Best Apps to Meet New Friends Around the World
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Best Apps to Meet New Friends Around the World

Are you eager to make new friends but can’t find people who share your interests? So you don’t have to worry at all because we are going to tell you about the 10 best apps to connect with new people who match your mood.

The apps mentioned in this article will help you make local and international friends, so read on to learn more about these apps.


Ditto, extroverts, because it’s a talk-based app. Instead of the standard DM-style messaging in most apps, LMK has different ways to connect with people, such as voice chats.

It is possible to instantly call or chat with people whose interests are similar to your mood day.

Also when you are in a voice chat, there is a timer that will automatically end the call but you can choose to extend it.LMK


  • Meetup

If you fear awkward conversations, Meetup is the perfect app for you. It is an online app that makes real-life connections easy.

Meetup features social environments like workshops, gatherings, group activities, and more to bring like-minded people together.

There is something for everyone to find, even if they feel socially awkward at first. 

  • Yubo

If you are a little shy or want to take some time to make new friends. In that case, the Yubo app is perfect for you.

It has a very easy way to discover, match, chat and even consume your catfish-proof live video streams.

It is a very safe app and is considered the best app for making friends under 18 years.

  • Snapchat

Your Snapchat username can be shared in this app so that you don’t have any difficulty making friends.

Your Snapchat username, which you use, will remain private within the app unless you permit it to share with people.

Adding friends is very easy. The day you press the add button, you are redirected to the official Snapchat app.

It has more than four five-star customer ratings and is a great app for making friends.


  • Discord

The app was meant for gamers to build communities and stay in touch.

But now it has turned into a popular group chat app with lots of value-added features.

Gaming is their main focus, but it is possible to use the app to make friends and join a large group of communities.

In Discord, you can connect with people through voice calls, video calls, or chat.


  • Scout

Scout is not a new app as they have been in the industry since 2007. It is a good platform to meet new friends online.

It will help you make new friends regardless of your current location.

In addition, Scout can track your location using your GPS so you can easily meet your closest friends.

This app can be utilized by both Android and iOS. Scout is the best app for making close friends in a new city.


  • Hoop

Hope is a Snapchat friending app designed to help teenagers connect with strangers, which can be both good and bad for them.

Also, Hope is considered a dating app for teenagers.

It is best advised that youngsters use this app under the supervision of their parents as this app is a great platform to connect with strangers.


  • Bumpy

This app is the one where it is possible to find friends all over the world without fakes and bots.

It pays special attention to user security so that unauthenticated profiles are limited.

This reduces the chances of encountering catfishing and scamming.

This application has two search modes: Classic Cards and Map. On the map in this app, you can see users from different countries and it is possible to select a specific country whose residents you wish to befriend.


  • Able

Ablo is a great app to make friends with instant online chats or video chats. In it, you can start a conversation with a random user.

You can also choose to start a conversation with the recommended use or ignore it.

It also has the same facility for live streams and can join other people’s live streams.

Apart from this, this main application also has an automatic translation function for text and video chats.


  • Instagram

Instagram is also a great app for making friends. Although it is a social media platform, it is still meant to connect with new people and make new friends.

We can learn about people by reading new people’s bios and sending them connection requests if they match our interests.

If you are keen to make new friends, don’t hesitate to send connection requests on this platform as well.


Which app is best to make international friends?

8 best Apps to Make International Friends Online

  1. Facebook.
  2. InterNations.
  3. MeetUp.
  4. Couchsurfing.
  5. Workaway.
  6. Wayne.
  7. #7. TravBuddy.
  8. #8. Backpacker.

What apps can meet foreigners?

8 best Apps to make international friends

  1. Happy matching!
  2. Hinge.
  3. Bumble.
  4. Match.
  5. Tinder.
  6. Zoosk.
  7. InternationalCupid.
  8. eHarmony.

Which country is easy to make friends with?

Which country is the hardest to make friends with?

According to an international survey ranking the quality of life for ex-pats, the Danes are the hardest country to make friends in the world.

Endings lines:

As we have told you in this article these are the best apps to meet new friends around the world.

Now it’s up to you which app you will use to make friends. We hope that you have benefited from this article.



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