What Is The Best Phone Cleaner App For Android

What Is The Best Phone Cleaner App For Android?

One of the most important things is that you should clean your device regularly, as this will remove junk files that accumulate on your phone and slow down your device in terms of performance.

The biggest thing is that these junk files take up a lot of your storage space and you cannot save any new files on the device.

You can delete these junk files at the click of a button with Phone Cleaner which will be the easiest way for you.

Here we will tell you about  the top 8 best phone Cleaner apps for android?

Best Free Phone Cleaner Apps for Android:

Recent phones come with inbuilt technology facilities to clean RAM and cluster junk files.

However, if you have an older version of the phone, you can download the cleaner app separately.

There are some solid reasons why you need a cleaner app for your phone, and the following will discuss some of them:

Your phone contains unnecessary browser cookies, cache, temporary files, junk files, etc., which can slow down your phone.

A pile of unused applications drains the phone’s memory.

Also, apps running in the background will drain your phone’s battery.

Even if you play games for a long time, the phone often gets overheated.

Below is a compiled list of the 8 best phone cleaner app for android?. So you have to test each app to know its features in detail.

Best Free Phone Cleaner Apps for Android:

All-in-One Toolbox

Let us first talk about All-in-One Toolbox, All-in-One is a very good Android booster app. 

AIO Toolbox follows the model of many Android cleaner apps with a quick one-tap booster that cleans cache, background apps, and timed memory. 

It also involves extras like an application manager, a file manager, and a CPU cooler. A convenient “Easy Swipe” is with a radial menu to access utilities from your home screen or other apps.

The app suffers a bit in the organization, with tools split into a vertical feed and multiple tabs.

Still, you should download it if you want to get the most out of your Android phone.


Features of All-In-One Toolbox

  • You can reduce the space of high-resolution photos with a Photo Compressor.
  • Phone Hardware Information Checker
  • Features to identify large files stored on your device.
  • It also has the option to delete empty folders and app leftovers.


Pricing  free

Norton Clean

If you’re not looking for a comprehensive mobile security suite, but a simple system cleaner, then Norton has its Norton Clean for you.

Norton Clean has a junk file cleaner that works through your cache, obsolete APK files, and other detritus, cleaning up junk and freeing up memory.

Norton Clean also has an app manager to remove bloatware or unwanted apps.

Norton Clean

Features of Norton Clean

There is an option to clear the cache of individual apps.

Users can move apps to SD cards.

Helps remove bloatware.


Pricing. Free

Clean Master

CleanMaster is one of the most downloaded cleaners on the market.

This is to remove junk data from your device and improve its performance.

It also has additional features like an antivirus scan that helps keep your data safe from malware-infected files.

If your device overheats, this app will cool it down using its device cooler feature.

Features of clean master 

With many additional features, it is not just a cleaner but you will get all the features that other cleaner apps have.


Pricing free


Piriform’s CCleaner is the best PC maintenance tool for Windows machines, and it’s also for mobile with an Android app that can clean the crap out of your system.

This is an amazing choice for you.

CCleaner is a multi-purpose cleaning tool capable of emptying your application cache and downloading folders, browser history, and temporary files.

You can clear your call and SMS logs selectively or in bulk.

In addition to its fast cleaning experience, CCleaner features an app manager, meters for CPU, RAM, and storage, and battery and temperature tools.


Features of CCleaner:

  • It does not require root to use.
  • It has a clean interface that will make it very easy for you to navigate and find what you are looking for.


Pricing. Free

Phone Clean – Antivirus

PhoneClean – Antivirus is a free cleaners app for Android by Security Apps Studio.

This professional antivirus application improves the performance of your Android

World-class antivirus mechanisms protect you from viruses and malware attacks in real-time time.

This virus protection feature can keep your phone clean and protect your device from threats.

Thorough cleaning of junk, residual files, cache, and temporary files frees up storage space.

Features of phone clean:

  • Junk, cache, unwanted apps, and temporary files can be removed
  • Virus Cleaner always comes with professional and real-time protection.
  • Comes with the facility to free up RAM and clean up background tasks to make your phone run faster.
  • Can support you observe fake wifi & unauthorized connections.+


Pricing. Price

Nox Cleaner – Booster, Optimizer, Master

Nox Cleaner is an excellent cache remover that is also an antivirus tool.

It is a great tool to boost your device performance by removing obsolete apps, caches, temporary files, and other leftovers.

Also, it has an intuitive interface that makes it the best mobile cleaner app for every type of user.

Besides being the best Android cleaner app, it comes with an interesting feature – Image Manager Master.

It can analyze your photo collection as well as organize them into different albums for easy management and de-duplication of files.

Features of Nox cleaner:

  • You can enjoy maximum performance with a lag-free mobile gaming experience.
  • This phone cleaner app tells about apps that are not in use.
  • Also gives extreme protection from unwanted access to Facebook, Instagram, or even Gallery, calls, or messages.

Files By Google

It’s not specifically designed to clean junk or caches, but it’s still a great three-in-one tool that lets you free up space, quickly find data, and transfer large files or app .apks. I help. Files by Google offers helpful suggestions for files to remove before you run out of space.

In short, if you are looking for a free Android cleaner app that backs up your important data as well as provides security features for file sharing, then Files by Google is perfect for you.

Features of Files By Google:

  • With the facility of smart recommendations for cleaning files.
  • A file manager is a fast offline file transfer service.
  • Searches files faster with smart filters.

Systweak’s  Smartphone Cleaner 

Systweak’s smartphone cleaner comes with a familiar fleet of cleaning and cleaning tools to squeeze a bit more performance out of your Android phone.

This app also acts as a junk cleaner and ram booster to clean memory as well as cached and junk files.

The cleaner has an app manager and file manager that lets you manually delete or back up apps and APKs, as well as manually organize your file system.

Smartphone Cleaner has a battery saver tool to kill power-hogging apps as well as a game booster feature that aims to clean up background processes to give gamers more memory.


Pricing. Free

Do You Need A Cleaner App For Android?

The best Android cleaner helps you take care of the hidden processes that can slow down your device, removing caches, junk files, and useless data without any hassle.

Also, you can get help to increase battery life, free up storage, and improve phone speed.


We hope this guide has helped you find the 8 best phone cleaner apps for Android?

If still, you are facing a problem then you can talk to us through a comment. Remember to visit our site for extra information and tricks.

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