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As a mini office, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is an ideal type but sadly some Samsung Galaxy S8 users are encountering the problem that they are unable to open PDF files on their mobile phones.

In this article, there is a discussion about the various solutions to fix this main issue about how to open a pdf file in Samsung based on the experiences of the Samsung users of the Galaxy S8 who encountered this problem and attempted many ways to solve it.

How to Open PDF File on Samsung S8?

  • For most consumers, clearing cache and data will be of no use. In their eyes, the problem is Google Drive’s default app. So you have to clear the drive default. Now, all you have to do is go to Settings> Applications> Default Applications. It is possible to open PDF files with Adobe Reader.
  • You need to clear the Adobe Reader cache. You go to Settings> Apps. Then select Adobe Reader and tap on Storage. Finally, tap ‘Clear Cache’.
  • Android phones do not have their PDF file viewer, so having an app is very important. You may want to consider using some other PDF file viewer. This will open the PDF files on the phone.
  • You need to install the WPS OFFICE application from the Play Store.
  • Then open your file manager and tap on the relevant PDF file. Now you will be asked which application you want to open? Select WPS. It is also possible to view and read the PDF file.
  • You can open another PDF file on your phone. If the file does not open then check if it will open on the PC or not. If a PDF file is opened on a PC, the result is that the PDF format cannot be supported by a smartphone or is not compatible with it. To do this, we suggest you use another PDF viewer.

How to Open PDF File on Samsung S8?

How to Open PDF Files in Samsung Galaxy S9

  • Install PDF Reader on Samsung Galaxy S9 One app to open PDF files.
  • You can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader app for free from the Google Play Store.
  • First, you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • If you already have the app installed.
  • Now select the PDF file.
  • Select Acrobat Reader which app should be used to open the file.
  • You choose it “once” or “always”.
  • Now every PDF file will open with Acrobat Reader.

How to Open PDF Files in Samsung Galaxy S9


Why can’t I open a PDF file on a Samsung phone?

PDF that cannot be opened in Adobe Reader, you will need the latest version of Adobe Reader to fix this file. This allows you to disable the Safe Mode that comes with it by default. When you change that,
Then the PDF file will open in Adobe Reader.

Does Samsung have a PDF reader?

One such feature in the Samsung Notes app on your Note20 5G or Note20 Ultra 5G is brand new and it is possible to import PDF documents, write to your PDF from this app, and save them for future use. Can also be saved for.

Where are the PDFs on my Samsung phone?

Go to the file manager on your device and find the PDF file. You will see any such apps that can open PDF. You can open a PDF by selecting a single app.

Where are the PDFs on my Samsung phone?

Where can I find my PDF files on my Samsung?

Almost all smartphone files can be found in the My Files app. It will be found in a folder named Samsung. If you’re having trouble finding the MyFiles app, consider using the search feature.

How can I open PDF files on my Samsung Galaxy s20?

Go to the file manager on your device and find the PDF file. Apps that open any PDF will appear. You can simply open a PDF by selecting an app.

Ending lines:

So as per conclusion, you must already acknowledge how to open a pdf file on Samsung as this problem is very easy to deal with.

Try these given solutions to solve this particular issue and you will not regret it.


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