How to Fix The Keyboard On An Android Phone?

How to Fix The Keyboard On An Android Phone?

Sometimes when our phone keyboard is not working, it can be quite troublesome.

So if your main motive is to fix your keyboard then here is this piece of article to let you know how to fix the keyboard on an Android phone.


A quick summary to fix the keyboard on an Android phone:

  • Check to see whether any keys were accidentally pressed. Release that key.
  • If the phone was soaked. Cleat your phone.
  • Check your phone’s circuit. It may have some problems.
  • Due to the cache and data collection, your keyboard may not be functioning. Clear cache.
  • Keyboard issue: Restart the application.
  • The Google Keyboard must be updated (or any other keyboard you are using).
  • Try a soft reset.
  • Review the language & input settings.
  • Use a Third-Party Keyboard App.
  • If your Android keyboard hangs or messes around. Recheck it.
  • Update the software.

A quick summary to fix your Android phone keyboard:


Further details to fix the keyboard on Android phone:

Physical buttons on cell phones are getting harder to find these days. However, we still rely on a few buttons to perform simple tasks like turning the phone off and on, turning on the screen, and modifying the volume.

These keys might become worn out over time because we use them frequently throughout the day. This information may be useful if the keypad on your phone isn’t functioning properly because it discusses several remedies.

If the keyboard or keypad app on your Android has stopped functioning, consider these various solutions.


Check to see whether any keys were accidentally pressed:

Other keys may stop working if your phone jacket or another component of the phone is pressing down on one of the keys.

Make sure no key is being depressed because that is a common reason why the keypad on a phone won’t operate. If this happens, release the key.

The phone was soaked

Water or other liquids can cause your mobile to cease functioning if they get inside. When that occurs, turn off the gadget right away and go to some outlet that serves you for expert repair services.


There are problems with the phone’s circuit:

A flaw in the phone’s circuit is among the common reasons why the keypad won’t work. You require the assistance of a skilled specialist to fix it.

If you own an Infinix, TECNO, or Itel phone, stop by some mobile service center and describe the issue to our representative for prompt and effective phone repair service.

The excessive quantity of cache files that have been gathered on your phone may be the cause of your Android keyboard not functioning properly.

Despite being safe, cache files might clog up your phone’s storage and slow it down if there are too many of them.

Due to the cache and data collection, your keyboard may not be functioning:


  • Manually clean cache
  • Install a third-party app


Keyboard issue: Restart the application:

Restarting the specific app is the first thing you should do if your keyboard starts acting strangely.

When the keyboard has issues, the keyboard app may not always be the source of the issue.


Sometimes the app that uses the keyboard is the reason why the phone keyboard does not appear. For instance, reboot (force-close) the messaging program if your keyboard appears to be acting up while you are using it alone.


This is how you do it:

  • Swipe down to reveal the Settings icon on the screen of your mobile, then tap it.
  • Tap Apps in the Settings app (or Applications & notifications)
  • Locate the particular app you’re trying (the SMS app in this case)
  • When you touch it, choose Force Stop.
  • Restart the messaging app by pressing the Home button (or any other application with the same problem)


The Google Keyboard update (or any other keyboard you are using):

By updating the Google keyboard, you can solve the issue. The same holds if you are using another keyboard. Changing the keyboard:


  • Activate the Play Store
  • In the top-right corner, tap your avatar or profile picture.
  • Tap Manage apps & devices after that.
  • Click “Updates available”
  • Tap Update immediately next to it if the keyboard application you’re using has a new version.

Try soft reset:

To clean the system and potentially get rid of the issue as well, perform a soft reset.

If a software-related issue is the root of the keypad problem, this approach can resolve it. It may also assist in getting your keyboard app back to regular operation.


  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons together for approximately 10 seconds to do a soft reset. Once your mobile has resumed, release the buttons.
  • This method frequently eliminates bugs that arose after a system (like your phone) was left running for a while.


Review the language & input settings:

Some of the most important keyboard-related settings can be found in your phone language & input settings.

There, you can find almost all fixes for Android keyboard difficulties.

Depending on the model of your phone, there are several ways to access these options.

The language & input options for various devices are accessible in the following way:

  • System > Language & input in Settings.
  • Simply launch the Settings application from your Home screen if that approach doesn’t work for your smartphone.
  • In the app, you should be able to locate the keyboard settings section.
  • Correctify the keyboard setting if it has any changings.

Review the language & input settings:


Use a Third-Party Keyboard App:

A third-party app is an option for those who are willing to give up the keyboard app. Although it will enable you to use a keyboard, it won’t fix your keyboard issue.

  • Search the Google Play Store for an application that suits your needs.
  • Make sure to say “yes” when asked whether you want the keyboard to be set to standard after installation.
  • After installing your favorite keyboard, now set this keyboard as your default keyboard.


If your Android keyboard hangs reboot:

If your Android device keyboard is acting up, acting erratically, or hanging up for no apparent reason, just like any other software that’s acting up, a simple reboot will usually fix the issue.


  • You can also solve this problem by tapping “force stop.”
  • Google Keyboard (or the keyboard you’re using)
  • Now click Manage applications > Force stop


Update the software:

For many reasons, keeping your smartphone updated is a good idea.

First of all, these updates are frequently made to fix software bugs and improve parts of the current firmware.

When your device is out of date, some apps may occasionally run into problems or even stop working altogether. The keypad on your phone may cease functioning if the software is out of the current.

  • Go to Settings > About Device and select Software Update and System Update to check for updates (the settings can vary from one mobile to another mobile).
  • Download any available updates, then restart your phone.

Update the software:


Why do a few letters on my phone keyboard not function?


One of the most frequent causes of some keys failing to function on cell phones is that they may be covered in dust.

Simply shake the mobile to remove the dust and tilt it at an angle of 75 degrees to correct this.


Why is the keyboard on my phone sluggish?

Due to incompatibilities with third-party applications, certain Android keyboards may constantly lag and have delays.

In addition, an excessive buildup of cache files on the phone may prevent the Android keyboard from functioning properly.


Why does the keypad on my Android constantly freeze?

Due to the continual copying to the clipboard, your keyboard may lag. The way the device is set up can often become disorderly and improperly set, which has an impact on how well the keyboard functions in general.

Why does the keypad on my Android constantly freeze?


How can I restore my Android keyboard to its previous normal state?

  • Launch the keyboard (this may be done in your texting application, Gmail, or Google Search – anywhere the keyboard is accessible).
  • In the lower right corner, tap the keyboard symbol.
  • Select the keyboard by tapping it. 


How can I restore the functionality of my keyboard?

All you have to do to return your keyboard to regular operation is press the shift and control keys simultaneously.

If you want to check if it’s back to normal, clicks on the quotation mark key.

You can shift again if it continues to act up. You ought to return to normal after this procedure.


Why won’t my Android phone’s keypad function?

If your Android device keyboard is acting up, acting erratically, or hanging up for no apparent reason, just like any other software that’s acting up, a simple reboot will usually fix the issue.

Another way to address this issue is by tapping on “force stop”.


How can I reclaim my QWERTY keyboard?

  • Open the Settings application on an Android device (Gboard).
  • Click on the System option.
  • Select Languages & input.
  • Click the keyboard on the screen.
  • Choose Gboard.
  • Add QWERTY for the language you’re studying after choosing the Languages you are learning.

How can I reclaim my QWERTY keyboard?


How can the keyboard language be changed?


  • Through Android settings, add a language to Gboard.
  • Go to the Settings application on your Android phone.
  • From System Tap on input and languages.
  • Tap Virtual keyboard under “Keyboards.”
  • Touch Gboard and then Languages.
  • Select your required language.
  • the desired layout should be activated.
  • Click Done.


How can I change the settings on my keyboard?

  • Open any text-entry-enabled app on your Android smartphone or tablet, such as Gmail or Keep.
  • Where text can be entered, tap it.
  • Click on the Open features menu in the upper left corner of the keyboard.
  • Click on More Settings.
  • Select which options, such as text correction,  Glide typing, and Voice typing, to enable them.


A conclusion:

You ought to be able to resolve any problems with your smartphone’s keypad or keyboard by using these suggestions.

If you’re not that tech-savvy, it’s best to seek out expert assistance. You can also take help from the above instructions to resolve a query about how to fix the keyboard on an Android phone.

The best option to repair any problems with your TECNO, Infinix, or Itel, Samsung mobile phone that results in the keypad not functioning is its mobile Repair Service. The professionals will provide you with the best service quickly.

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