Best Free Weather App For Android

Best Free Weather App For Android

Checking the weather is a big part of many people’s lives, so in this article, we will tell you the best free weather app for android.

Here you will read about the 10 best free weather app for android phones.

Why do I have to install a third-party application if there is already one app on my phone?

There are many weather apps available on the play store.

Although Android smartphones have pre-installed weather apps.

With third-party weather applications, you can add custom widgets, customize the theme of the weather application, and much better.

Below we will tell you the best free weather app for android available on the Play Store.

Why do I have to install a third-party application if there is already one app on my phone?

Appy Weather

Price: Free / $3.99 per year

Appy Weather is one of the useful weather apps.

You will find many features in it and it includes most of the features that every weather app has.

Among its other features are the most personalized feed, a fun and fashionable UI, and hyper-local weather.

It uses Dark Sky’s API for now.

Its subscription can be had for $3.99 per year and is very reasonable.

This app is getting popular among people very fast.

Google Weather

If we talk about the Gain Google Weather app, it is a solid choice for your weather needs.

Google Weather comes pre-installed on most Android phones and offers basic features in a satisfying, easy-to-use interface.

It can show current conditions along with future forecasts as well as other data like humidity, wind, sunrise, etc.

It includes a fun feature for you which is a cute little frog that shows the current weather conditions.

Here you also find some widgets that work very well with Material U in Android 12.

Google Weather


1Weather is the longest-running and rated weather app.

1Weather has all the basic information including current conditions, future forecasts, weather alerts, etc.

You also get some widgets that share the same clean, sleek design as the app.

In the premium version of 1Weather, you don’t have to see any ads.

Season 1 won’t have many things that set it apart, but it’s a solid app with a great design that works very well.

Today Weather

This app displays weather information in a clean format that can be easily understood.

You need access to the same weather data as other apps, such as temperature, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point, and pressure information.

Today the Weather app is completely free to download and use but contains ads.

You need to get a premium subscription to remove ads, get all data sources and get full access to weather maps.

There are more than 20 widget options available today, with different functionality and sizes.

The app’s widget selection is one of the best widgets out there.

Today Weather

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a well-organized app that gives you everything you need from a weather app.

It has features like sophisticated weather visualizations, severe weather alerts, and maps with hyperlocal forecasting.

With this app, you can get hourly as well as daily forecasts for up to 15 days.

You can also apply dark mode in Weather Underground and it also supports different types of maps.

It also comes with a single widget.

The app is completely free to download and use with ads, but you need to get a monthly or yearly premium subscription to remove ads and get up to 15 days forecast.

MyRadar Weather Radar

Price: $2.99 per month / $24.99 per year and Free:

MyRadar is a very nice and simple app that shows you the weather radar very well.

It has many features such as the ability to play animations so you can see if it’s raining or not.

The app itself is simple but you can get additional features as in-app purchases.

The radar on it is one of the best that few have seen and the only one that even comes close to how good Dark Sky was.

However, it works great in conjunction with another weather app.

So that you can also get the general characteristics of the weather.

MyRadar Weather Radar


Price: Free / $19.99

WeatherBug is one of the older weather apps. It gives you everything you can expect from a weather app.

It has weather forecasts, temperature, radar, weather alerts, and much more.

It includes 18 different weather maps, lightning alert systems, traffic conditions, etc.

There are weather widgets, but they need to be downloaded separately.

It is a stable weather app with plenty of features for people.

The developers have made its UI at least relatively modern.


Yahoo Weather

Price: Free

Yahoo weather app is a great app.

It has a beautiful design, essential weather information, weather alerts, radar, and much more.

This app is capable of tracking 20 cities. It can also display beautiful photos from sources like Flickr.

It gives you the basics of the weather and at the same time looks very polished.

However, some people who need something more serious may need another app.

Yahoo Weather

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is another great weather app from IBM, and it has more features than Weather Underground.

It is one of the greatly downloaded apps in the Google Play Store.

Through the app, live radar updates can be viewed and severe weather warnings, weather maps, daily forecasts for up to 15 days, and hourly forecasts can also be found.

You will also find weather details like heat index, mosquito index, sweat index, fog index, umbrella index, etc.

 This app will also be a great option for you.


Price: Free / Up to $7.49

OverDrop is one of the relatively new weather apps.

The app has real-time weather data, 24-hour forecasts, seven-day forecast cast severe weather alerts, six themes, various widgets, and much more.

It also has a choice between AccuWeather, WeatherBit, and even Dark Sky until the API is closed. This is an incredible choice for you.


7 best free weather radar apps for Android phones?

  1. The Weather Channel.
  2. Windy.
  3. AccuWeather.
  4. Weather Underground.
  5. WeatherBug.
  6. NOAA Weather Radar Live.
  7. Our Top Paid App Pick: RadarScope.

What is the greatly accurate free weather app for Android phones?

Here are five of the best free 

  1. The Weather Channel.
  2. television.
  3. AccuWeather.
  4. Clime: NOAA Weather Radar Live.
  5. Yahoo Weather.


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