How to Hide Your ip Address on Android phone?

How to Hide Your ip Address on Android phone?

In this article we will tell you how to hide your IP address on an Android phone and why you need to do it.


Ways to Hide the IP Address:

The issue on people’s minds is “Is my IP secure?” So it turns on you and your protection measures. We have listed three methods to hide addresses.


Ways to Hide the IP Address

Use a VPN:

Are you willing to hide your Internet Protocol address from hackers and malicious websites? This is done using a VPN, or virtual private network.

A virtual private network is a system of servers that are connected to each other over the Internet. It gives an extra layer of security to your browsing habits.

In addition to encrypting the connection between you and the server you connect to, it will also give an extra level of protection by routing all traffic through remote servers.

You will find many VPNs and it can be difficult for people to choose so don’t worry because we will tell you about the best vpn. VeePN is an excellent VPN with some advanced security features like killswitch, netguard, double VPN, etc. You can also check your IP addresses with VeePN.

Use TOR Browser:

If one wishes to hide his IP address and surf the Internet anonymously, he must know the TOR browser.

This browser is built in response to censorship and surveillance and is meant to protect user privacy.

Now let’s talk about what TOR stands for. It stands for “The Onion Router”, and it is capable of routing a user’s connection through multiple nodes on the Internet, allowing any individual or corporation on that node to make it impossible to trace your connection.


Use Proxy:

A proxy server is borrowed to hide your IP address. Proxy servers act as intermediates between users and target servers, to protect your privacy on the Internet. Still, it is not as secure as a VPN. So, only using VPN to hide the address will be best for you.

Why is Hiding the IP Address Important?

It Helps You Bypass Geo-Block

Have you tried to access a certain website only to be immediately greeted with a message telling you that the content is not available in your country? Well, this is a geoblock process.

This is a technology used by content providers to ensure that only people in specific countries can access their platforms.

For example, if you’re in Hungary, you’re trying to watch a Netflix US show on your Android device. You won’t be able to, instead you’ll be sent to the Hungarian Netflix library.

The platform you try to access cannot hide your real IP address, which actually contains information that reveals your geographic location.

So, the website has time to know whether it should approve or reject/redirect your connection requests. When your IP address is hidden, no such problem occurs.

Why is Hiding the IP Address Important?

It Protects Your Privacy

Many people don’t realize what an IP address can tell about someone. Like your real IP address will actually tell someone what country you are a citizen of. Some clever cybercriminals might use your IP address to find out what your zip or postal code is.

If all that information is combined with other bits of data about you, a hacker can figure out what your real identity is.

You can stay away from these scary possibilities by keeping your real IP address private.

It Makes Torrenting Safer

Android devices are quite popular for torrenting. This is easily confirmed by taking a look at the Google Play Store, where you will find tons of torrenting apps.

Importantly, no jailbreaking or additional tinkering is required to enable Android devices to download torrents.

As easy as torrenting is on Android devices, it can be extremely dangerous if you don’t hide your IP address.

Depending on which country you live in, your ISP may share your torrenting activities with copyright agencies or authorities.

So, since your IP is visible, it is very easy to get into legal trouble.

Also, every member of the crowd can see your real IP address? If you’re not sure what a “Swarm” is, it’s the total number of people downloading and uploading a torrent. When you download a torrent, hundreds of people will see your IP address.

Hiding your IP address on Android means that all these problems can be avoided.


It Makes Torrenting Safer

It Helps You Bypass Firewalls

Whether you are at work or anywhere, there is always a chance that the network administrator has blocked access to certain websites.

This is because they are only following company/school policy, but you may have to deal with annoying firewall restrictions.

In this case the IP address you’re assigned is tied to firewall restrictions, so there’s not much you can do to prevent them – of course, if you hide your IP address on your Android device, you’ll of course You can watch your favorite videos in between or while relaxing.

It Keeps Your Data Safe from Advertisers

Advertisers and marketers use your IP address to provide you with so-called “hyper-targeted advertising.” It’s an easy way for them to bombard you with “specific” ads anywhere on the web.

In addition, advertisers use your IP address to learn various things about you. To create a marketing profile to expose you to personalized advertising.

You should also be aware that the websites you visit may also log your IP address. Some of them even share it with advertisers for profit. But if your IP address is hidden then you don’t need to worry at all.

It Keeps Your Data Safe from Advertisers

What Is An IP Address?

Now we will discuss what an IP address actually is. IP stands for Internet Protocol, and is the identification number of a device associated with a computer or network of computers.

By using an IP address, computer information can be obtained. However, IP addresses are also used to track a user’s approximate location and web activity, so hiding it becomes important if you’re online.

How do I make my Android phone IP private?

  • For this you need to find your IP address on Android.
  • Then you have to go to Tibet
  • Then go to Wi-Fi under Settings.
  • Now click on the network you are connected to.
  • This makes your private IP visible below.

Is there a free way to hide your IP address?

Tor Browser is a free software program that can be downloaded to a computer that will hide your IP address whenever you are online. This free process is layered with heavy-duty encryption.

Can a hidden IP address be traced?

Your IP address will be hidden from websites and other search engines that try to collect your information.

When your IP address is anonymized, third parties won’t know who you are, and they won’t know where you are either. If you don’t use a VPN, your identity can’t be tracked.

Can a hidden IP address be traced?

Will someone track my Android phone without my permission?

Regardless of whether you use an iPhone or an Android phone, anyone can install spyware on your phone.

Which can secretly track your activity. It is even possible for someone to monitor your cell phone activity without touching it.


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