How To Get Rid Of Other Storage On Android?

How To Get Rid Of Other Storage On Android?


You only need to clean your storage if your Android smartphone is stuck because its storage is full.

So here are some best strategies to get rid of other storage on Android.

Short way to get rid of other storage on Android :

There are numerous ways to clear other storage on Android.

  • Emptying the application’s cache and data, where the data is kept, is the most widely used technique.
  • You could decide to delete the app from your smartphone.
  • You can factory reset your mobile to give it a refreshing new life.

Short way to get rid of other storage on Android :

Details on how to get rid of other storage on Android:

You may want to empty other storage on the Android phone if you have too much private app data, which is the most frequent reason.

All data from additional downloaded logs to unsuccessful OTA updates can be included in this data.

Sometimes the data may also be unnecessary cloud sync files.

Anyhow, there are approaches to get rid of unnecessary files and clear up space.

You can free up additional storage on your Android phone in the following ways:

Cleanup by settings:

  • You must first access the Settings app to clean away Other storage data.
  • The Storage area, which is typically found in the Device Care category, is where you should look. Search for the temp files, cache files,  or  for”other storage” by clicking on “Other Storage.”
  • After locating the appropriate category, you can click on anything to get additional information about it. After that, select “Cleanup” to remove the files.
  • You should remove downloaded files and data from your Android phone to free up space.
  • A trail of program files may be left in the file system as a result. Other causes include incompatible updates or launchers from third parties that aren’t prepared for your phone’s file system.

You can perform manual storage cleaning if you don’t wish to erase these data.

  • Open Settings > Storage Options to get to this function. Activate the option “Show System Files and Folders” by just clicking on the option “Show System Files & Folders.”

Cleanup by settings:

Manually clean the app’s cache

In essence, a cache is a storage space where data or regularly used operations are cached for future access.

Many programs on our devices tend to download a lot of images, text, flash, movies, etc.

automatically; if you don’t periodically clean them out, they will eventually take up a lot of space.

Therefore, you can save a lot of memory on your device by clearing the app’s cache without causing any damage or data loss.

  • navigating to the Menu Bar of settings.
  • Toggle to Apps.
  • Now, Choose an application that eats up a lot of memory.
  • To clear the cache, select Storage.


Application restore

In essence, some messaging applications like WhatsApp and gaming apps like Fortnite may preserve a load of gaming data or conversation records that take up a lot of storage, and that is what we typically observe when monitoring the storage.

Naturally, before cleaning out these files, you should be confident you no longer want them or have already backed them up.

Some Android and device versions offer restore apps, allowing users to return installed apps to their original state without removing them:

  • Navigating to the Files menu.
  • Delete “Clean up”.
  • After the scanning procedure is complete, locate the Storage Manager tab.
  • Choose Restore Applications.
  • Choose an app that uses a lot of storage to restore.

Application restore

Factory reset your device

The best solution is to reset your device to factory settings, just as they were the day it was first unwrapped if the aforementioned techniques failed to free up your space.

All of your information, including contacts, call history, images, apps, and phone settings, will be gone.

This option could essentially give your device a new life if it has been used for more than a year and is operating very sluggishly.

Of course, before doing this, make a backup of your phone.

  • Go to Advanced options in Settings.
  • Click on the option to backup and reset.
  • By selecting Data backup, create a backup.
  • The Factory Data Reset button.
  • Switch off your phone.


Other tips and trick

Backup your data:

If your device supports it, you could also benefit from backing up your precious data to the cloud or using an external memory media like a microSD card.

Remove extra Apps:

Additionally, keep in mind to remove any apps you don’t need because doing so can occasionally free up more space than you anticipated.

When necessary, you can reinstall it.

Remove extra Apps:

Use third-party App:

Naturally, employing a third-party application to give your phone control is a viable alternative.

My two suggestions in this article are DiskUsage and CCleaner.

After scanning your device, DiskUsage may be able to visually show you which files are taking up the most space and allow you to choose which ones to delete to free up space.


The other is CCleaner, which you may be familiar with as it is the most used program on computers.

It allows you to scan all of the data that is saved on your smartphone, show all of the programs that are using up memory, and indicate what should be eliminated following an examination.

These applications are freely accessible in the Google Play store.

Maintain cleanliness:

Please keep in mind that cleaning up your phone is just a way to free up space; it doesn’t mean that it will perform better.

Factory resets may temporarily improve the performance of your Android phone, but only for a short time. 

Buy a New phone:

Because the hardware is what determines how well most Android phones run, don’t fall for third-party apps that claim to improve the performance of your handset.

It’s time to replace your phone if it’s too old to function properly.


Buy a New phone:

People also ask

What are some other files in Android phone storage?

User settings, app cache, and app data are additional items found in the Android storage.

How can I clear the Android phone cache?

  • Firstly, open the Settings application on your mobile phone.
  • SelectStorage” to delete the Android cache.
  • Touch “Android System Cache” from here, then tap “Clear.”

Can I Use a Third-party File Manager to Clean My Device Memory?

You can always use another program to maximize your internal memory if the first app is effective.

The top file managers available for testing are as follows:

  • Amaze File Manager
  • Disk Usage
  • File Manager
  • Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage
  • Ghost Commander

Can I Use a Third-party File Manager to Clean My Device Memory?

Can I delete other data in my phone storage?

Yes! you can surely delete other data in your Android phone by clearing the cache, clearing data from settings, or by a third-party app.

How can I clear other storage on tha Samsung A20?

Do follow these points to clear storage on Samsung; 

  • Delete all pointless SMS (Short Message Service) and photo messages (MMS).
  • To remove images and media from the phone memory, transfer them to a PC or SD card.
  • Clear the cookies, cache, or history on your browser.
  • Delete the Facebook app’s cache.
  • Control application usage.
  • Get rid of the call logs.


How can I delete other files on my Android 11?

  • Open the Files app and choose the item you wish to remove to clear other files on my Android 11.
  • Now, Tap Delete after tapping the three dots in the upper left corner of the screen.

How can I delete other files on my Android 11?

How can I delete other storage on android 12?

  • Navigating to the Menu from Settings.
  • Toggle to Apps.
  • Then tap on an application that eats up a lot of memory.
  • Press the button. Keeping and deleting the cache.


How can I access other storage on an android phone?

On Android, there are some ways to access additional storage.

Utilizing the Files app is the first step. 

  • Tap the “Storage” tab in the Files app after launching it.
  • You can view all of the storage space on your device from this point.
  • Moving files across storage locations can also be done using the “Move to” option.


how can I delete other” storage on the samsung s21?

First and foremost, it is important to delete big files that haven’t been used in a while if the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra owner hasn’t cleaned the device in a while.

This can include music files, movies, and other downloaded stuff.

  • You must open the “Explorer” app, choose a file or folder, and then tap on the “Delete” option in order to remove the files.


What is the other on my Samsung storage?

Unidentified data files are grouped in the “Other” section of Android phones.

And these files fill up the internal capacity of your phone.


What are some other files taking up space on Android?

On Android devices, some files can use space

  • The first is the app cache, where temporary files for programs are kept. The cache can take up a lot of memory if you use a lot of apps and don’t regularly clear it.
  • The application data, which houses files for each program you have loaded on your device, is another. It can take up a lot of memory if you use a lot of apps and don’t regularly erase the data from them.
  • USB flash drives, Solid-state drives, and external hard drives are just a few of Samsung’s storage options. While some of these things are exclusive to Samsung smartphones, some are also sold by other producers.

What are some other files taking up space on Android?

What is Other Storage on the Android phone?

Undefined data files that are not a portion of the operating system are referred to as other storage.

Private app data often occupies the most disc space in this group.

OTA updates, cloud sync files, and unsuccessful downloads are additional causes of app data storage overflow.

Cache files, which apps routinely download, fall under this group as well.

Fortunately, the majority of Android smartphones can quickly identify the types of files using up space and provide you with an option to clear them if necessary.


How can I delete other storage on the Samsung s10?

  • Access the Home screen. Scroll up or down on the phone screen to reveal the menu.
  • To the right, scroll and Select Settings.
  • Navigate down and Select apps.
  • In this instance, scroll down and select Google Play Store from the list of applications.
  • Decide on Storage.
  • Select Clear cache to remove the cache.
  • Select Clear data to remove the data.
  • Select OK.
  • Data and the cache have both been removed. Go back to the Home page.



You can use these techniques to clean the other storage on your Android smartphones.

How would you rate our guide? Have we missed anything? Does this guide help you to know how to get rid of other storage on Android? Comment here with your opinions and let us know if anything we are missing.

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