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9 Best Email Management App For Android

In this article we Let’s talk about the 9 best email management app for android.

If you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet, chances are pretty good that an email app was already installed on your device when you got your device.

However, you don’t get all the features you need in this typical email app, and the Google Play Store has dozens of email apps for Android to choose from. How do you know which one is reasonable for you?

We’ll give you a list of best email management app for android. so you can figure out which one will suit your individual needs.

Blue Mail

Bluemail is one of the most popular email apps. It supports multiple clients, including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365, and any other POP3, IMAP, or Exchange clients.

The app contains a variety of notification settings from your email accounts and includes some fun stuff like Android Wear support, customizable menus, and even a dark theme.

It also has some smart features for you and it is completely free. There is a privacy issue because Bluemail uses its servers.

Blue Mail

Price: Free


Cleanfox is not an email client, but it is a great app for email users. It helps you to unsubscribe from a potentially large number of things that you might have subscribed to in one way or another.

Once you connect your email accounts to the app, it starts searching for all your subscriptions.

This deletes old emails from subscriptions and also helps you organize things in other ways.

It’s a completely free app and honestly very easy to use. Most of the complaints are about bugs because there are bugs, but CleanFox does what it can.

Price: Free


If you’re concerned about security and also use Outlook, Neo is the best email app out there.

It does not boast any server or cloud features. The application just connects you to email services.

On top of that, it has support for Exchange ActiveSync which is expected for any app that boasts Exchange support.

You have a variety of options, including choosing which folders you want to sync, Wearing OS support, and more.

As far as email clients go it’s pretty expensive and has a few bugs here and there.

Price: Free / $9.99-$14.99


A classic from Google, Gmail’s Android app has all the basics. You don’t require it to be locked into Gmail either.

This allows connecting to other IMAP or POP3 accounts from other providers.

Standard Gmail comes with 15GB of free storage, so you don’t have to delete your previous threads or attachments for a while.

One of Gmail’s claims to fame is its ability to block spam with AI. This protects your inbox free of clutter.

Gmail doesn’t have dozens of other features like some of the apps on this list, however, it does the job very well, it’s very simple, and it certainly won’t break your budget because it’s free to use.


Yandex. mail

Yandex. mail is a very good email app for Android. This is for users who don’t need a million features.

The UI of the app is very beautiful, it is clean and minimal and it is very powerful.

Users can also use dark themes for ease of eye. Other useful features include setting filters, email labeling, and unlimited message storage. With Yandex, you can connect to different email services like Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook.

And the built-in spam protection service keeps your inbox cleaner than clutter. What’s more, Yandex is completely free to download.

VMware Boxer

VMware Boxer is an increasingly popular email app for Android devices.

This email client will connect you directly to your email providers. This way, you don’t need to store content on its servers like passwords, making security much better.

It has features like a built-in contacts management system, a  calendar, bulk editing to save time, and quick replies.

Additional security features include PIN support or Touch ID if you go a step further. VMware is completely free.

VMware Boxer

Microsoft Outlook

If you are connected to the Microsoft ecosystem, then it is important to be able to manage your emails through Microsoft as well.

If you are on an Android phone, Outlook is the best option for you in this case.


Outlook is a very comprehensive mobile app. Even though it comes with a flat, streamlined UI design, it is very well designed.

And you can connect to other accounts like Gmail without any problem.

One important feature worth mentioning is the Focused Inbox option. This will make all your important messages appear at the top of your inbox.

It can also easily sync your calendar, so you can stay on top of meetings via Google or Microsoft calendars And the price isn’t a factor with Outlook, with a free price tag.


This App For those users who are always concerned about their security, ProtonMail is a great option for you.

It is the most widely used encrypted email service in the world. What makes ProtonMail special is that it’s possible to combine airtight security while making it accessible to everyone.

All your emails are saved in an encrypted file format so ProtonMail itself cannot read them.

Only you and your selected recipients can read. Its modern UI is intuitive, and it also has creative features like sending an email with an expiration date, etc.

Emails automatically disappear after a certain period.

Added security comes with the automatic generation of PGP keys by ProtonMail.

This way, you can prevent phishing attacks while knowing the true identity of your sender.

ProtonMail amounts to $4 per month. Still, a less robust free version supports up to 500MB of storage & 150 messages.



The list of best email apps for Android also includes myMail. It already boasts Google Play Store users. All other major email accounts can be linked at this point.

As lengthy as they are IMAP or POP3 stimulated.

About myMail, the focus characteristic is that you can surely relish unlimited free data storage for your attachments and Emails.

Its intuitive design also means you won’t spend time troubleshooting, but your inbox can be cleaned out easily.

It also features ActiveSync, OAuth authentication for security, and real-time push notifications.

Fortunately, myMail is very easy to download and use and is completely free to use.



What is the best Android app for email?

8 best email clients for Android

  • Gmail.
  • Outlook.
  • Nine. 
  • Microsoft Exchange.
  • K-9 Mail.
  • Blue Mail.
  • ProtonMail.
  • Edison Mail.

What is the best Android app for email?

What is better than BlueMail?

If we talk about other interesting Android alternatives to Bluemail, there is Microsoft Office Outlook, Fair email, Sparkmail, and Spike. Blue mail alternatives are primarily emailed clients, but they are also calendar apps or email organizers.

Which app is best for multiple email accounts?

The Gmail app supports multiple accounts and notifications while giving you convenient tools to manage your emails.

Is there a better app than Gmail?

ProtonMail allows calendar and storage drive products with all email accounts, making it one of the best Gmail alternatives.

It features Android and iOS apps, along with a web-based inbox.

Is there a better app than Gmail?

What is the decent path to managing multiple email accounts?

The best way to manage multiple email accounts is to use an email client.

An email client is an app that you can install on your computer, and it improves email management with additional features.



In this article, we have told you about the 9 best email management app for android.

Hope you read it and select the one that is best for you.


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