How To Edit a Picture on Android?

How To Edit a Picture on Android?

Editing pictures can be fun if you do it right. Here we have some tips and tricks on how to edit a picture on Android.

Summary to edit any picture on Android?

Here are some smart ways to edit a picture on an Android phone. The details of these points are given in the next part of the article.

There are two ways to edit pictures, either you can edit manually or you can edit by a third-party app.

  • Filter all the photos
  • Add a border
  • Crop with abandon
  • Straighten and rotate photos
  • Tweak color settings
  • Undo your changes
  • Use a third-party App

Summary to edit any picture on Android?

More details on how to edit a picture on your Android phone?

Looking for Android photo editing instructions? There are numerous options for doing it. It’s easy to edit images on Android, regardless of whether you’re just understanding how to do it or you’re seeking more tools to enhance your photos.

Android apps make editing images on a computer simpler than it can be on a computer. Many of them even analyze your shot using AI and computational photography and suggest one-click adjustments for you.

We’ll demonstrate how to edit images using the mobile’s gallery editor and some Android applications, including Google Photos and Photoshop express. Let’s start with the details.

Filter all the pictures

Your Android phone already comes equipped with everything you require, so you don’t need to rely on Instagram to add filters to your images.

  • Go to the photo you want to alter and press the Edit button (again, it’s the one with the three interlocking circles) in the lower-left corner.


  • By pressing this, you will be sent directly to the Filters screen, where you may choose from nine picture filters to make a shot you took with a current, cutting-edge smartphone appear to have been taken in the 1960s or earlier.


  • You are free to test as many filters as you want. Firstly, make the decision that which filter you want.


  • Click the Save button in the upper left corner and get ready for instant magic.

Filter all the pictures

Add a border

After filtering each of your photographs, why not apply borders to emphasize the “old, tattered photo” aesthetic? There are 11 different borders available in the Gallery app for Android, ranging from crisp and contemporary to shabby and weathered.

  • To find them, enter editing mode, select the Borders button from the toolbar, and then look for a square that is enclosed by another square.


  • Choose the border you desire, then save the picture.


  • You can even add several borders by altering a photo that already has one, allowing you to make custom, one-of-a-kind pictures that appear to have come from your grandmother’s photo album.


  • To confirm your changes, tap Save.

Crop if needed

Your camera roll may be filled with otherwise excellent pictures that were ruined by a stray fingertip in the corner. The crop tool on your Android phone is a blessing.

  • Tap the screen in the Gallery app for Android to bring up the toolbars. You will then be transported to the Crop screen after tapping the Settings button (the three dots in the upper-right corner) and choosing Crop from the menu. (If you are already in editing mode, you can tap the Crop toolbar button, which resembles two intersecting L shapes that form a square.)


  • By adjusting the margins of the white outline that shows over the image, you can crop the region you want.


  • Click on the square in the lower left-sided corner (automatically, it will be labeled None), then choose the aspect ratio you want to use, if you want to restrict the crop area’s dimensions, say you want the finished image to have a 4:3 aspect ratio.


  • To crop the picture, tap Apply Crop. You can touch the Save button if you love what you see.

Straighten and rotate photos

Except for the odd angle, your photograph of the San Francisco skyline is beautiful. Sounds recognizable? A few taps will position your photo properly.

  • Choose directly from the toolbar that displays after tapping the Crop button, which is denoted by the two interlocking L shapes, when in editing mode. Filch your finger up and down to reposition the image until it is perfectly straight.


  • When you’re satisfied with the image, select Apply Straighten. You should be aware that straightening a photo surely crops its edges, so make sure the shot’s edges don’t contain anything crucial.


  • Start at the Crop screen, hit the Rotate icon, and then swipe your finger in a circular motion over the screen to rotate a picture. When you’re finished, press Apply Rotate. To confirm your edit, tap Save.

Straighten and rotate photos

Tweak color settings

Ah, I see now. Not everyone needs filters. Perhaps you intentionally want your photographs to appear modern.

Numerous more sophisticated tools that are included with Android allow you to enhance the color, brightness, exposure, and other aspects of your images.

  • Tap the Color Adjustments button, which is symbolized by a sphere with a plus (+) and negative (-) in it, after opening the editing tools. Here, you’ll find a variety of settings to experiment with. If you’d rather let Android make the necessary color adjustments, choose Autocolor from the selection and then press Apply Autocolor.


  • You can also change each parameter individually if you wish. From the scrollable list, select the option you want to change—exposure, contrast, brightness, vibrance, and so on—and then utilize the slider icon to select how much you want to change that property. When you’re satisfied with the way your picture looks, click the Apply icon button (the precise label depends on what you’re changing).


  • If you’re used to editing the curve levels in your images, Android also allows you to accomplish that. A curled histogram will be displayed over your photo once you choose Curves from the list. When you are satisfied with the image curve, tap Apply Curves after using your finger to make the necessary adjustments. Is everything in order? Great. Click Save.

Undo your changes

Don’t be scared to experiment with the image-editing features on Android. If you don’t like the photo you ended up with, you can always go back to the original image as long as you haven’t yet clicked the Save button. You can always go back a step or go behind a  step to the most recent version you saved while altering a picture.

  • Click on the More Settings option when in editing mode. Tap Undo to make one revision back in your modifications. Tap Reset to restore the photo to its previously saved state and undo any modifications you may have made since then.


  • To check the modifications you’ve made to a picture since your last saved version, click on Show History.

Through the Google Photos app:

  • First, launch the Google Photos app on your Android device or download it from the Android Google Play Store.
  • You will be prompted to activate the cloud “Back Up & Sync” option when you open the application for the first time. You are not obliged to do this to access Google Photos, so you are free to omit it.

The instruction can easily be “Skip” through.

  • Pick a photo to start with. The “Librarytab contains the device directories.


  • Open the image and selectEdit” from the menu.


  • The first thing you’ll notice is a list of modifications that have been suggested for you to make. Typically, they involve changes to color temperature or the all-purpose “Enhance” option. To use it, simply tap on one.


  • There is a line of tabs with various tools down the bottom. The following one is “Crop,” which offers a variety of crop selections. To crop the image as you desire, just move the handles.


  • The “Adjust” tab is the next. You may find a variety of expert editing options here, including those for contrast, brightness, saturation, white point, skin tone, and many more. To make adjustments, choose a tool.


  • Filters” is the next topic, and if you’ve used Instagram, you should be familiar with it. With just one press, these presets can significantly alter the appearance of the photograph.


  • The “More” tab, which is the last, has extra programs that might be on your smartphone. Drawings can be made on the image using “Markup.” 


  • Tap the “Save” or “Save Copy” button in the lowermost right-sided corner of your edited and cropped image.

I’m done now! Although Google Photos is an extremely capable photo-editing tool, it can also be incredibly user-friendly. If you require to quickly crop an image, it’s practical to utilize.

Through the Google Photos app:

Use Photoshop Express to edit pictures:

There are many different methods to modify smartphone images with the free program Photoshop Express, including adding text.

The built-in photo editing features on your smartphone are a great substitute as well.

You may add a text box and fiddle with the color, font style, and orientation using Photoshop Express.


  • Using Photoshop Express, text may be added to images on iOS or Android.


  • Select a photo in the Photoshop Express program and open it.


  • Be confident you’ve given the application permission to access your images if you don’t see any pictures when you first launch the app.


  • Five icons can be seen on the underside of the screen. To locate and choose the Text icon, now swipe that toolbar to the left.


  • You may now choose from a variety of text boxes with various shapes and designs by swiping.


  • To add a text box to your image, choose a text style.


  • To move the box around the image, tap on it. To edit the text, choose the edit icon (a piece of paper and a pencil) located in the text box’s upper left corner.


  • to make more changes, click the options color, Font, Stroke, or Alignment at the underside of the screen.


  • To confirm the changes to the image, tap the Back button in the upper-left corner and then choose Save.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I edit pictures for free on Android?

You can edit your photo on the google photos app. 


  • After downloading the Google Photos app, open the app.


  • Select the image you want to edit.


  • You will provide various options such as crop, color contrast, brightness, and many attractive filters.


  • Once you are done, click the Save button to save your edited picture.

How can I edit pictures for free on Android?

What are some best picture editing apps for android?

Here are some top Android photo apps.

Snapseed: Because Snapseed is a Google product, it’s not only one of the greatest photo apps for Android, but you can create works of art from ordinary photos with its many built-in tools and effects.

Google Photos: Even though Google Photos is already the greatest Android photo manager, the app has recently received some fairly nice editing tool updates. Additionally, you won’t need to fumble with slide bars or color pickers because Google’s sophisticated editing tools can be used instead.

Instagram: The simplest method to share your favorite images with the world is still debatably through Instagram. Before uploading or posting your photos to your Instagram feed, you can use the app’s remarkable selection of editing tools to make them seem better.

How can I edit pictures on my Android device?

You can edit your photo on the android editor Google photos app.

After downloading the Google Photos app, open the app => Select the image you want to edit. You will provide various options such as crop, color contrast, brightness, and many attractive filters => Once you are done, click the Save button to save your edited picture.

How can I edit pictures on my Android device?

Where is the photo editor located on my Android phone?

  • Select the folder holding the photos) you wish to modify by going to the Applications gallery and tapping on it.


  • Choose the image you want to improve. The edit option is present at the top. (An image with a pencil icon in front of it is used as the icon.) You will be requested to download Photo Editor if it isn’t already installed.

how to edit pictures on an android phone like an iphone?

Through the Snapseed app, you can edit your picture like an iPhone. 

  • After downloading the Snapseed application, open the app.


  • Select the image you want to edit. Snapseed will provide various options such as crop, color contrast, brightness, and many attractive filters.


  • Once you are done, click the Save button to save your edited picture.

How can I edit photos on mobile like a professional?

Snapseed is an active and free picture editing program that Google purchased in 2012. It has a lot of features and is free of advertisements. Snapseed includes significant capability that is typically not seen in such free software, in addition to color correction, contrast enhancement, and the standard crops and tweaks.

These include adding writing in various styles, adding frames, combining two different photographs to create the “double exposure” effect, and much more. In contrast to the majority of other free programs, this one lets you import RAW photos.

Download snapseed and edit your photos like a pro. As it provides you with many options.

How can I edit photos on mobile like a professional?

Wrapping Up:

I am hoping this article helped you about how to edit a picture on Android.

You can manually edit photos with your own requirements and you can also use third-party apps to make your pictures perfect.

An exception is that apps have their own filters and editing strategies while from mobile you are provided with many tools to transform pictures into masterpieces.

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