How to Connect Wifi Without Password in Android Mobile?
08 Jun

If you would like to connect any free Wi-Fi connection to your mobile phone without a password to another Wi-Fi, quickly follow the steps below to connect to any Wi-Fi without using a password.

Get connected Here we will now talk about how to connect to WiFi without password in Android mobile.

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How to Connect Wifi Without Password in Android Mobile?

The question is how to connect to wifi without a password on android mobile? This feature will be very useful if you want to enter without a network password.

You won’t find the same features in Android phones. Here are some ways to connect without a password.

  • First, you need to open the Settings menu and find Wifi Networks.
  • In the second step, tap on the name of the wireless network and select it.
  • Then scanned QR codes to connect to the wireless network: An important way to scan QR codes is to print the network name on a piece of paper and paste it onto a desk or wall. If you do not have your camera, you can install a free app for this purpose.
  • You can download this app from the App Store & Google play store. You need to remember that the device must have a camera to connect to the network.

How to Connect Wifi Without Password in Android Mobile?

Send a QR Code to a Family member or friend:

If you want to share a QR code with someone else, you have to print the code. You can easily find this app in the App Store or Play Store. You must have a camera for this element to function.

For Android devices:
Therefore, for Android devices you need to follow the steps below, QR code is the best way to share passwords. For Windows, a QR code is a unique code that is created on a piece of paper and pasted on a wall or table.

It is possible to scan QR codes through the app to connect to your guest’s Wi-Fi. This requires the app to be installed on the device, and the device must also be connected to a WiFi network.

To send the password to any other Android device, you have the same operating system that you use. The password can also be sent to the QR code and then the same QR code can be used to connect to the network.

One QR code allows another device to scan the QR code and connect to the network. If you can’t scan the QR, you can use the same QR code to connect to Wi-Fi.

Using the Guest method:

We will now talk about how to connect to WiFi without a password through the guest mode option. You will find the guest mode option on every router device.

To enable this, you need to know the IP address of the router, or you must be physically close to the router to read the IP address which is usually published on the back of the router.
The following steps must be followed to connect using guest mode.

  • First, you need to open the router’s IP address.
  • The second step is to log in using the administrator credentials. These certificates will usually be found in print on the back of the router.
  • Then be sure to select the guest network option under Wireless Settings.
  • Then you have to set the guest mode credentials.
  • Now you have to save the settings.
  • Finally, the device has to be connected.

Using the Guest method:

using WPS to connect:

Wi-Fi Protected Setup aka WPS is used to connect to Wi-Fi networks without using a password.

Anyone on the WPS Wi-Fi router who is physically close to the router can get a network connection by pressing the WPS button.

It is very easy to access the internet without entering any password by pressing the WPS button.
WPS is a very simple and easy way, but it also has two basic requirements. First and foremost, you need to be physically close to the device.

The second is that you must have the correct settings on your Android device.

Steps to Connect Using WPS:

  • First, you need to enter the Wi-Fi setting option from the home screen.
  • Then you have to select additional settings.
  • Then scroll down and select the Connect via WPS button option.
  • You will then see a WPS button on the back of the router, which you have to hold down for 10 seconds.
  • Finally, PK’s phone automatically connects to the device.

How can a device connect to WIFI without a password?

You need to download an app on your Android phone that is capable of scanning QR codes.

You have to scan the QR code behind the router by launching the thE QR code app on Android or the Camera app.

Now, you will receive a banner or notification to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

How can a device connect to WIFI without a password?

How do I use TP-Link Wi-Fi without a password?

  • All you have to do is “Advanced > Wireless> Wireless Settings”.
  • Then by clicking on “Sharing Network” the QR code is generated.
  • Now you have to open the Camera app on your devices and scan this QR code. This automatically connects your devices to the WiFi of your TP-Link router.

Can I hack the Wi-Fi password?

It is not impossible to crack the used WEP / WPA keys if you want to access the wireless network.

If so, you need software and hardware resources and patience.

The success of such Wi-Fi password hacking attacks also depends on how active and inactive the users of the target network are.

Which app can show Wi-Fi passwords?

Now we are going to talk. With the help of this app of Wi-Fi Password Show, you can see all the passwords of all the Wi-Fi networks that you have ever connected to.

Route privileges are required to use.

You need to understand that this app is not for hacking Wi-Fi networks or anything like that.

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