why Does My SIM Card Keep Saying Invalid?

There are a lot of reasons that can be involved in this scenario. You must keep in mind all these points.


  • Your SIM card may be inactive.
  • An “Invalid SIM card” message may also result from a broken phone.
  • because of a broken SIM card tray.
  • faulty SIM card.
  • This problem can also be brought on by poor applications.
  • a bad network connection is to blame.
  • Have issues with your network carrier’s account.
  • An invalid SIM card issue can also be brought on by software faults.

Why Does My SIM Card Keep Saying Invalid?


What Is The Meaning Of “Invalid SIM”?

An invalid SIM card error indicates that your device is missing a SIM card, your phone’s connectivity is poor, or the SIM card is improperly inserted or lost.

Whatever the reason, there is a connection between the SIM card’s tray and this message.


How do I activate a SIM card that is not valid?

If a SIM card has been inactive, follow these steps to reactivate it. 


  • First, take the SIM card out of the phone.
  •  After that, make a list of the phone numbers on your SIM card and contact your wireless operator to turn it on.
  • Give your SIM card number and IMEI information to the customer service agent.
  • Then, check to see if your SIM card is active by inserting it into your phone once more.


Do SIM cards expire if not used?

The phone, call, text, and internet credit cards you buy after activating the Sim card as a prepaid subscriber identification module expire after a specific duration that is determined by the mobile carrier. Since the SIM card simply allows the phone to recognize cellular networks, keep in mind that it never expires on its own.


How do you reset a SIM card?

Resetting a SIM card can resolve your issue of an invalid SIM card. Just follow these points.


  • The SIM card should be inserted into the phone’s SIM card slot.
  • Navigate to the “Settings” menu.
  • Select “Reset” from the menu.
  • your phone with the SIM card in place.
  • Choose “Management” or “Settings” from the “Phonebook” menu options.
  • Select “Delete All,” then confirm your option.

How do you reset a SIM card?


How to fix an invalid Sim card on Samsung?

For Android, the procedures are covered thoroughly. The same is for Samsung. Just go through the following tips again.


  • Restart the Device
  • Replacing the SIM Card
  • Change to a supported network provider
  • Reset network configuration
  • On/Off the Airplane Mode Switch
  • Turn on Safe Mode
  • Reset software after an update


Ending lines:

The Invalid SIM card message isn’t something new that consumers have experienced. There are a few reasons why it happens, but you don’t need to worry because I’ve already covered various solutions in this blog post for the No SIM card problem. Hopefully, that query about How to fix an invalid Sim card on Android is solved now.

Now you will be able to fix the “Invalid SIM card” error on your Android phone as one of the two will undoubtedly help.

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