best free texting app for android

10 Best Free Texting Apps For Android

Text messaging is a popular means of communication around the world.

While many people still prefer the human touch of talking on the phone, most people prefer texting.

Let us talk about the 10 best free texting app for android.
The apps written in this list may be your best option.

Google Voice

Price: Free

Google Voice is a free texting app and it is one of the most popular apps.

You can use it to send free SMS messages and make free phone calls in the US or Canada.

Those outside these areas have excellent coverage. It gets you some extra perks, like a decent Google Chrome extension for desktop use, a nifty app with Material Design, and some nice voicemail options for calls.

Its SMS and MMS support is very good. This is a great option for you and you must try it.

You have to remember that you need a Google account for this app.

Google Voice


Price: Free

Now we’ll talk about TextPlus, which is also a great choice, and it’s another solid option.

You can also send free SMS texts in the US and Canada. It also has the facility to make free phone calls.

However, it deserves credit. Credits are earned mainly by watching ads. Non-data SMS and calls can be added for $9.99 per month.

It also gives you the option to remove ads for $0.99 per month, and it’s very affordable. Finally, its UI is also quite modern.


Price: Free

Textra is the most solid texting app on this list. It is a very popular SMS app among people.

In it you will find themes to choose from, a dark mode, floating notifications, delayed send, slide to delete, and many other features. It has direct support for Android Wear, Pushbullet, MightyText, and others.

The best thing about it is that you can use most of its features in it for free. A single in-app purchase costs $2.99 ​​to unlock the Pro version.



Price: Free

As far as WhatsApp is concerned, it is a safe and free texting alternative that is very popular among people, people use it extensively.

Rafael Henrique/Sopa Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
WhatsApp is the world’s most popular texting app with over 2 billion users, which means if you’re going to text someone, there’s a pretty good chance they already have an iOS or Android device.

Using WhatsApp on Android. You will find many features in it, such as free texting, photos, videos, file transfer, voice messaging, video chat, etc.

It comes with full end-to-end encryption. You can have group chats with up to 256 participants and video calls with up to four people, so it accommodates many communication scenarios.



Price: Free

Here’s the thing: Viber isn’t that popular in the US, which means you’ll be asking other users to install it on their iOS or Android devices.

Nevertheless, it is a very well-rounded text messaging app capable of handling a full range of communication needs.

It can also be used for text chats with up to 250 users simultaneously, as well as voice and video calls with up to 40 simultaneous participants.

There is a facility to do so. Viber features full end-to-end encryption for all texts and calls, and it’s possible to exchange secret keys with selected contacts for enhanced security.

With a Viber Out subscription, you can also use the app to call any landline or mobile phone number, even if the person doesn’t have a Viber account.

Chomp SMS

Price: Free

ChompSMS is the best SMS app on this list
Chomp SMS has been around since the old days of Android and was one of the really good third-party texting apps.

It has since evolved into an app that sticks with Material Design while still having plenty of features.

Some of these include emojis, SMS blocking, instant replies to notifications, MMS and group messaging, etc.

There is even the ability to pause the text in the middle if needed.

Google Messages

Price: Free

Google Messages is a free and very popular texting app from Google. In terms of details, Android Messages maintains it lightly.

It gives you some light theming options, some organization, and backup features, and a great search function.
This design is Material Design with Material U. This means that it is extremely simple to use.

Google also helps RCS messaging with this application. But this is just a start for RCS fans.

It also has a web version of mojo for texting on your computer and it’s a very nice feature.

Google Messages


Price: Free

QKSMS is the easiest SMS app. It is open source. Similarly, this application comes with a number of features.

Some of them also have privacy features like a deny list, Android Wear support, and even some accessibility features listed below.

It’s very simple and very easy to use so it’s appreciated how heavy some texting apps can be. It is completely free.

It also has some optional in-app purchases as donations.


Price: Free

You don’t need to use Facebook to text Messenger.
Messenger is Facebook’s messaging service, though it’s a standalone app for iOS and Android, and you can take advantage of it without connecting to Facebook.

Nevertheless, it is very popular due to its connection with Facebook and the ease of sending messages using the social media platform.

In Messenger, you can text groups of up to 150 users simultaneously, and it’s also possible to send voice and video messages.

There’s also the option to switch to Messenger’s “Secret” mode, which applies end-to-end encryption to your text messages.


Price: Free

Telegram is another best free texting app for android, with less emphasis on video chats. It helps a virtually unlimited number of clients.

In this, you will be able to send texts to 200,000 users at the same time.

Although Telegram isn’t end-to-end encrypted out of the box, you can send encrypted chats in it that self-destruct after a set amount of time, so there’s no record of them on your iOS or Android device.

It can send images, files, and audio along with the text is possible to take any one-on-one chat to video.

But group chats can be upgraded to voice-only calls.

best free texting app for android

Most secure android messaging app:

  1. Google Messages.
  2. Line.
  3. Signal.
  4. Silence.
  5. Telegram.
  6. Viber.
  7. WhatsApp.

Best group messaging application for android & iPhone:

  1. WhatsApp.
  2. GroupMe.
  3. Google+ Hangouts.
  4. Facebook Messenger.
  5. Voxer.
  6. WeChat.

Best messaging app for android to iPhone:

Move to iOS” is a free app that allows you to transfer all types of data including your messages, contacts, photos, and videos.


Which text app is completely free?

If we talk about the best free texting app for android, it is Google Voice. It lets you send SMS and MMS as well as make phone calls for free as long as it’s in the US or Canada.

Which text app is completely free?

Which text app is completely free?

TextNow is available for Android and iOS, as well as Windows and MacOS.
Another app is Google Duo.

Why would someone use WhatsApp instead of texting?

WhatsApp Business API is also a tool for sending text messages. You can easily create groups as well as share files in it and also receive files.

WhatsApp is more secure as it has end-to-end encryption which makes it the most secure.

What’s Your Favorite Messaging App?

The free messaging apps listed below are the best free texting app for android.

And to top it off, if you’re willing to make it your primary messaging app, most of them send and receive messages.


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