How To Call Forward on Android?

How To Call Forward on Android?

If your concern is how to call forward on Android then this article will make your distress easy. Let’s dig in to find out the clues.


The smart way to turn on Call Forwarding:

There are many ways but call forwarding from a setting is the susceptible and quickest method.

  • Through Settings, configure call forwarding.
  • Get the Phone app open.
  • Press the menu button with three dots.
  • Access Settings.
  • Choose Calls.
  • Hit the Call forwarding button.
  • There are several choices available, including.
  • After selecting a possible choice from the list, proceed to set up the forwarding number.
  • Choose OK, Turn on, or Enable.

The smart way to turn on Call Forwarding:

More ways to Call Forwarding On Android:

The procedure by which you divert an incoming call is called call forwarding. You could, for instance, route all of your calls to the workplace while you’re away.

Then you can enjoy the convenience of owning a cell phone and making calls while completely ignoring incoming calls.

You can configure your phone’s call-forwarding settings using either the Android mobile operating system or the controls provided by your cellular network.

There are overall three ways to call forward on an Android phone.

  • By using dial codes
  • By using the Phone App Settings
  • By using any third-party app


Active call forwarding by using dial codes.

  • When you will listen a dial tone then dial *72 from keyboard.
  • A stuttering dial sound followed by a standard dial tone should be heard.
  • Call that specific number that you like to receive forwarded calls.
  • Cut the call when a live individual or voicemail answers your phone. (You should probably let the person know what you’re doing in advance!)
  • The specific mobile number you called will now can receive your calls.

Active call forwarding by using dial codes.

Some more codes:

Alternatively, you can manually configure everything using dial codes the old-fashioned way.


  • Call forwarding without conditions: *21* Call forwarding in the event of a busy line, no pick-up, or out-of-range: *004*
  • Call forwarding in the event of a busy line: *67* Call forwarding in the event of no pick-up: *61* Call forwarding in the event of out-of-range: *62* Dialing codes
  • Get the Phone app open.
  • Calls can be forwarded by dialing the code, the destination number, and then the # symbol.
  • For instance, *21*123-456-7890#.
  • Click the Send, Call, or another action button that appears on your device.


set up call forward on Android using Phone app settings:

Using an Android Phone app, call forwarding is typically easy to set up regardless of the Android version.


  • Launch the Phone app first.
  • Click on Settings after tapping the three dots at the top of your mobile screen.
  • Tap Dials
  • Click Call forwarding on the Call settings page. Now that you have a variety of choices, you can pick the one that reasonably meets your requirements.


Never backward: Enter the phone number you want to receive all incoming calls at, then select Turn On. This is often the one you will update if you wish to set up call forwarding.

while occupied If this Android smartphone number is busy, only input the number to call. Your voicemail number is likely already set as the default here.


When Not answered: If the phone is not answered, enter the phone number to call. Your voicemail number is likely already set as the default there.


When unreachable: Your phone will forward here if it is off, in airplane mode, or not receiving a cellular signal. Your voicemail number is probably already configured as well.


Call forward by third-party App:

We can’t deny that Google’s settings can be a little perplexing, and let’s not even consider the even more complicated coding system.

Some users might like a more structured and simple method of configuring call forwarding on an Android phone.

Call forward by third-party App:

Easy call forwarding App:

There are several options in the Google Play Store, well but we prefer the ease of use that the software Call Forwarding offers.

You can establish call forwarding more precisely thanks to the app, which is one of its key advantages.

For instance, if you have got a dual-SIM smartphone, you can set up various options for each SIM card.

You also get accessibility to a handy widget that gives you rapid control over call forwarding.


Method to use Call Forwarding App: 

  • Call Forwarding app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Start the app.
  • It will ask for your consent. Hit the Grant Permissions button.
  • Press Allow.
  • Choose Configure. Choose your provider and enter the destination number. Next, click Save.
  • Where it indicates that call forwarding is disabled, turn it on.



  • Simple and easy to use
  • User friendly
  • No hassle



  • Not great tech support 
  • To advertisements
  • Sometimes after a turn of diverting, it still diverts the calls


All about Call Forwarding:

  • By routing incoming calls on your mobile phone you can answer, call-forwarding features to allow you to stay connected.
  • A function called call forwarding enables you to divert all incoming calls from the landline to another phone of your choice.
  • You can forward specific incoming calls to another number using selective call forwarding.

Try these troubleshooting suggestions if your call forwarding is giving you problems.

All about Call Forwarding:

Troubleshooting Call Forwarding:

If you’re experiencing difficulties enabling Call Forwarding to function, try these suggestions:


  • Dial *72* to verify the feature is activated. If it’s on, you’ll hear a quick busy tone; if it’s off, you’ll hear a regular dial tone.
  • Calls cannot be forwarded to pay phones, jails, hotels, or motels.
  • Calls can be forwarded to long-range numbers, however, long-distance service is required.
  • Your call will be diverted before Call Waiting can notify you unless you have both Call forwarding and Call waiting enabled.
  • Before forwarding calls to a mobile number with Unidentified Call Rejection, you must unlock your number by dialing *82 if it is marked as private or anonymous.
  • If you try to utilize Call Forwarding but get a busy signal, you might need to adjust your mobile phone’s settings and make sure you’re using the feature properly.
  • Ensure that tone, not pulse, is selected on your phone. A real P/T switch is typically found on the side, bottom, or back of many phones. If you can’t find a physical switch, check for the P/T settings in the phone’s setup menu.
  • When Call Forwarding is turned on, if you are not able to make outgoing calls, there is a service issue, and you should get in touch with us.



How can I turn off Call Forwarding?

To turn off call forwarding:

  • When you hear a dial tone, press *73.
  • After two short tones, a common dial tone will listened.
  • Call forwarding is no longer active.

How can I turn off Call Forwarding?

How do I make outgoing calls while Call Forwarding is enabled?

Even though Call Forwarding is enabled, you can still place outgoing calls.

However, when this option is turned on, you cannot pick up the incoming calls on your actual line because they are all automatically moved.

Use Selective Call Forwarding if you just want to forward calls to certain numbers.


  • Every time a phone call is forwarded, the original phone will ring briefly. The redirected call recipient’s phone then starts to ring regularly.
  • You will be charged the appropriate rates if you forwarded phone calls to a long-distance or toll number.


What is * 72 on your mobile phone?

This is the code to activate call forwarding.

Immediate Call Forwarding, another name for Verizon’s Call Forwarding service, has simple fundamentals: Dial *72 followed by the mobile number you need to receive calls from your mobile device.

What is * 72 on your mobile phone?

Can I forward calls from one Phone to another phone?

You can route the mobile phone calls to another mobile phone number through call forwarding’s, such as a landline phone like your home or business number or another mobile phone.

Your cell phone won’t sound when you get a call if Call Forwarding is enabled.


How to deactivate call forwarding on Android?

  • Start your mobile phone.
  • In the above right side of the corner, click on the Menu option.
  • Select Settings.
  • Tap Dials
  • Click on Call Forwarding.
  • If any of the following options are activated, tap that option to choose to Turn Off.

How to deactivate call forwarding on Android?

How does the process of call forwarding works on an Android phone?

It diverts phone calls to another phone you already set.

You can route your phone calls to another mobile phone number through call forwarding’s, such as a landline phone like your home or business number or another mobile phone.

Your cell phone will not sound when you get a call if Call Forwarding is enabled.


How can I forward calls on my Samsung Galaxy?

  • Get the phone app going.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Find Supplementary Services by scrolling down.
  • Pick Call Forwarding.
  • Pick a forward calling option from the list.
  • Type the phone number to which you want the incoming calls to be redirected.


Does call forwarding resume working if I switch devices?

Not typically, especially if you’re setting up call forwarding by using Settings or an app. Switching devices will probably cause you to lose the changes.

Even dial codes, which occasionally keep the changes, frequently fall short.

Does call forwarding resume working if I switch devices?

Are there any restrictions to call forwarding?

Yes, there are some. If you try to forward calls to a phone number outside of your own country, it usually won’t work.

To achieve that, you’ll need to locate a multinational call routing service.


Do call forwarding charge money?

Look into the specifics of your plan because some outdated plans may still charge for call-forwarding options.

Although it is not common now, it never hurts to double-check. Besides, any phone call forwarding service is essentially taking an incoming call and placing an outgoing call, so if you don’t have unlimited calling, you will eat up your minutes appropriately.


Wrapping Up:

So call forwarding can save you time and hence you will not miss your valuable calls. Hoping this above-given knowledge about how to call forward on Android will work for you.

If you are confused about what to choose you can choose to forward calls by the settings, this is a more convenient and beneficial strategy to do so.

Dial codes are a good way to save time as it provides you with more flexibility.


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