6 Best Free Security Apps for Android 
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6 Best Free Security Apps for Android [2023]


Looking for some free security applications to keep your Android device safe? So here we will tell you how to choose the best free antivirus apps.

Smartphones are positively personal devices that keep a lot of your private data.

So, naturally, these apps are much needed to secure these devices.

So we will tell you about the best antivirus apps that are free to use and quite effective.



  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Nice bunch of features for a free service



  • Malware protection isn’t perfect

A superior protection option is AVG Antivirus & Security for Android.

It received high marks from AV-Test with 100 percent protection for real-time and extensive malware tests.

On AV-Comparatives, however, the detection rate was 99.6 percent.

One of its downsides is that it uses personalized advertising to support it, while other software does not.

 However, there is something very special about AVG’s free Android app.

It is capable of scanning apps and files and also cleans junk files. Also scans your existing Wi-Fi network.

It also has malicious website protection, a “RAM booster” capable of killing background apps.

AVG Antivirus  

  1. Bitdefender 


  • Affordable
  • Scans are fast and effective


  • Malware scans require an internet connection

If you are looking for a simple solution, Bitdefender will be a good option for you.

In Romania, the company has two apps in the Play Store. Bitdefender Antivirus is free, not Bitdefender Mobile Security.

The free version will do exactly that – scan your phone when you tell it to.

Whenever you download a new app, Autopilot also performs some minimal automatic scanning for potential attackers on Android phones.

Bitdefender has earned 100 percent from AV-Test for real-time attacks and extensive malware tests for March 2022.

It even obtained a 100 percent detection rating from AV-Comparatives’ Mobile Security Review.


  • Malwarebytes Mobile Security

Malwarebytes Mobile Security for Android

Malwarebytes is a famous malware remover for desktop users.

They also have an Android version, but it is limited compared to their premium version, yet it can detect and remove viruses for free.

The only scan setting that can be turned on is deep scanning so that it checks your device more than a normal scan

Coins, although it also takes time to scan everything.

The app also has a related security tool, Security Audit, which is capable of revealing insecure system settings that might be turned on, such as developer mode.

Privacy Checker will show you which apps can do things like see your location, read your messages, access your files, etc.

Not everything you see in the app is free.

Premium features include real-time protection, ransomware, spyware detection, and alerts when you visit malicious sites.

If you’re willing to try it out, you can do a 30-day free trial of Premium.

Malwarebytes Mobile Security

  • Norton Mobile Security


  • Flawless malware detection
  • App Advisor beats the competition
  • Intuitive design



  • No more anti-theft functions
  • No more free tier

Norton Mobile Security, aka Norton 360, offers the best malware protection of any Android antivirus app.

But now it doesn’t have anti-theft functions, nor does its contacts bcupadgesp and link guard malicious link blocker, etc.

Norton has discontinued Norton Mobile Security, which was a feature of all Android antivirus apps, Norton has discontinued its free trial.

This has been replaced by a security app for a single device that now costs $15 a year.

For $50 a year, there’s a mid-tier unlimited VPN called Norton 360 for Mobile.

The most expensive plan, Norton 360 Deluxe, is $105 per year.

All of these subscriptions are paid for through the Norton app, with a 14-day free trial.

Norton’s standout feature is the unique App Advisor, which checks apps on your device for heavy data usage and unusual behavior.

It also can check apps in the Google Play Store for security and privacy risks before installing them.

Norton Mobile Security

  • Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus


  • Strong malware protection
  • Call blocking works
  • No ads in the free version


  • Limited features overall
  • The free version won’t auto-scan new apps

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus, also known as Kaspersky Internet Security for Android, offers perfect malware protection, a small system impact, and a call blocker capable of swearing.

You won’t find any ads in the free version either, and don’t have to worry too much about upgrading to a paid plan.

It gives free user call filtering, Android Wear support, and a robust set of anti-theft functions, but you must manually scan each new app.

Here you won’t find any Wi-Fi network scanner or privacy tools that other Android antivirus apps now have.

If you’re just looking for malware protection, you really can’t go wrong with the free tier of Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus. But the paid version is cheaper.


  • Lookout Security


  • Anti-theft tools
  • System advisor



  • Some tools don’t work well

Depending on the cell phone provider you have, Lookout Security may already be installed on your phone without you knowing it.

This antivirus program often helps you to remove any malware by scanning your phone.

It can also show you which apps are running in the background and which are draining your device’s battery.

Lookout’s System Advisor continuously scans your operating system for underlying issues that might interfere with the way your phone works and helps you fix them to keep your device safe from hackers and other spies. Is.

And in it, you will also find some anti-theft tools.

The free version of this app doesn’t have many other tools or features.

You can also buy its premium version which includes file backup and VPN. But often users feel that these tools do not work well and prefer the free version.

Lookout Security


How to choose a free antivirus for Android?

You should get your antivirus from a reputable security company.

It would also be a good idea to check what third-party testing firms have to say about various Android apps in their reports.

Second, you should check if the company is using ads in its app and if you are okay with it or not.

Now check if it has the features you are looking for. All the features you’d expect in a free app.

If you’re looking for active real-time scanning like most services have a paid option.



Are free security apps any good?

If you’re looking for an antivirus that can completely protect you and your devices, you’ve got a premium product.

Are free security apps any good?

Are there any free antivirus apps for Android?

Avast Mobile Security for Android is a free app.

Protect your device with a real-time scan against viruses and other malware, strengthen your privacy and make it possible to get faster performance from your phone.

Why do we need antivirus for Android?

Antivirus for Android is required to prevent and detect malware and viruses.

This allows you to protect your important data and privacy by increasing the speed of your phone.

Many such tools also verify the security of Wi-Fi networks and have the ability to block apps that contain threats.

What are the common features of antivirus software?

Below are the features of the free Android antivirus software:

  • This keeps your phone safe from various threats.
  • Another program takes care of personal information along with online privacy.

What are the common features of antivirus software?

Can you remove a virus from an Android device?

Can remove suspicious applications by uninstalling them.

A scan can also be done using an antivirus. Free antivirus software checks apps for malware before downloading them to Android mobiles.

Final thoughts

Here I have told you about the best free antivirus apps for Android as it helps you scan your device for threats.

By using them you can protect your mobile phone from threats and make it faster.



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