Short And Precise Answer How To Find Deleted Downloads On Android:

How To Find Deleted Downloads On Android?

That’s a heartbreaking moment when we accidentally delete our downloads.

If you are the one of them and now you are finding a reliable solution on how to find deleted downloads on Android then here are some methods to help you.

Short And Precise Answer How To Find Deleted Downloads On Android:

To find the lost data on an Android device, here are certain ways you can try one of them. You can check the recycle bin or trash folder to find media files because once deleted files are not permanently deleted.

Once deleted the media goes in the trash folders in most new mobiles, from that folder you can easily find and recover. You can check your cloud backups, or you can use recovery Apps.

And if you don’t want to try any one then you can even call the developer.

Short And Precise Answer How To Find Deleted Downloads On Android:


It is crucial to understand that there is no assurity of recovering files on An Android phone.

  • Check your recycle bin


Many recent Android devices have the feature of a separate folder named as trash folder or Recycle bin , the media you accidently deleted goes directly into that folder and doesn’t delete permanently.

You can restore your deleted downloads from that folder. Several Android Apps also have a recycle bin. Just like the Gallery App.

This is the main reason that deleting pictures does not free any memory in your Android device.

  • To search for a recycle bin or trash in your Android phone.
  • Open pictures/Gallery
  • From the right top corner of the screen click on the three vertical dots.
  • A menu will appear select Trash/recycle Bin option.
  • Click on the option and you will be represented by the media that you already deleted.
  • Mark the media and click for restore.


  • Contact the developer 

Choose this option if any other option will not work. You can call the developers if your files are related to a game or any specific App downloaded from Google Play Store, then the developer can help you for a while.

The reason behind it is that the developers manage the servers or may have access to the servers that have cloud access or backup of the files.

Nevertheless, there are minimal chances that they will restore your data or assist you to do it yourself.

If you have good luck and determination then you can at least grab a chance to recover deleted downloads 

Contact the developer 

  • Stop using your mobile and put it in the Airplane mode


Stop using your mobile and turn on airplane mode. This is the most important thing to do before anything else. It will provide you the best opportunity to get your media files back as it deleted.

Technically, when you deletes any media file,  does not gone permanently. Android device just marks the  area where the data is stored as “Empty” Android will treat that specific file as a missing.

It is mean that the place that was contained data but now marked as empty are ready to Write Over, the new file will adjust there.

This is the main reason you should stop using mobile like taking new pictures or downloading Apps and set in to airplane mode so that your deleted data will not replaced by new data to the empty space.

  • Check cloud backups

App Google Photos retains a bin that stores the data for almost 60 days.

Google Photos also has a bin that but it functions a little but differently, because it back ups the pictures to Google Drive.

It means that if you mistakenly permanently deleted any picture through another App, there are chances that you can find that data through Google Photos.

  • If you cant find your data there, you can check the Bin from the top left on the Hamburger menu.
  • If still you can’t find your deleted downloads then visit check trash folder in hamburger menu there.

Actually if you deletes pictures from the Google Photos Bin, then still there is chance that these alterations have not yet been recognized in Google Drive.

Check quickly there, you can still recover pictures.

You may don’t know about Google Drive is that you can surely inquire it to back up, follow below steps,

  • Go to photos
  • Open settings
  • Click on BackUp and Sync
  • Make backup of your device folders 


  • Use Third party apps to Find Deleted Downloads on Your Android


If none of these options will work, then you can use any third party App available at Google Play Store.

These Apps help you to recover every type of your lost data on Android. These Apps restore data even which is marked as deleted by Android.

Here this step is also important to stop your phone to prevent corrupting the data that you want to recover.

A Data recovery App on your device may result in overriding the files that you are recovering. To avoid this problem you have to use recovery Apps in your computer or laptop.


Use Third party apps to Find Deleted Downloads on Your Android

  • Find and restore Your Files on Android In Dropbox


It is quite easy to recover your deleted pictures from Dropbox even if there is no hope. Probably you will not find the data when you find inside the Dropbox App for lost files. Rather then you should do this.

  • Open browser and visit Dropbox site.
  • Sign in with your initials, that you use for the Application.
  • Click the HamBurger Menu present on the left side of the screen.
  • Select “Deleted files” from there.
  • All deleted will show up. Select the type of data you want to recover.
  • If you want to recover all data then Tap “restore all files”. You can also choose multi-file selection.

GT Recovery Toolkit:

GT Recovery App is such a great software Application because it provides quality data recovery for Android users.

This toolkit first scans your mobile data and then recovers all types of data. This software supports many file system formats, including EXT4, EXT3, AT, MP4, MP3 MOG, PPT, ZIP EXE, APK, PDF. It firstly previews your selected data then it recovers files. And obviously it is freely available.

How to Use GT Recovery for and find your deleted downloads on Android?

The main method is simple. Just follow the given steps to find your deleted data,

  • After installing, open the recovery software.
  • Select the type of data you want to recover given as ” “Quick Recovery” and “Advanced Recovery”
  • Select the file’s location you would like to restore.
  • Click the start button to initiate the scanning procedure.


In case if you like to restore formatted files then you have to select the option “Format Recovery” and then start to recover your data.

  • When the scan finishes the recovered file will be shown up on the device screen. Choose your file and click the “recover” option and then select “save results” to save them.


  • This GT recovery toolkit will assist you to get back your lost and reset data. It works in apps devices like iOS and  windows. 
  • Easy to use. Gt have Straight forward control panel
  • It is free of cost.


  • The main thing is that All features activate on the paid versions only.
  • Speed can be an issue. When saving changes.

How to Use GT Recovery for and find your deleted downloads on Android?



Where do deleted files go on Android mobile phones?


Previously the Android system didn’t have a particular trash folder for the deleted media, but in recent Android mobile phones there is a folder provided where all deleted items stay for 30 days.

Because when you delete a specific file or picture on an Android phone, the picture does not delete permanently.

The picture will be stored in the actual place in the internal memory of the mobile.

So if you are a Samsung user then you surely have a chance that your deleted media Does not go anywhere, they will be moved into a trash folder in the gallery App, where you can recover your media within almost 30 days.

Can you recover deleted downloads from Android?

Yes! Surely you can recover deleted or lost media from your android device. When a file gets deleted.

Actually, it is not permanently deleted; it is erased from the device and can be recovered until new data is not added.

How do I recover permanently deleted files from my Android device?

You can easily restore your permanently deleted data by using Android Data Recovery toolkit.

  • Open the Setting tab.
  • Open the option “About Phone”.
  • Tap on option Build number.
  • There will be a message showup ‘you are under developer Mode’ developer mode”
  • Open the Settings.
  • Tap on Developer options.
  • Now view “USB debugging”
  • Now Connect your Android phone to your PC and run software.
  • Software will scan and preview the files you want to recover.

How do I recover permanently deleted files from my Android device?

How do I recover deleted files from my Android without a computer?

You can Recover Deleted media without a computer through Google Photos. Follow given steps.

  • Go to Google Photos on your Android device
  • Locate the Trash option from the left top menu on the phone.
  • Tap and hold the media that you need to recover.
  • Click on option Restore.
  • Now you can obtain the files back to your Gallery application.

How do I recover deleted files from android phone internal memory?

Here is a simple guide to recover your deleted files from an android device.

  • First of all download and install the Android Data Recovery App on the computer.
  • Launch Android Recovery Program and then Connect your mobile Phone to the computer.
  • Now after that, Enable USB Debugging on Your Android device
  • Computer will Analyze and Scan Your Android phone’s Internal Memory.
  • All data will be shown up, select which one you want to recover.

How to recover deleted android files without root?? 

If you want to recover deleted Android files without root. Follow the instructions,

  • Open “Settings” on an Android phone then click on “Account”.
  • Login your credentials with your account and password.
  • Click on option “Backup and Restore”, and then tap on option “Restore”.
  • Now choose the backup which includes your deleted pictures and videos to recover.

Which are the best recovery apps for Android?

There are a lot of recovery apps available on Google Play Store. The best ones are given below.

  • FonePaw
  • FoneLab
  • Tenorshare UltData for Android Data Recovery.
  • Disk Drill
  • EaseUS MobiSaver For Android.
  • Wondershare Dr.Fone
  • DiskDigger.

How can I access the Recycle Bin on my Android?

  • From your Android device click on Account at the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Click on Recycle Bin.
  • In the recycle bin, choose the pictures or videos you want to recover.

Ending lines:

All methods given about how to find deleted downloads on Android are effective, you can choose any one of them.

Firstly you have to check all the parameters like put mobile on airplane Mode, check recycle Bin, check backup at clouds, if these are not working then you can opt for calling developer and downloading the third-party Application.

Downloading software or App is the most effective way to restore all types of your data. Which method do you want to try?? 

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