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15 Free Software to Wipe Android Phones

In today’s digital world, keeping our devices secure and managing our data effectively is extremely important.

However, with the wide range of software available, it can be challenging to find the right ones for our needs. This article aims to provide a free software to wipe your android phones. Here are 15 free software to wipe your Android phone.


List of Free Software to Wipe Android Phones in 2023



Dr.Fone – Data Eraser (Android) is a complete and reliable software that are designed to ensure the secure deletion of personal information from Android devices.

This powerful tool is capable of wiping all types of data, including photos, videos, messages, call logs, and more.

By utilizing this software, you can have peace of mind knowing that your deleted files are completely irrecoverable, leaving no trace of sensitive data that could potentially be accessed by unauthorized individuals.

With Dr.Fone – Data Eraser (Android), you can confidently protect your privacy and prevent any potential data breaches by ensuring that no remnants of your personal information are left behind on your Android device.


Main Features:

  1. Data Recovery: Retrieve deleted or lost data from iOS and Android devices.
  2. Data Backup and Restore: Back up and restore data between devices and computers.
  3. Data Eraser: Permanently erase sensitive data from devices.
  4. System Repair: Fix common iOS and Android system issues.
  5. Data Transfer: Transfer data between different devices.


  1. User-Friendly Interface.
  2. Broad Device Support.
  3. Effective Data Recovery.
  4. Secure Data Backup.
  5. Helpful System Repair.



  1. Limited Free Version.
  2. Varying Data Recovery Success.
  3. Data Security Concerns.
  4. Price.
  5. Requires PC/Mac for tasks.

Dr.Fone - Data Eraser (Android):



Eraser is a powerful data removal tool specifically developed for Windows users.

With this software, you have the ability to permanently delete files, folders, and even entire drives, ensuring that no traces of the deleted data remain.

Utilizing advanced algorithms, Eraser provides a high level of security and privacy protection by making sure that the deleted data cannot be recovered.

By using Eraser, you can confidently dispose of sensitive information without worrying about any potential risks of unauthorized access or data breaches.

Its comprehensive features and reliable performance make it an essential tool for maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of your digital files on Windows systems.

Main Features:

  1. Efficient file shredding to permanently delete data.
  2. Multiple data shredding algorithms for customization.
  3. Scheduler for automated data erasure tasks.
  4. Integration with Windows Explorer for easy use.
  5. Open-source and free to download and modify.


  1. Ensures data security by permanently removing files.
  2. User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  3. Customizable data erasure methods.
  4. Benefits from an active open-source community.
  5. Seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer.


  1. Potential system overhead during data overwriting.
  2. Risk of accidental data loss if not used carefully.
  3. Limited support for non-Windows operating systems.
  4. Less effective on Solid State Drives (SSDs).
  5. May not fully meet some legal compliance standards.


Secure Eraser:

Secure Eraser is a user-friendly software application that provides a seamless and reliable solution for securely and permanently deleting files.

It offers a range of advanced algorithms, including the highly recognized Gutmann method, which ensures that the data is overwritten multiple times, leaving no possibility for recovery.

With Secure Eraser, individuals who highly value data privacy can confidently rely on this reliable tool to effectively remove sensitive files, providing them with the utmost peace of mind.

Whether you need to dispose of confidential documents or simply want to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information, Secure Eraser is an ideal choice that combines simplicity and powerful functionality for secure data deletion.


Main Features:

  1. Advanced data shredding for unrecoverable file deletion.
  2. Disk wiping to erase entire hard drives or storage media.
  3. Integration with File Explorer/Finder for easy file deletion.
  4. Customizable shredding methods for varying security needs.
  5. Portable version for data erasure on different computers.


  1. High-level data security against unauthorized access.
  2. User-friendly interface for easy operation.
  3. Comprehensive data erasure options for files and drives.
  4. Available for both Windows and macOS platforms.
  5. Enhanced privacy protection for sensitive information.


  1. Time-consuming erasure process for thorough data overwriting.
  2. Potential data loss as erased data cannot be recovered.
  3. Limited OS compatibility, may not support all operating systems.
  4. No built-in support for erasing data on networked storage.

Secure Eraser:



CCleaner is a popular utility tool that is highly regarded for its ability to optimize system performance and protect privacy.

It achieves this by clearing temporary files, browser caches, cookies, and other unnecessary data, which in turn frees up valuable storage space.

Furthermore, CCleaner offers additional features like a registry cleaner and a software uninstaller, providing comprehensive system maintenance and optimization.


Main Features:

  1. Junk file cleanup for freeing up disk space.
  2. Registry cleaner to improve system performance.
  3. Software uninstaller for clean application removal.
  4. Browser privacy cleaner to protect user online data.
  5. Real-time monitoring (Pro Version) for automatic cleaning.



  1. Efficient system optimization and faster boot times.
  2. User-friendly interface for easy system cleaning.
  3. Browser privacy protection from online tracking.
  4. Streamlined software uninstallation process.
  5. Customizable cleaning options based on user preferences.



  1. Potential risk of unintended deletions from registry cleaning.
  2. Limited system analysis in the free version.
  3. Installer may include bundleware during setup.
  4. Real-time monitoring available in the paid Pro version.
  5. Historical privacy concerns (now addressed) may make some users cautious.


Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus:

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus is a complete mobile security solution that delivers a strong defense against malware, viruses, and various online threats.

With features such as real-time scanning, web protection, anti-theft functionality, and privacy advisors, this software ensures the safety of your Android device, guarding it against potential security risks.


Main Features:

  1. Advanced antivirus protection against malware.
  2. Real-time threat detection for proactive defense.
  3. Web protection and anti-phishing to block malicious sites.
  4. System performance optimization tools for better speed.
  5. Secure VPN (premium) for enhanced online privacy.



  1. High-level security with excellent malware protection.
  2. Low system impact for minimal performance slowdowns.
  3. User-friendly interface for easy management.
  4. Frequent updates to handle the latest threats.
  5. Multi-platform support for comprehensive device protection.



  1. Limited features in the free version.
  2. VPN usage limitations in the premium version.
  3. Extensive settings may be overwhelming for some users.
  4. Possibility of occasional false positives.
  5. Premium versions can be relatively expensive.

Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus:


Avast Cleanup & Boost:

Avast Cleanup & Boost is a utility tool that improves Android device performance by cleaning junk files, freeing up storage space, and optimizing battery life.

It also includes a RAM booster for enhanced overall device performance.


Main Features:

  1. Junk file cleaner for freeing up disk space.
  2. Battery saver to optimize device battery life.
  3. RAM booster for smoother device performance.
  4. App manager for uninstalling unwanted applications.
  5. Duplicate file finder to reclaim storage space.



  1. Improved system performance and efficiency.
  2. Extended device battery life through optimization.
  3. User-friendly interface for easy use.
  4. Streamlined app management and uninstallation.
  5. Duplicate file removal for more storage space.



  1. Some advanced features require a premium subscription.
  2. Upselling of other Avast products can be prominent.
  3. Possible performance impact on older devices.
  4. Privacy concerns about data collection.
  5. Results in performance boost may vary based on device.

Avast Cleanup & Boost:


Norton Clean, Junk Removal:

Norton Clean, Junk Removal is an Android application developed by Norton that focuses on cleaning and optimizing devices.

It efficiently removes junk files, cache, residual data, and obsolete APK files to reclaim storage space and improve device performance.

With its user-friendly interface and powerful cleaning capabilities, Norton Clean helps keep your device running smoothly and efficiently.


Main Features:

  1. Junk file cleanup for freeing up storage space.
  2. App cache cleaner to optimize app performance.
  3. Duplicate file finder to reclaim storage.
  4. Thorough uninstallation of applications.
  5. Customizable auto-cleaning schedules.



  1. Effective junk cleaning for improved device performance.
  2. User-friendly interface for easy operation.
  3. Customizable cleaning options based on user preferences.
  4. Trusted security from Norton, a renowned cybersecurity company.
  5. Helps save storage space with duplicate file removal.



  1. Some advanced features require a premium subscription.
  2. Ad integration or promotion of other Norton products.
  3. Slight impact on device performance during cleaning.
  4. Possible resource consumption during cleaning processes.
  5. Privacy concerns about data collection, despite Norton’s reputation.

Norton Clean, Junk Removal:


Remo MORE for Android:

Remo MORE for Android is a feature-rich application that offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing and optimizing Android devices.

It simplifies device management with features like device optimization, junk file cleaning, app management, file exploration, battery saving, and data usage monitoring.

With Remo MORE, you can enhance device performance and efficiency effortlessly.


Main Features:

  1. Device optimization for better performance.
  2. App manager for uninstallation and cache clearing.
  3. Privacy protection by securely erasing sensitive data.
  4. Data backup and restore functionality.
  5. Anti-theft features for device tracking and remote control.



  1. Comprehensive device optimization for improved efficiency.
  2. User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  3. Privacy and security enhancements for data protection.
  4. Data backup and restore for peace of mind.
  5. Remote device management in case of loss or theft.



  1. Possible performance impact during optimization.
  2. Some advanced features require a premium upgrade.
  3. Privacy concerns regarding data collection.
  4. Resource consumption affecting battery life on older devices.
  5. Compatibility issues with certain Android models and OS versions.

Remo MORE for Android:


Secure Delete:

Secure Delete is a Windows-based software that specializes in permanently erasing files and folders from your computer.

It employs advanced techniques, such as multiple data overwriting, to ensure that deleted files are entirely unrecoverable.

With Secure Delete, you can confidently and securely remove sensitive files, leaving no trace behind.


Main Features:

  1. Permanent data deletion to prevent recovery.
  2. Multiple data erasure algorithms for security customization.
  3. Integration with File Explorer/Finder for easy use.
  4. Scheduled data erasure for automated maintenance.
  5. User-friendly interface for simple operation.



  1. Ensures data security by permanently removing files.
  2. Preserves user privacy and prevents data leaks.
  3. Customizable security levels based on user preferences.
  4. Convenient integration with File Explorer/Finder.
  5. Automated data erasure for regular maintenance.



  1. Time-consuming erasure process for large files.
  2. Risk of accidental data loss if not used carefully.
  3. Limited availability on certain operating systems.
  4. Less effective on Solid State Drives (SSDs).
  5. May not fully comply with some legal standards without customization.

Secure Delete:


Shreddit – Data Eraser:

Shreddit – Data Eraser is an Android app that specializes in securely deleting sensitive data from your device.

It focuses on erasing files associated with messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal.

By securely wiping these files, Shreddit ensures that your private conversations and media cannot be recovered, guaranteeing your privacy and confidentiality.



Main Features:

  1. Secure file shredding for unrecoverable data deletion.
  2. Multiple data erasure methods for security customization.
  3. Batch file shredding for efficient deletion of multiple files.
  4. Integration with file managers for easy use.
  5. No root access required for non-rooted Android devices.



  1. Ensures data security by permanently deleting files.
  2. Customizable security levels with different erasure algorithms.
  3. User-friendly interface for easy operation.
  4. Accessible to non-rooted Android users.
  5. Batch processing saves time when shredding multiple files.



  1. Time-consuming process for large files or multiple passes.
  2. Risk of accidental data loss if not used carefully.
  3. Limited to Android devices, not available on other platforms.
  4. Effectiveness may vary on certain Android devices.
  5. No built-in support for network storage shredding.

Shreddit - Data Eraser:


Secure Wipe:

Secure Wipe is a powerful software tool specifically developed for Windows systems.

It provides secure data deletion by allowing you to erase files, folders, and even entire drives.

By employing advanced techniques like overwriting with random data or utilizing sophisticated algorithms, Secure Wipe ensures that the deleted data cannot be restored.

With Secure Wipe, you can confidently safeguard your data and maintain privacy.


Main Features:

  1. Complete and irreversible data erasure.
  2. Multiple data shredding algorithms for security levels.
  3. Disk wiping for entire storage device erasure.
  4. File/folder shredding for flexible data deletion.
  5. Customizable erasure passes for specific needs.



  1. Ensures data security by permanently removing files.
  2. Customizable security levels based on user preferences.
  3. Disk wiping capability for complete device erasure.
  4. User-friendly interface for easy operation.
  5. Helps comply with data security regulations.



  1. Time-consuming process, especially for large storage media.
  2. Risk of data loss if not used carefully.
  3. Limited compatibility with certain operating systems.
  4. Effectiveness may vary with different storage media.
  5. No recovery option after secure data wiping.

Secure Wipe


Find My Device:

Find My Device is a useful tool designed for Android users to locate their lost or stolen devices.

It comes with real-time location tracking, remote locking, and data wiping features.

By connecting your device to your Google account, you can easily access this service and ensure the safety of your personal information.


Main Features:

  1. Real-time location tracking for lost devices.
  2. Remote device locking to prevent unauthorized access.
  3. Remote data wiping for data privacy and security.
  4. Device ringing to locate the device nearby.
  5. Battery status display for estimated usage time.



  1. Quick and easy device location in case of loss.
  2. Remote security measures to protect personal data.
  3. Intuitive user interface for easy tracking and management.
  4. Supports multiple platforms (Android, iOS, etc.).
  5. Built-in and often free on compatible devices.



  1. Location accuracy may vary based on device and surroundings.
  2. Privacy concerns regarding continuous tracking.
  3. Limited features on third-party/non-built-in versions.
  4. Not universally available on all devices.


Android Device Manager:

Find My Device, previously called Android Device Manager, is a built-in service provided by Google.

It helps locate lost or stolen Android devices, allowing you to remotely lock them and erase sensitive data if required.

Its primary goal is to ensure the security of your device and protect your personal information, providing you with peace of mind.


Main Features:

  1. Device tracking to locate lost Android devices.
  2. Remote locking for preventing unauthorized access.
  3. Remote data wiping to protect sensitive information.



  1. Device recovery assistance for finding lost devices.
  2. Remote security measures for data protection.
  3. Built-in and free on most Android devices.
  4. User-friendly interface for easy tracking.
  5. Widely compatible with various Android devices.



  1. Location accuracy may vary based on connectivity and surroundings.
  2. Privacy concerns about continuous tracking.
  3. Limited features compared to third-party alternatives.
  4. Some users may prefer more advanced tracking apps.


Android Data Eraser:

Android Data Eraser is a software specifically designed to securely wipe data from Android devices.

Whether you’re selling your phone or want to ensure your data is permanently erased, this tool can help.

It ensures that deleted files cannot be recovered, providing privacy protection and preventing potential data breaches.


Main Features:

  1. Complete and permanent data erasure.
  2. Multiple erasure modes for flexibility.
  3. Secure data shredding algorithms for data security.



  1. Ensures data security by permanently deleting sensitive files.
  2. Offers various erasure modes to meet different needs.
  3. Uses advanced data shredding algorithms for thorough erasure.



  1. Time-consuming process for deep erasure or large storage.
  2. Risk of data loss if not used carefully.
  3. Irreversible data deletion; no recovery option after erasure.


iMyFone LockWiper:

iMyFone LockWiper (Android) is a versatile tool designed to remove various types of locks from Android devices.

Whether you’ve forgotten your password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint lock, this software provides a convenient and effective solution.

It allows you to regain access to your device without compromising the security of your data.


Main Features:

  1. Unlock 4-digit/6-digit passcodes, Touch ID, Face ID, and custom alphanumeric passcodes on iOS devices.
  2. Bypass iCloud activation lock on second-hand devices to set up with your Apple ID.
  3. Perform a complete data wipe and reset iOS devices to factory settings.
  4. Supports a wide range of iPhones and iPads and works with various iOS versions.
  5. Simple and intuitive interface for easy unlocking without technical expertise.



  1. Straightforward interface for hassle-free device unlocking.
  2. Can handle different lock types, offering a comprehensive solution.
  3. Enables usage of second-hand devices without original owner’s credentials.
  4. Supports many iPhone and iPad models.
  5. Customer support available to assist users during the process.



  1. Unlocking process involves complete data wipe.
  2. Using third-party software may void device warranty.
  3. Risk of security vulnerabilities with third-party unlocking tools.
  4. Some advanced features may require purchasing the full version.
  5. Bypassing iCloud activation may have legal implications and ethical considerations.





What is free software to wipe an Android phone?

Free software to wipe an Android phone refers to applications or tools that are available at no cost and designed specifically to securely erase data from Android devices, ensuring that the data cannot be recovered.


Why should I use free software to wipe my Android phone?

Using free software to wipe your Android phone is essential when you want to sell or dispose of your device, as it helps protect your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

It ensures that your data is permanently deleted, preventing any potential privacy breaches.


Are free software options as effective as paid ones?

While paid software options often provide more advanced features and additional support, free software options can still effectively wipe an Android phone.

They employ various deletion methods and algorithms to overwrite data and make it irretrievable.


How do I choose the right free software to wipe my Android phone?

When selecting free software, consider factors such as user reviews, ratings, the reputation of the software provider, and the features offered.

Look for software that supports secure deletion methods like DoD 5220.22-M or Gutmann algorithm to ensure thorough data wiping.


Can free software to wipe an Android phone remove all data?

Yes, free software designed for wiping Android phones can remove various types of data, including contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, documents, and more.

It is crucial to choose software that offers a comprehensive data wiping solution.


Is it necessary to root my Android device to use free wiping software?

Some free wiping software requires root access to perform a deep and thorough wipe of the device.

However, there are also free options available that can securely erase data without the need for rooting your Android device.


Will using free wiping software affect the operating system or device performance?

Free wiping software is designed to target and erase specific data without affecting the operating system or device performance.

However, it’s essential to follow the instructions provided by the software and ensure compatibility with your device model and Android version.


How long does it take to wipe an Android phone using free software?

The time required to wipe an Android phone using free software depends on factors such as the size of the storage, the amount of data to be erased, and the speed of your device.

Typically, it can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for a complete wipe.


Can free wiping software recover deleted data?

No, the primary purpose of free wiping software is to permanently delete data and make it unrecoverable.

Once the data is wiped using secure deletion methods, it is highly unlikely to be recovered by any means.


Are there any risks associated with using free wiping software?

While using reputable free wiping software is generally safe, it is crucial to download and install applications from trusted sources to minimize the risk of malware or compromised software.

Always review the permissions required by the app before installing it.



In a world where data security and efficient device management are crucial, the software applications mentioned above play a vital role.

Whether you need to locate a lost device, erase sensitive data permanently, optimize device performance, or protect against malware and online threats, these applications offer valuable solutions.

By utilizing these tools, you can safeguard your personal information, maintain device efficiency, and enhance your overall digital experience.


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