How To Disconnect VPN On Android?

Disconnect VPN On Android Devices in 2023 (3 Steps)

If you want to access the settings of your android then you need to open the settings app from your device.

Then you have to tap on the Network tab and then find the ‘VPN’ option.

But if you don’t find the VPN option then you should contact the device manufacturer. After this next to the VPN, you have to choose the settings option.

Now just turn off the VPN.


How To Disconnect VPN On Android?

Android devices have different interfaces on the basis of manufacturers. So, you may have to struggle more to find the VPN option.

You have to create a VPN profile when you will first time connect your android device with a VPN. It will help you to find the VPN settings.

Here is the process if you want to disconnect your VPN on android:


  1. Open the Settings app from your android phone. Find the Network and Internet tab. Now search VPN and if you don’t find a VPN option then you should contact the manufacturer.
  2. After this, you have to tap on VPN and choose your VPN profile.
  3. You may also find a toggle switch on depending on the manufacturer of your android phone. So, you just have to toggle off the VPN.

How to Permanently Disable a VPN?

When you disconnect or disable a VPN temporarily from the android settings still you can turn it back on.

But if you want to remove a VPN from your device permanently then you have two ways left.

One of them is to uninstall the VPN app from your android device and the second one is following a manual process to remove VPN from the settings of your android device.

If you want to permanently disable VPN from your device then you need to follow the process given below here:

  1. From your phone choose the VPN.
  2. Then you need to tap on the option of delete VPN profile.

When Is It Safe to Disable A VPN?

If your device is connected to a public Wi-Fi then its not safe to disable the VPN because you will not have enough control over data security in such cases.

Some Government institutes also warn about the transmission of personal data. Because it can help to keep websites secure over public  Wi-Fi networks.

It is also recommended to keep your VPN on even when you are at home.

The reason is that ISPs can view and monitor your online activities.

That’s not a safe option to allow ISP’s lof as a great number of data breaches have been occurring every year.

What happens if I turn off VPN?

By turning off the VPN from your android device you will disable the online privacy and security.

You can’t have a secure connection on HTTP websites without a VPN which could be risky.

Your connection will no longer remain private because your IP is visible and traffic remains unencrypted.

If you have to disable VPN then your internet service provider will be able to monitor your online activities.

When to Disable VPN:

Though its always recommended to turn on VPN but there are also some situations when you should disable it for sometime. The situations when you may have to tuner off the VPN are:

  • While Settings up an internet connection 
  • Network troubleshooting issues

You may forget to turn on VPN once you to disable it which can expose your personal data and you may fall a prey to any cyberattack. 

How do I disconnect from VPN?

Here is the process to disconnect your device from VPN:

  1. Go to your phone and open the settings app.
  2. Then choose connections.
  3. Find more connection settings after scrolling.
  4. Now you have to choose VPN.
  5. Next to the VPN name you have to tap on the blue settings cog.


How do I stop my phone from connecting to VPN?

  1. Find the Network and Internet tab from the Settings app of your phone.
  2. Then you have to tap on the VPN and choose VPN profile.
  3. You may also find a toggle switch on the basis of your phone manufacturer. In this case, you just need to toggle off the VPN. Otherwise, you will get a pop-up prompt with the option of disconnecting.

Why can’t I disconnect from my VPN?

There are also some VPNs with a feature that will automatically disconnect your internet connection if your VPN server is not secure.  

Wrap Up:

Here we have explained how to disconnect your VPN on android phone. If due for any reason you want to disable VPN from your android then you can read the above article. 

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