7 Best Android App Builders Without Coding 
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7 Best Android App Builders Without Coding 

If you want to create your mobile app but you don’t have enough budget to afford a developer, then you don’t need to worry at all.

We will tell you the Best Android App Builders Without Coding in this article.

With these online tools, it is possible to create your mobile apps with zero programming knowledge.


With Appypie you can design applications for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.

Once published they can appear directly in their respective marketplaces including Appy Pie.

Push notifications, social networks, logs, photo albums, and data-sharing modes.

There are also specific features for restaurant applications, but there are also GPS trackers for targeting customers by geographic area.

There are also management options to track your company’s application voting activity.

Your application’s HTML5 design will start free to publish, on the first package you will pay $7 per month for one application.

Each package will offer a mobile-friendly site as well as customer service.

Appypie is one of the Best Android App Builders Without Coding for android.


Special features:

  • Payments are secured in this app.
  • A Pi Connect
  • Built-in Publishing
  • The major feature is the 24/7 customer service
  • There are robust templates available for different industries



  • It has limited upgradeability
  • UX is hard to see for some people.


  • Zoho Creator 

If you want an app builder with lots of features, then Zoho Creator is perfect for you.

With this platform, you can easily create custom apps for your business.

It is possible to create forms, reports, and user interfaces without coding knowledge.

Your apps can be integrated with other Zoho products to get the most out of your investment with Zoho.

It offers 550+ integrations with other popular apps, to connect your business processes with the tools you already use.

 If you require support getting started, Zoho Creator has a library of video tutorials & online documentation to get you up.

Zoho AI App Builder leverages technology that lets you design custom apps without the help of developers.

You need to target the leads who are most likely to b, and provide them with the right offers and content to move them quickly through the sales funnel.

Zoho Creator 


Special features:

  • Multi-app device creator
  • AI App Builder
  • Creator of integration
  • BI and Analytics
  • Drag and drop UI
  • Market deployment.
  • It has great built-in templates



  • It does not support Java


  • Wix App Builder

With Wix Branded App you can develop your company’s mobile app with complete branding.

You have ultimate control over what happens in this app.

Wix App Builder’s dashboard can track analytics in real-time.

It also lets you see how users interact with your app, in addition to monitoring user behavior, retention rates, and downloads.

With this app, it is possible to create and manage your online store by efficiently managing your inventory and seamlessly uploading product images.

This allows users to buy items on the go and get real-time updates about their orders.

Special features:

  • Inventory management
  • Blog Post Manager
  • Community Forum
  • Real-time analytics can be tracked with it
  • It also offers live chat
  • An in-app payment processor is possible
  • Emails and marketing campaigns can be sent easily



  • It is very expensive.


  • AppBuilder

From this site you can add PDF files, RSS feeds, your website, or your online presence.

This app offers many designs that can be customized according to your taste or your brand.

In a few clicks, after taking advantage of the test system, it can be placed online on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Also, this site works by drag and drop. It allows you to customize the template by adding your name and changing the colors of the environment.

This software is updated regularly, and the new things brought by the updates present the app builder with some bugs.



  • App Maker

With the help of Multi-Platform App Maker, you can create sustainable applications without any cost.

You can create a lot of designs in it, it doesn’t cost you anything.

It is possible to enable push notifications, HTML5 content, HD photo galleries, and more.

It is also possible to install a monetization protocol.

The application you design in it is recorded and published under your name and not by AppMakr.

If you don’t like ads, you can pay. Prices for an Android application range from $1 per month to €7 per month for an Android and HTML5 app listed on the Google Play Store.


  • AppGyver

With AppGyver you can build applications for all form factors including mobile, desktop, TV, and more.

AppGyver uses a combination of containers and components to provide the user with a wide range of user interfaces.

The platform can also enable native functionality for mobile apps.

In AppGyver you’ll also find a theme engine designed to allow users to implement global themes across all 500+ components of the platform.

It’s possible to build unlimited logic within the UI or connect to third-party logic and backend functionality via an API.


  • Bubble

The reason for Bubble’s strength is its large community.

The bubble is primarily a front-end-oriented builder, allowing users to create responsive web apps that are both mobile and web capable.

With its large community, there is a wide range of user-generated templates and components.

Bubble uses the concept of workflow to design logic.

Unlike more developer-oriented tools, Bubble uses simple terminology to make itself more accessible to the beginning non-technical app builder.



Special features:

  • UI Builder
  • Hosting
  • Strong plugin
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Smooth drag and drop
  • The best visual workflow editor
  • Database hosted in the AWS cloud
  • Automatic capacity scaling as the app grows



  • Finite element customization
  • Hosted on a shared server.

What is a No-Code App Builder?

Many no-code app builder platforms can create functional software and apps without anyone writing code.

To build an app, you need coding skills in a coding language like Python, Java, or C.

You want a simple and clean interface when using an app, so thousands of lines of code work.

With no-code tools, you can do all of this without writing code yourself. The code is already created on the platform.

You just need to choose which elements you want to use, and how you want your app to look.

How Do No-Code App Builders Work?

Each no-code platform works differently. But their basic idea is the same. With them, people with zero coding skills can build functional apps.

No-code app builders also give you a visual editor with drag-and-drop elements.

When you choose an element for yourself, you choose a block of pre-written code to add to your app.

For example, you want to add a button that can launch a video or a form. Its functionality is already coded for you.

You have all the code you need to make your app work, just like a normal app built from scratch.

You just have to think about visual design, workflow, and how your app should work on the front end.

How Do No-Code App Builders Work?

What Are the Advantages of an App Builder?

Here are some important benefits of it:


App developers can create an app for a fraction of the cost, streamlining the development process as well as hiding many of the technical difficulties.


Ease of use

With simply a few hits, you can have your app up & run.

Network applications and configurations are often optimized through App Builder, so you don’t have to worry about complex coding or compatibility issues.



App builders allow you to introduce pre-built custom components and integrate them with templates on your platform, saving time.

Also, you can create a huge range of apps.

Speed ​​of development

 App builders take a fraction of the time it takes to build a single app from scratch, as many app builders leverage pre-built components and features.

Speed ​​of development

What’s the Bestest Drag and Drop App Builder for 2023?

Although there are many app builders in the market today that allow you to create a zippy app in a few words, not all of them are drag and drop.

It is possible to drag images and text boxes onto the screen.

This app builder takes care of the rest.

The best drag-and-drop app makers in the market today are Salesforce Mobile, Zoho Creator, and Bubble.

With Salesforce Mobile you can easily create custom mobile apps without any coding.

App Builder Your app to a website. It integrates natively with Salesforce, making it useful for tracking sales and marketing information.

Zoho Creator is similar to Salesforce Mobile. It lets you build apps without any coding, and it also integrates with other Zoho products.

It is more expensive than Salesforce Mobile and you get a few more features.

But you won’t get that many templates to choose from.

The bubble is an affordable drag-and-drop app builder that’s a great option for building simple apps.

Their starter plan is free. Because of this, it doesn’t have as many features as Salesforce Mobile or Zoho Creator, but it’s still great for building basic apps without any coding.

Can I develop an Android app without coding?

AppMaster is a great option if you want to create an app without coding.

It comes with pre-programmed templates and easy-to-use features that you can customize and edit your app.

Flash Forms is a set of pre-programmed tools in Android app templates.

What is the easiest no-code app builder?

Bubble and Soft are good options for creating web apps.

Thunkable for native mobile apps, while Glide is a solid no-code tool for web and mobile apps.

What is the easiest no-code app builder?

How do I create a free Android app without coding?

Using Appy Pie App Builder you can build your app in 3 easy steps without coding.

Enter your app name in it. Also choose categories and color schemes.

Add other features. Build an app without coding.

Publish the app. Must go live on app stores of your choice.

Can I build an Android app myself?

If you want to create an Android app yourself, you should know that to distribute it, you need to register as a developer in the Google Play Store and wait for approval.

You need to make sure that your application doesn’t go unnoticed, so it has to work on its positioning in the Play Store.


Is flutter no-code?

The power and flexibility that the FlutterFlow platform brings together with the benefits of code and no code are hugely beneficial.

With it, good apps can be built without coding.

Which is the best app maker without coding?

Best Android App Builders Without Coding in 2023

  • Appy Pie.
  • DraftBit.
  • Adela.
  • App has.
  • BuildFire.

Ending lines

In this article, we have given you a non-exhaustive list of Best Android App Builders Without Coding without knowing any computer language.

You can get Best Android App Builders Without Coding  with the help of these tips.



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